Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where has August gone???"

Judy and I were talking tonight before dinner, and I realized it was August 25th.  OK, so where did August go to???  It will not be long till we fire up the big rig and head south again! 

Lots to do before we head out, but it will all get done! 

So I bet you are all sick and tired of hearing about my moto-tote… but it has certainly been high on my list lately.  Today was a good day and I got quite a bit done.  I had to do some drilling to enable the carrier to be attached properly to our Jeep receiver… this is now done.  It prevents the carrier from moving once you get it attached to the Jeep. 

After I got the hitch all fixed up, I started to work on installing lights on the carrier, as when the bike is on the back, you cannot see the Jeep lights at all from the rear.   The first picture is just as I was getting set up to work on it…


Below is the finished product.  You can see the wires hanging out of the bottom of the two light, but tomorrow is another day, and that is when the wiring will be done!



Just to get us in the mood for heading south, Rincon RV Resort in Tucson sent us a brochure inviting us to come again!   We had a blast at that park and would certainly recommend it to anyone and go back again ourselves! 

Glad to get an email today from my friend Jim C. who has been working on his Gold Wing after the problems he had down in Ellicottville, New York this past summer.  He did the work himself and reports all is working well at this time!  At least there is lots of summer and fall left this year, he should be able to get some good riding in. 

Bob H. left a comment on last nights blog about needing a camera to keep an eye on all the toys stacked up behind the motor home!   Yes, Bob, I have a nice camera system at the flick of a swith, in living colour no less to keep the eagle eye out for any trouble!  Hope you can find a good one for your 5th wheel!

Till tomorrow…


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