Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A cooler Florida today...

There was lots of sun here in Florida today, but when we woke up, it was a bit cool... only about 49 deg. F. outside, which made you quickly reach for the furnace button.

Never got around to blogging yesterday, but I did get all the RV waxing finished up. Good to have it done, and it looks terrific. If I took up all the offers of other people walking by, to go and wax their RV, I would be a rich man! Next on my agenda for the RV, is to touch up some selective caulking on the RV that alwas seems to be peeling off. What is it with that stuff anyways...


Have you ever come across one of these monsters above??? Ya, that is a dreaded "fire ant". They live here in Florida in a big way, and they know where our lot is! They can build a monster ant hill on your lot... the soil here is very receptive to them. It is a sandy type of loam. Ants love it! You do not want to get one of these guys nibbling on your skin...they can hurt you! Some people are more susceptible (JUDY) to these ants than others...(Me) Today we waged war on the fire ant!

We have gone through a few bags of this stuff, trying to get rid of them...

We have bought a variety of indoor ant traps as well, as some of the little rascals have made it inside! Patra does nothing about it at all! So, hopefully we can win the war. Time will tell.

Just to update our friends, RV Travels change like the wind. We had originally planned to make a trip later this winter, out west to Az. and Ca. For about the 3rd time on this issue, we have changed our minds. We will be staying until the middle of March now in Frostproof, at Rainbow. We wanted to head out west, but decided to plan the western RV travels for next winter instead, when we might just spent the whole winter out there looking for fire ants in the desert!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Like us your plans are written in jello. we do what we can and enjoy it no matter where we are.
    Nice that you git the waxing all done.
    No fire ants out here.

  2. We completely understand the plans written in Jello. I hope you get to teach those fire ants a good lesson.