Monday, December 22, 2014

Back to work again???? Huhhh....

After I pounded the last nail last September up in Woodstock at Chris and Kristina's place during the Mud Room Renovation, I thought that my building skills would be put to bed for a while, after all, we are heading to Florida for the winter to relax!

Well it was back to work today in Frostproof...

Here I am on the business end of the had saw at Tom and Cheryl's place today, working on a new office renovation! Tom and Cheryl took advantage of a Park incentive last year, that gave them a nice site with all new concrete poured, and a new 10 X 10 shed!

This was our end result today after we made a trip to the Lowes Store at Lake Wales. You might wonder what those two cans are on top of that new desk top.... well, it was very very warm here in Florida today, and that is all I am saying about that! Tom and Cheryl landed back in our Park last Saturday around noon, and are getting set up and enjoying the nice warm Florida temperatures we are having. New shelves I think are on the agenda for tomorrow.

Above is a real grainey type picture of Patra, who was enjoying the nice warm temperatures outside tonight, as I BBQ'd the chicken. It was real dark outside, but it is amazing how the iPhone 5 totally adjusted the picture and allowed what little light there was, to give you a picture you could see! Patra would have spent the night outside it was so nice, I had to drag her in!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Once you help one person everyone else will keep dragging you saw-tooth and nails to help them. (It's nice to help friends.)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You have a smile on your face so must be enjoying it!

  3. Nice idea to get a fresh new site with a shed. That beer ( bench you guys built has to be sturdy enough to stack all those empty cans.....!

  4. You are a work magnet, John. Merry Christmas to you, Judy and your entire family - especially all those cute little grandkids!