Sunday, December 28, 2014

Playing the Grocery Store games...

I always get a laugh when I am down in the U.S., at all the Grocery Store Games... I matters not if we are in California, Az. or Florida, they all play games it seems. You have to have one of their "loyalty cards" or in some cases you won't get their discounts they offer.

The last couple of years that we have been in Florida, we have been playing the Winn/Dixie Game it seems. Of course we have our "Winn/Dixie Card", as we won't leave home without it!


At Winn/Dixie in Lake Wales, where we normally end up, it is always fun to watch the computer screen re-adjust all the prices automatically after the clerk imputs your card into the computer. They have regular prices marked on the shelf, as well as the "Club Price" The Clerk always makes sure to tell you that "You have saved $XXX.XX today at Winn/Dixie!"

Next comes the fuel perks that Winn/Dixie offer. You accumulate fuel perks on your card in relation to the amount of grub you can eat in a week. Today for example, we had a $0.70 fuel perk on our card, so this allows us to pull up to a Sunoco Gas Station, and pump in up to 20 gallons of the finest gasoline, at 70 cents off per gallon! (This really works good when you have a Jeep)


Now, a Chevy Cruze is not a blood thirsty vehicle when it comes to gas, but you do have to buy some every now and then! We had just over 1/4 of a tank of gas left in the Cruze today, so I decided to fill it up, as we were near the Sunoco Station. As you can see above, after you swipe your card, the price of the gas dropped to $1.639, from $2.339, The Cruze took all of just under 10 gallons, so it ended up costing all of $16.30 to fill er up! (Somehow, this hardly seems right...way too low!) Net savings was $7.00 thanks to using the Winn/Dixie Card. Is it worth it????

Not finished yet! On your Winn/Dixie Card you also accumulate Appliance points. This is new this year. We have been here about 2 months now, and the clerk told us the other day, that we now qualified for an appliance as we had 60 points...whatever...


You pick your appliance from inside the store, and Judy chose this Oster 12 inch Electric Frying Pan. It was on sale in the Store for $29.95. Oh, ya, we also got some groceries at the Store today too.... yikes.

All these games... I guess they just want to keep you coming back! We ran into Tom and Cheryl today at the Store, and they had $1.10 in fuel perks, so when Tom goes to fill up his big 3500 Chevy Duramax with Diesel, he will save $21.00! Hey, we all have to eat sometimes!

Fantastic Florida day, with temps again in the mid 80's F. We are just soaking it up!

Till tomorrow...


  1. The games work for us too, wherever we go. I have a whole dedicated key ring full of loyalty cards.

  2. Good on you. The savings in you jeans is better than in theirs. Loyalty cards work very well for retailers. Fry's and Bashas, in the US southwest - as with others - works out well for us too.

  3. We have a bunch we use here in Palm Springs too. You got a good deal on the frying pan!