Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hey... I have a guest Photographer tonight!

Judy and I took life very easy today in Frostproof. I think we were just recovering from our Thanksgiving Weekend #2. We put in some walking this morning, but got rained out, but then the sun came out so I went back to walking, and then it rained again...get the picture? It was nice an warm though, so no complaints here.

I was drinking my coffee this morning and splitting my gut laughing at a blog post our Daughter Kristina posted. She had recently given Gwenny an old digital camera that she no longer used. Gwenny had been showing a lot of interest in taking pictures using some of her toys...lol. No longer necessary, as she has a camera now!

So, here is Gwenny going over all the finer points of her (new to her...) digital camera. As you can see, she takes this job of picture taking very serious. Now, as you can imagine, a 3 year old may not take the same kind of picture that you or I might take. For one thing, she is a few feet shorter than the rest of us, so that is going to come into play! Lets take a look at some of her handy work with the camera!

The first one is a great shot of her brother Charlie and her Mom! The focus is perfect!!! The colors are great! I think she has a great future ahead of her!

I am not sure if she was trying to capture her toys or someone's socks above, but well framed!

Now you may think she cut her Mom's head off in this picture, your wrong! Look at what Mom is doing...making Home made bread!!!!

Now I remember Gwenny taking these pictures of Judy and I, just before we left for Florida. However, I also remember kind of moving myself in the center of the picture frame I think.

Kristina reports that Gweny has taken about 250 pictures... good thing you don't have to send them out for developing is what I say!

So, for the first time in over 5 years of blogging, one of my Grandkids is my guest photographer tonight, although she may not know it yet! Not to worry, Kristina will read the blog and show it to her!

Keep on shooting with that Camera Gwenny! You are a future Blogger in the making!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gwenny is doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work girl!

  2. Great pics Gwenny! Keep sending them to your Grandpa for his blog.

  3. Very cool to have a cute little photographer contribute to your blog photos.