Thursday, December 18, 2014

Santa rides a motorcycle???

I was walking over to meet a friend this afternoon, came accross the following...

Yup, Santa was riding his motorcycle around the Park, checking out to see who has been naughty and who has been nice...( I have been nice...)

He had a beautiful day to ride his bike, in the nice warm temperatures and lots sun today. Judy and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up, and doing some maintenance on the RV. I was up on the roof and cleaned the vents up a bit and took a couple pictures..

The Park is starting to fill up, but will empty next week, as many will go home for Christmas.

These two Park Models are being installed right behind our site, and are just waiting for their Florida rooms, and the finishing touches. They are listed for sale around $70,000.00 U.S. each!

This afternoon we got an surprise Facetime Call from Gwenny and Charlie, along with iPad operater Kristina. The kids are all doing well...

There is certainly no shortage of energy with these two, and you can almost see it in Gwenny's eyes! It was sure good to see them.

Judy and I were down at the Rec Hall tonight for a fantastic Chrismas Performance. We have weekly entertainment here to keep us all from getting bored! It was a nice show, we enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...


  1. You sure thats not you in the Santa suit?

  2. Santa should have had 8 motorcycles, or is it 9? Heck, I forget.