Saturday, December 27, 2014

I can get the hang of this....

Tom and I hit the walking track around our Park at 8:00 this morning, and put in 5 1/2 miles, or 5 laps.... whew, just a bit of a workout, and I was simply soaking wet when we finished up, as the temperatures began to sneak up on us... The past few days have been fantastic. 82 to 85 deg. F. today, which is a shade over 30 deg. C. up in Canada, makes for a nice day! Headed down for a nice swim and hot tub after walking.


Wanted to show you a project that Tom and I worked on yesterday. He bought these two ASB Pipes at the local Lowes Store to actually help support his RV Canopy. He has an electric canopy, that has no verticle supports for it, so when you attach a big custom made sun screen, it gets way too heavy for it. We custom cut these pipes to become verticle support, and it worked out real good... check it out below...

I took this picture from inside the enclosure looking out. You can see the post, that Cheryl has now wrapped in rope lights which look kind of neat at night time. We put one post at each end and it worked out great!

Last night Judy and I got to enjoy a nice Christmas Dinner, (OK, so a day late...) compliments of my Mom up in Orillia. We elected to go out to one of our favourite Restaurants, Chilis! It is a great spot, where we enjoyed a nice steak dinner. Tom and Cheryl joined us for a great night out on the Town. Of course, when you hit our age, and you want to go out and paint the Town red, you only do half in a night... we will go out another night to finish it off right! We enjoyed! Thanks Mom!

When Judy and I got home tonight after dark, we got in the RV, closed our door, and then I glanced out through the frosted window in the door, and saw what you see above! Yup, that would be a tree frog stuck to our window...thankfully on the outside! We have had of few of these inside, and they really freak Patra out when they start jumping around! These things can jump straight up, many feet!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice support for the awning, and have to love the tree frogs there as well. Keep enjoying that wonderful weather.

  2. Nice idea and job on the awning. I like the idea of a steak dinner at Christmas! We're having a bit of cool spell here so I'm a bit envious of those 85F temps!