Saturday, December 13, 2014

What comes out of Crooked Lake???

Fish of course... Our neighbour Bill, who just stays across the way from us, hooks his boat and trailer onto his truck every morning, and heads to the far end of our Park, where he can get access to Crooked Lake. Bill loves to fish! He spends hours out everyday fishing and simply loves it!

That is Bill on the right in the pic above... frying fish of course. Today he invites everyone around us to come up to the outdoor pavilion in our Park, and enjoy a fish fry! Why not! Bill catches his limit on most days from what he tells me, and the most popular fish he catches are crappies...

About 40 people came out this afternoon and enjoyed the fish fry. Everyone brings pot luck dishes to boot, so it turns into a real feast! Of course you bring your refreshments along, so it turns into a real nice time.

Above is one of the deep fry machines used to cook it all up this afternoon. Had a great time!

Was another nice Florida day here, Judy and I drove up to Winterhaven to attend a local market, only to find they had cancelled the Market due to a marathon race being run... next time.

Tomorrow, Judy and I are off to Orlando!

Garry, (Judy's Brother) and Shelly have come back down to Florida, and as they have for the past two years now, invited us to attend Disney Land with them! We are more than pleased to take them up on this offer, and look forward to another great trip to visit Mickey. We will be staying for two nights.

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a nice fish fry that neighbour of yours puts on. He loves fishing and he seems to like to share his catch too.

    Disney World seems like a pretty darned good offering. Enjoy!

  2. Have fun visiting the Mouse with family.
    I love a good fish fry, especially crappie, its been a few years for us.