Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mickey is alive and well...

Judy and I arrived in the Magic Kingdon by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, and everything was magical from there on in...What a spot! Walt must be sitting in Heaven counting his money!

Garry and Shelly meet up with Mini Mouse...

If you are familiar at all with this Resort, we are in All Star Sports this year. At the Football Resort... yes, there is an actual football field made between the two resort buildings...

After we got checked in, we soon met up with Garry and Shelly and enjoyed some refreshments in the afternoon sun while we all got caught up to speed. Then we were off, to Downtown Disney!


Shelly (our travel planner...) had arranged coupons for us to get into the Disney Quest Building. This is a huge amusement type arcade attraction... all 5 Stories of it! We did a little bit of everything in here having a blast... until someone said, "Hey Let go on "Cyber Space Mountain" ride" Right. This is a virtual roller coaster that you design your course yourself, and then jump into a barrel looking affair, and it then mixes you up like a milk shake until you feel real sick and then spits you out! OK, maybe I am stretching it a wee bit, but... sure needed a few mintues to regain myself after that one.

STAY away from this ride... far away! These are a couple file shots above...

This is a awesome spot, and this sea monster above is made out of Lego Blocks believe it or not...

I couldn't get over how many people were here... does no one work or go to school anymore??? Well, I guess it is Sunday, but the Park will be full again tomorrow I am sure.

The Hot Air Balloon is always popular here it seems... anyways, we had a great time this afternoon, and made it back to the Hotel Rooms to talk about our mis adventures on Cyber Mountain!

Tomorrow we are hitting the Magic Kingdom for the day, and the weather forecast could not be better!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We would enjoy the experience too. Good fun!

  2. Enjoy the whole experience there and the great weather.

  3. Hey - John! Where's the pictures of you and Judy with Mickey Mouse ears! Gotta have those!