Monday, December 1, 2014

No... I didn't forget how to Blog...

Judy and I are back in Frostproof tonight at the RV. What a great American Thanksgiving we had in Tennessee!

Last Friday we spent the day at Dollywood, which is located in Pigeon Forge... what a great spot Dolly has there! After we left, we headed over to our Hotel for the next couple of days... Wilderness at the Smokies!

I took the picture above of our lodge we stayed in. We had a fantastic room that easily accomodated the kids and us.

The Resort was packed for the Weekend, and it was good that Jenn was able to make the reservations for us to be able to stay. The big draw for this Hotel, obviously, is the huge water park! They have a big one outside, but it was closed due to winter being upon us, however the inside park under the dome roof was open and ready for business! That bucket of water you see above, drops 750 gallons of water ever 6 minutes (yes, I timed it...) on the kids below that could just not get enough of it!

I took a bunch of videos and all of them are no longer than 30 seconds I think, and they are the only true way of showing you what goes on in here...

There are all kinds of water activities from a huge wave pool, to monster waterslides, to a really neat water surfing machine for the big and small kids to enjoy... yes, we all joined in on the fun.

The wave pool is just crazy, as it goes from really calm to this rocking water party in about 3 seconds! The kids spent all kinds of time in this pool. We ended up spending most of Saturday and Sunday morning at the water park.

Below you can see Shawn, Jenn, and even Emmie showing off their skills on the surfing machine... This thing could give you a real flip if you are not careful. They lined up big time for this adventure. (No, Judy and I did not try this event...)


After meeting up with Santa at Dollywood, Paige and Emmie got to go swimming with Santa at the Lodge on Saturday Evening... Santa went swimming with all the kids, and posed for pictures with them.

However good things do come to an end, and about 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the kids headed back to Johnson City, while Judy and I started our Cruze back to Frostproof. I knew right away we might be in a bit of trouble, as it took us an hour to go five miles to get out of Pigeon Forge, to Highway 40. The I-75 south looked more like a parking lot than anything else, and after 11 hours on the road yesterday, we stopped just south of Atlanta and took a motel room for the night, with the GPS still showing over 4 1/2 hours of driving time left. It was a lot easier this morning in the good weather, and no traffic. Live and learn I guess.

Time spent on the highway was minor, compared to the great time we had with the Hollinger Clan in Tennessee! Judy and I enjoyed, and it will take us a couple days to recover, as Emmie and Paige sure have WAY more energy than we

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great videos of family fun in the water. What a nice water park!

    We can understand your need for a couple of days of R&R.

  2. Glad you had too much fun there with the family. now back home to relax for a few minutes and start all over again.

  3. Great videos! What a fun place for kids - young and younger!!