Saturday, December 20, 2014

Company is comming...

The word is out that Tom and Cheryl are heading south, and plan on making it into Frostproof sometime tomorrow... travel safe guys!

Judy and I were out and about doing some shopping this afternoon, and ended up as Sorensen Chevrolet Dealership in Lake Wales. We wanted to get the Cruze serviced.

I asked if they would honour the "free oil changes" that GM Canada gave us when we bought our car, and the Service Manager said "No problem..." and we will also wash and detail your car for free as a courtesy. Oh, and they also rotated our tires at no extra cost! We could not afford to deal with these folks today! Love it!


I have been following with interest the warming of relations between the U.S. and Cuba this week. Judy and I have visited Cuba many times on vacation over the years and loved going there... There were quite a few Cubans currently living in the Miami area who are upset that Obama is kissing and making up with the Castro Brothers. Certainly if Americans are eventually allowed to travel to Cuba the price of their cheap vacations is sure to go through the roof! It will be interesting to watch and see how things shape up over time.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I too have been following the US/Cuban news reports. To reconcile after so many decades will surely improve the lives of the Cuban people and also provide another sunbelt destination for US citizens to travel to.

    To listen to the political rhetoric in Washington, DC is not surprising though.

    Watching CBS Morning News, when the news broke about the Cuban deal, it was not surprising to, once again, hear no mention of Canada's involvement in hosting the deal. The Pope and his role were first and foremost, however. I wonder why it is such a common theme to avoid mentioning Canada.

    Such a deal to have your automobile serviced for free and returned washed and detailed.