Sunday, December 7, 2014

A nice easy Florida type day...

Early Sunday Morning, and Judy and I were off for Winter Haven to attend the Holy Cross Church for the weekly service. It was overcast, but a real nice warm here, in the mid 70's on the F. scale. We decided to stop in and see some friends in Winter Haven while we were there today...

It was two years ago now that we spent our first winter in Florida, and we stayed at Cyprus Gardens RV Park, which is located right in Winter Haven. We had a great winter there, and met lots of new friends over the course of the winter.

That is Carol on the left with Judy on the right... missing is Wayne...(visiting Home Depot...) I don't know why the picture did not turn out very good, iPhone let me down on this one... Wayne and Carol are from Nova Scotia and are back in Florida again this year. We had trouble finding them, as they sold their 5th wheel and bought a new one that had a set of Florida Plates on it! Good thing Carol watched us walk right by while we were looking for them.

Carol is an avid Blog reader, so there was nothing new in our lives that I could tell her that she already had not read about, but that is life. We had a great time visiting them. Good you see you two again!

We were off to Camping World over in Bartow to exchange the tire guards we bought for the Dolly Wheels. We got the right ones this time.

I won't tell you about the big bowl of ice cream we had down at the rec hall when we got back to the park... ya, Sunday Afternoon Ice Cream Social Day again!

Till tomorrow...


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