Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas from Rainbow!

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas Day, we sure did. Between time spent in the warm temperatures of Florida, to time spent with Family, it was a nice day. Started off with a nice gift from our Resort!

If you look in the centre of the top picture, you will see a nice new tower with Wifi equipment installed on it. The Resort turned on the FREE PARK WIFI on Christmas Eve for everyone in the Park, and will continue to be free into the new year. It is a real nice and fast LTE Service, so we will be able to reduce our reliance on Verizon! Thanks Rainbow! As you can also see in the last pic above, it is a big 500 unit Park, so the Wifi is done up in zones around the park to allow everyone on. Fred, our local alligator lives in the pond at lower left! He dosn't use any Wifi...

Of course we used the new Wifi to Facetime with all the kids over Christmas. The pictures and video were clear as a bell!

That is Jenn showing off some new cloths she received above, and yes, that is Dr. Shawn showing us the new ROCK that he received for Christmas! Not to worry, it is a set of stereo speakers disguised as a rock, for use out on the deck of the new pool facility.

We had a great time with the Tennessee crew, watching them open gifts and everything... the girls had a blast!

On Christmas Eve, we had a great Facetime call with the Woodstock Crew... wrapping paper was just a flying as the kids were just a ripping it off boxes and presents! The way it should be! Great to see them having such a good time. Gwenny really liked this personal stamp Judy had made up for the kids with their own names on them. She was stamping her name on everything in sight! (Sorry Kristina....)

Great to see all our Kids and Grands doing so well and enjoying the Season!


On Christmas morning, Judy and I found time to head down and enjoy the Pool and Spa Facilities in our Resort... No one else was there! The pool above is kept at about 86 deg. F. Just jump right in. You do not see the two nice hot tubs, right behind where I am standing, taking this picture. Great way to spent Christmas Morning!

Tom and Cheryl invited us down to their place for Christmas Dinner. EXCELLENT! Cheryl managed to squeeze a 15 lbs. Turkey into their convection oven, and it turned out perfect! We at so much we all couldn't move! Apple pie and ice cream finished it off!

Cheryl is holding a Dairy Queen Gift Card over Tom's stomach, as she says that is exactly where the gift card will end up! We gave it to them for a present. Tom LOVES the Dairy Queen!

We sure enjoyed our Christmas, hope you all did... New Years is next!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a great way to spend your Christmas with family and friends, gotta love the Facetime.

  2. What would we do without video chats - especially at Christmas? That wifi must be great to get those crystal clear pics.

    The grandkids sure looked excited with their gifts!

  3. What a great gift indeed! Free (and great quality) WiFi should save you some dollars - considering the cost of having a Verizon set up.

    The pools sure look inviting!