Monday, June 22, 2009

Judy's Turn

Ok, it is Judy's turn to post. I went on the weekend for my M2 Exit (motorcycle) exam through Georgian College. I went Friday night from 6 - 9:45 then Sat. from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On Saturday it poured rain all day! I was very wet but I passed! I now have my GM license and have to worry no more about testing. Yay!

Last week, I went to my last sorority meeting. We had a great BBQ at the lake but the mosquitoes forced us to stay inside and only look out at the view through the windows. My sisters gave me these great travel gifts.

Sunday night we finally had Angela & David over to the motorhome for a BBQ. Sorry no pics.
Well it's a work night so I'll sign off for now. Sleep tight!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Putting the new camera to the test!

So I got the new camera out today and tried putting it to the test to see how it does. It is a bit of a mystery at this point in time, a lot of buttons I don't have a clue about yet.

It is even more fun when you try to get them on the computer and try to put them on the blog.

Her is our trailer.... looks good....of course that is the Burgman in front of it, all seem nice and clear.

Now here is my baby in the same pose... looks good....

This is an incredible flower growing wild that I found in the back yard and had to take of picture of... what good resolution, what clarity, of course it is a dandeline.

This is out of the garden in the front yard. Don't know what it is, but Judy grew it and it looks great.

New camera seems to work good. Using the software is another problem....

That is it for now, till the next time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW SET UP! (OK, and a new TOY!)

On our way home from Lake George we stopped at IKEA in Toronto and purchased a new "Poang" Chair. You will see it in the pics below. They are real comfortable to sit in, so we ripped out the stock dinnette set that came with the RV and put in the new chair, plus our foldup table and chairs that we use in the kitchen at home. Looks great and works for us. It gives us another easy chair, as we are going to have lots of time to be "easy"!!!

Here are two different views of the new set up that Judy took.

And now for the new Toy! After we had such a successfull garage sales and made tons of money from it, I convinced Judy we really really needed a new SLR Camera to duly record our upcoming travels. We plan on a lot of travel and I thought this type of camera would serve us well. They make them over 1/2 of the weight they used to be when you put 35mm film in them. I could not believe how light it and the lenses are. There are many buttons I have not figured out yet, as we just picked it up on Sunday from the Future Shop in Orillia.

Here is a picture I took with our existing camera. Guess which lens is the tele-photo one!

Lots to learn, but we soon will have lots of time to invest in learning. Actually, these camera's do come with a real handy "automatic" setting that makes it so any dummy can just pick up the camera, point, shoot, and end up with a real nice picture every time. We decided on the Olympus E520 with IS. (Image Stabilizer). It is a real nice one, and they had a nice package price with a big zoom lens and a wide angle lens included.

We also picked up an new safe at Wallmart and installed it in the RV to protect our travel documents etc. Installed it tonight, sorry, no pictures of it yet.

Anyways, time to go relax, had a root canal done on a tooth today, and I am now starting to feel it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Day for a Garage Sale!

Take everything you own and that you want to get rid of, put a $20.00 ad in the paper, put all the stuff out on the driveway and advertise that your sale starts at 8:00 a.m. sharp, and get out there by 7:00 a.m. and be ready. That is how you run a garage sale in our world today.

We were too busy to even take pictures of the garage sale, but most everything went that we wanted to sell. It seems there was a monster garage sale in Pine Ridge, right behind us, and they all flowed out of there and up our street. Perfect.

Profits were over $425.00 on the day. Should be able to quit work and retire now.

Dave Demerling turns the big 50 today, so we are all jumping on a bus and heading to Georgian Downs in Barrie tonight to watch the horses run and maybe bet a dollar or two. Hopefully someone will serve us some nice dinner to keep us happy while we bet. Should be a good night.

Friday, June 12, 2009

No Blog tonight!

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.... Need I say anymore....

No Blog tonight!

Monday, June 8, 2009

This time.... It is SOLD!

(Has anyone wondered why everything we buy is grey?????)

After a false start about a month and a half ago, we have sold our home on good old Fairview Drive. The deal went firm today, and our closing date is none other than the day that I will retire from the Bank... August 31, 2009, or as my Mother told me today, you will get kicked out of the Bank, and your house on the same day!!!!

Needless to say, we are quite happy about the sale. It took a long time to negotiate but it is finally finished. They had a home inspection done today and apparently all went well! So now it is a matter of starting to pack up our belongings and head out to the RV. It is sure going to be hard to fit all this furniture into a 36 foot RV but we will try.... gotta get that 42 inch plasma through that door and hang it on the ceiling somehow.....

This Saturday is about the last thing left in our plan that we put into action on March 1 of this year. It is "Garage Sale" day. Judy has a bunch of stuff lined up for the garage sale people to come and pick over, hopefully we will make thousands.....

We have still work to do on the RV to get ready to go. We replaced the dinnette set with our existing folding table and chairs from our kitchen and we like it. It allowed us to buy a new POANG Chair form IKEA.... a very cool type of chair you can relax in with a foot stool. All I have to do is talk our Daughter and New Son-In-Law to agree to store the dinnette set for us in Woodstock. I will have to try and be nice to them....

Went out tonight and did some trim work on the floor tonight, just another step closer....

Won't be long now....

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yes, we had a fantastic time at Americade 2009. It was a great trip. The weather turned out to be fantastic for the whole week. It was a little cool at night, but no problem we had a furnace!

We left on the Saturday, May 8 and camped with Frank and Patsy about halfway down to Lake George, in the middle of no where. Nice campground, and enjoyed camping in a bug free zone. Made it to Lake George the next day and set up our camp. It was good, as all of us from Gravenhurst had our own little cul-de-sac for our rigs and were all together. Frank brought the patio laterns, but somehow halfway during the week they made it over to our site. We went on a covered bridge tour on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. I think we found 7 bridges or something like that. It was a nice warm day and a great ride.

There was at least 10,000 bikes in Lake George from the count I made....took quite a while. There was all different kinds and makes and styles like you would not believe. Amazing.
Our new home on wheels worked to a tee! We are really impressed, and very happy with our new home. It pulled the bikes and trailer with absolutely no problem. Did not really know they were behind unless you looked in the rear view camera. Had one of my rear view mirrors on the bike break on the trip down, so bought a real nice custom set of mirrors at the Tour Expo, that is where all the venors set up and sell their stuff. You can buy anything.
This trip was the first big test for our travelling Kitties. They did real well, and only complained a couple of times. They stayed in their travel cages and were very quiet for the most part. Even when the U.S. Boarder Patrol came on board at the boarder, they were cool calm and collected. I did get my green grapes confiscated by the Boarder Patrol though, as they were from "Mexico" and they could not be trusted I was told. So when Mom and I got to Lake George we were in Wallmart and of course, bought another identicle bag of Mexican Grapes.... go figure. I guess that was their big bust for the day...Even told me they had to incinerate them.... yikes, pretty tuff punishment for just being a grape in the wrong place...
Made it home today after a 544 mile trip. Motor home worked very well. We had to re-fuel and mom did all the math, and after much consultation and review, she determined that Dora the Motorhome was achieving 11 miles to a gallon of diesel while even pulling the bikes in the trailer behind....I was impressed. I thought it would be lower, like 6 or 7 miles per gallon. I can handle 11 miles per gallon. Hopefully everytime we go somewhere in the future, the wind will be at our back. It was not comming up the 401 today and you could tell that Dora had a bit of a fight on her hands, but did very well none the less/
Had to wash all the bugs and a week of grit and dirt off her when we got home, but she is now shinny and clean again, ready to soon head back to the KOA for the week. We bought a new chair a IKEA today, and hope to put it in the RV and remove the dinette booth, and use our existing kitchen table and chair from the house. Will keep you posted on this....

Too much are the Lake George pictures:

This is Frank and Patsy's 5er that they took to Lake George.

Here is Dora and the Bike Trailler at our Lake George site, it is actually quite big.

What is camping without a big campfire!

We took a tour up to Lake Placid, and here is Mom making sure her Burgy is safe and sound and ready to leave while we all went shopping...My bike took care of Her's...

Here is Bob buying a parking pass in Lake Placid, I think it broke the bank....
Don Jones lost his Goldwing, and it took us all over an hour to find it again....
Registration Day on the Monday, there was a bit of a line up...

Here is the "Eagle" out on the covered Bridge Tour...

Frank and Patsy enjoying the covered bridge tour, with an actual artist in the background, doing a painting of the bridge.

This was the view the artist was using...he did nice work

Lots of people, lots of bikes, had a great time!

We stopped in Prescott, Ont. on the way home at this camp ground and had a spot right on the water. It was a great way to end the trip!