Friday, July 30, 2010


Here I am, Friday Morning, and it is only 7:15, but I just realized I would give you all a vacation alert!   I have to move the RV early this morning to the site beside us, so that means moving the satellite dish, which I will no be setting up until next Monday probably, so bear with us while we are on vacation! 

Just like Arnold says in California….

“I’ll be back……..”  Smile

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hump Day…

I used to hate Wednesdays when I worked in the Bank… but when you got past it, it was all down hill till the weekend!

We are heading over to Sauble Beach this weekend to visit with Deb and Gerard and the crew, and the weather is looking great for the next week coming!

Today was a day of exercising, as I am still trying to get my back right.  One hour on the WII machine helped out with balance, and then this afternoon I was out on the bicycle for about an hour. 

No pics today… Sad smile

Till tomorrow…

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too hot to blog???

Man, it is almost too hot to blog tonight here in Muskoka!  What a day!  One of the best!

When Judy got home from work this afternoon, we were sitting outside enjoying a cool drink and she was all impressed with the moon and the stars that were out… check it out!


This is our front fender of our RV… caught in the sun that was out this afternoon…  here is what it is made of…


Now is time to show off a little bit, the other day our Son, Shawn, and his Wife Jennifer, updated their blog they do on the kiddies… check these out… the first one is our little Paige, she is growing big by the day, and is a little over 4 months old.   She will grow up as a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.A. as she was born down in Johnson City, Tennessee.


This next one is our darling, little Miss Emmie.  She is about 2 1/2 yrs. now, and is a going concern.  Here she is working on the arts and crafts in the back yard.  We now have conversations with Her on skype and she knows we are in Canada and that she is in the U.S.  There will be no holding this little girl back as she gets older.


Shawn and Jenn are active and always taking the kids somewhere exciting… looks like they are getting ready for a shower!


Here is a close up of the Dr. and his Daughters.  The whole Family is excited that Shawn will be working at the Ottawa Hospital come 1 year from now.  The year will go fast!


I wanted to highlight the Graduation of Jenn’s brother, Ryan, from the Police Academy.  He has worked hard to achieve this level and you can kind of tell by the smile on his face!  He wanted Shawn and Jenn and the kids to come up to the graduation ceremony so bad, he arranged to fly them up to attend! 

Congratulations Ryan!


That is about it for today,

till tomorrow…

Monday, July 26, 2010

Antique Car Time…

Judy’s Brother, Howard and his Wife, Terri, gave me a quick call this morning, inviting me to join them for lunch in Bala at the Legion, as they were on tour with the car club!  Jumped on to my trusty Honda and off to the Legion…


Bala is one great little Town that is known for it’s falls.  It is just one big tourist trap!







The cars starting arriving at the Legion around 12:30 for lunch.  Howard was in charge of the event for the day and had to direct everyone in parking.  80 cars were on tour today!


Don’t ask me all the names of these cars…. simply don’t have a clue…


But I sure know a Mustang when I see one!   There were a bunch of Mustangs.


Real nice T Bird…


Not sure why, but apparently we needed the Military Police!  This was in great shape!


When I was real young, I had a 1966 Mustang, the same colour as this one, only not a convertible.  Loved that car!  This one came from California and was in mint condition. 


They had a Christmas in July theme for the day, and Howard is wearing a Santa type shirt…


Howard’s Daughter, Bobbi and her 3 kids were on tour… Gabe had to work today, I filled in for him.   Here April waits patiently for Grandpa Howard in his Desoto…


Lauren and Alex got to ride in the Rumble Seat!


After lunch we headed out to the Johnson Cranberry Marsh where you get a nice wagon tour.  Here is Bobbi and the kids ready to depart.


The marsh has it’s own antique truck, but it needs just a bit of work!


Johnson’s Farm put on a nice wine tasting party with their own wines made on site.


It was a great day for a tour.

Thanks for the invite Howard and Terri!

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What is a “Rib Fest” anyways???


This afternoon, Judy and I were simply sitting around the RV, taking life easy, when she says, “Hey, why don’t we head in the Wharf and check out Rib Fest and the Boat Show???”   In fifteen and 1/2 seconds I had my trusty Olympus in hand and fired up the Jeep to head into Gravenhurst.  This has turned into an annual event in Gravenhurst, and this year there were quite a few people enjoying a very nice day on the water today.  Our Wharf project is located on Lake Muskoka, and is quite a spot… check it out!

When they designed and built our Wharf project, a couple of years ago now, they were able to keep it looking very natural along with having all the modern conveniences people want now… this first picture indicates that I took it while standing somewhere out in the bush…


but the reality is, I am simply standing on the boardwalk!


Lots of natural flowers surround the boardwalk to keep it looking very Muskokish…


That is the Marriott Hotel in the background, on the left.  Check out the ducks on the rock in the front left of the pic…


This building is the Regatta Restaurant, a fine Steak and Seafood Restaurant.  You can sit out on the deck to enjoy your dinner.  The building is built on piers right out over the water.  Right beside this is a Boston Pizza that is built the same way! 


Lots of vendors were set up in booths, they were selling stuff for your boat or cottage.


I thought these weather veins were neat!  Made of real brass…


Ya, I know, this gazebo looks just like the one from the shots I took last Wednesday at Bike Night!


You HAVE to have at least one picture on your blog with our Steamship in it if you are from Gravenhurst!  It is our bread and butter!


This is my favourite shot of the day, and is taken just up from where the Seguin docks…


Walkers Point Marina had a bunch of boats on display in front of Boston Pizza.  Judy is checking out a nice one, then turned to me and asked if I had checked our Loto 649 ticket from last night???


The boat’s ranged in price from a low of about $20,000 right up to a high of about $160,000.00.  One to fit everybody’s budget!


Check out the speakers on this one…


OK… where is the gas pedal?????

This is a kind of overall view of the wharf project from the south end.  


Yes, it was a nice way to spend a bit of time in the great outdoors on a Sunday afternoon!

Till tomorrow…

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy Day Saturday…

It was overcast here most of the day, but it did not really rain, like it did in other areas of the Province, so we got of lucky!

We slept in this morning and had a lazy type of day, kinda nice!

This afternoon we headed down to Orillia to visit Judy’s Brother Gary, who turned the big 6 ohhh today!

Gary had the BBQ going… did a great job on the burgers and sausage!   Why is it you have to cook on your own Birthday?????


Almost done…


Shelly and Laura getting the table set…


And what would a Birthday be without a cake!


They closed in the back deck and did a great job of it… nice place to sit and eat and enjoy the evening.


Thanks for the great dinner and good time!

Till tomorrow…

Friday, July 23, 2010

Auuuhhhhh… the memories…

Not a great weather day today, lots of rain here and kind of yucky…

Back to Dr. Taylor today for another treatment on my back, and ended up taking it easy again today, to try and get it back into shape.  It is getting better!

Spent time this morning working on the computer putting our budget in place for this winter coming… you can download some pretty good spreadsheets off the internet to do this stuff for you, at NO COST!

No pics today but I remembered the day we were touring north of Sedona on March 4th with Deb and Gerard, and we actually ran into snow on our hike!


“I think there is more snow here than in Waterloo’


This was a sign for Kristina’s collection…


Back in Sedona, we found this pop machine with a nice picture on the front, and then we realized we were staring at the picture in real life…  if you look close, I kind of missed the exact location to stand to get the duplicate picture.



And that just about wraps up the kind of day it was…

till tomorrow…

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ooohhhhh…my back…

For the last few days I have been struggling with my back, and it kind of peaked this afternoon… could not do much today, went in and volunteered at the store inside our Church for the morning to help them raise money, but this afternoon I just laid low, and Judy had to make dinner tonight and do the clean up.  Tomorrow I will be back to my most favourite Chiropractor, Dr. Taylor for a further tune up! 

Took no pictures today, but could not let a good blog go by without something… back on March 3rd this past winter, we were exploring in Sedona, and here is why they call the sky BIG in Arizona…

Sedona is certainly one of the more scenic areas of AZ.


I used a few little effects from Window Live Writer Beta to enhance the pictures…


We really enjoyed our time in Az. and will plan on spending a bit more time this year.

Got to go and relax my back…

Thanks to Al from the Bayfield Bunch for forwarding the live weather radar link to me today… great way to keep up on the weather.

Al says the radar dome is just outside Exeter for this site.  This site is the Gov’t of Canada’s website. 

Till tomorrow…