Sunday, July 26, 2009

A nice day for a Family Wedding!

Congratulations Howard and Teri:

We travelled down to attend the wedding on Saturday, and boy, were they lucky with the weather.... the rain held off until the end of the day, it turned out just perfect.

Lots of people attended, over 100 I believe... haven't seen that much food in a long time in one spot....sure had my share...

Anyways, here are a bunch of pics I snapped off with the new camera:

Here is a picture of "Monkey Boy" Alex.... He was having fun at the wedding....

Had to have a pic of the Desoto of course, and Judy and Her Brothers...

All in all a great day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two real long days....but it is all over...

Well the last two days were spent loading a 26 foot U-Haul truck with every thing that we own and drive the thing down to Woodstock and convince some people to take it all off the truck and put it all in thier house. It worked! Kristina and Chris are proud owner of a bunch of our furniture and stuff. Judy's brother Gary help us with loading it on Friday, and Mary Demerling brought a bunch of goodies over to keep us all going and lent a hand as well. Friday after loading we made it to Alliston to John and Pat's to find a nice steak dinner, some rye and coke, and a nice hot tub. Such good friends they are! We threatened to stay longer but that did not seem to phase them, they just looked at us and said "fine".... Saturday morning we all got together and loaded the piano on the back of the truck, we left room for it. (It is heavy) Then we were off for Woodstock. Got there at 11:30 a.m. and I could hardly believe it, by 3:30 we were just about done! Ryan stopped by and lent a big hand...thanks again Ryan! By 5:00 Judy and I were worn out and just wanted to head for the hills so it was back up to Gravenhurst. Made it back by 9:00...what a day! Job completed. We now own an empty home.

Here is Mary lending a hand....or doing something????

Here is the Alliston crew, just after the piano was loaded... it was a beautiful morning...

Here is a picture inside Kristina's and Chris' house in Woodstock... lot of boxes and stuff...

Kristina is happy :-)) she has her piano in her house, and also a dining room table....

The last picture is one of the unloading crew...Kristina, Chris and Ryan...job well done!

That is it for tonight folks... a busy two days that we are glad to have behind us....just another hugh step into going full time in your RV!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It is almost time to go....

Wednesday, just another day at work, or as I like to say these days, just another day closer to retirement.....won't be long now, we are down the the last 1 1/2 months....yipeeee!

Well, the house is all packed, well, just about..... Judy and I are off now for a few days to make the big move. Judy's brother Gary will help us load the truck on Friday and then we will deliver the goods on Saturday. We will probably make our way to Alliston and pick up Kristina's piano from the Morrison's who have been babysitting it for the past couple of years.

Will someone please leave me a "comment" and let me know when summer is going to begin, cause I am sitting here waiting for it..... and I am is too cool for July, should be warmer....what is going on????have we screwed up the whole planet????? Maybe..... :-((

Judy and I talked with Chris and Kristinal tonight on Yahoo for about an hour, and we were very pleased with ther performance of our satelite internet system "Anywhere Internet". A bit of a delay, however a very easy conversation which I hope works as well from Arizona as it does from Ontario......

I hear thunder outside, getting scared....time to go....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Judy here. Well we moved in to the RV to start our full time venture this weekend. Lots of work trying to figure out where to put what but we did it!

We are causing some strange looks in the campground. I guess they aren't used to seeing too many full timers. People keep asking why two dishes? Of course, we need one for TV & one for internet.

Anyhow, the cats have adjusted well. Maybe even too well. Cleo hit the power button and then retract all for the hydraulic stabilizing feet in the middle of the night last night. She also decided to play under the bed (this is the fat one who usually just sleeps!) and I woke up thinking someone was outside messing with my bikes.

This morning for work I decided I was close enough to work to bicycle. I started looking for my new bike helmet and of course we didn't know where it had been put. I eventually found it and started messing with the bike cable trying to figure out where it could be attached to not interfere with the bicycle workings. I get my coffee attached and balance my lunch bag on one side and purse on the other. I'm finally ready to motor. But noooo.... the chain has become unattached. Yikes.

Okay no problem, I will take my motorcycle to work. John has long since left in the car. I get all my gear on and realize I don't have socks to wear in my boots so I unlock the motorhome get socks and try again.

I want to warm up the bike while I get my gear on and I can't do that unless the bike is on the centre stand. I look at the ground and wonder. Oh well, I'll give it a try. Lo and behold, it goes up easily.

I get my gear on while the bike is idling away. Okay I'm ready to takeoff. I start my usual bucking motion to get it down from the stand. Now, though, it has sank into the loose gravel/sand and it won't budge. I spend 10-15 mins. bucking my horse and resting in between. It must have been very entertaining for the other campers. I think I'll have to walk but can't call anyone to tell them I'll be late as John has the cell phone.

Finally at my last attempt of many it comes off the center stand and I head for work.

Phew, what a workout. This will get easier I'm sure.

Anyway, we are very happy to be in now and glad to have everything in one place.

Saturday we load up the furniture and move it down to Kristina & Chris' place and we have the rest of the summer to get organized and maybe have some fun.

Well, the sloppy jo's are ready and I'm sure you have had enough from me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It works!

We hooked up with Dr. Hollinger and little Miss Emmie, our princess, this evening on Yahoo Messanger, and wow is all we can say. The video was terrific, and the voice conversation was good. We had a bit of a delay in our voice getting to them as our upload speed is only 25% of our download speed, however the conversation was great. Thanks Shawn for taking the time to hook up with us tonight. It was good to see Emmie again, and Mom and I are thrilled at the performance of our satelite internet system. Armand from Tech Mobile Communications in Lindsay, Ont. came through for us. Thanks Armand. Don't worry, we will tell all our friends about you as our travels start!

Time to call it a night!


Hi All:
Today is a test.... I have set up our account for our satelite internet, and got it up and running this afternoon. All is good. The speed is reasonable, a bit slower on the upload as it is a long way up to the satelite ya know, and then back to earth.... I uploaded a couple pics of our little princess, one when she is young and one from Kristina's wedding to see how long it took to upload. Not too bad, considering we will be retired and have all day to do this stuff.... All I want to do now is test skype and hopefully will be able to hook up with Dr. Hollinger later tonight and see how that works.
Yes, we are getting closer, another big step today!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mens night at the Sands

My good friend David Reid (also known as the guy who sold our home... :-) ) invited me out to Mens Night at Muskoka Sands tonight. It turned out to be a beautiful night on the course and I had the pleasure to golf with his Brother Brent and their Dad. I totally enjoyed! The best part was on hole #2 when David sunk a put for an EAGLE 2 on a par 4 hole. David also won the longest put for that same hole.

All in all a great night which I enjoyed! Thanks David, we will have to hit the links again soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Star Choice anyone???

Tonight I decided to pack up all my new Star Choice portable equiptment and head out to the RV at our KOA and see if I could find an electronic signal to pick up and maybe catch something on the tube. Took about 12 minutes to get the satelite set up on our new tripod, and then hook up the receiver to the TV. Then I went to grab the remote to turn on the recevier to try and line up for a signal, only to figure out I did not bring a remote, so a quick trip back to the house to get the remote and back to the KOA..... :-((

When I got back and turned on the receiver and went to adjust the dish, it took 30 seconds and I had a signal that registered 95%, one of the highest I have ever obtained in the 2 times I have tried this, and presto the Blue Jays were trying to beat Tampa Bay on TSN! (even though the dish appears to be pointed right into a great big tree....go figure....) Gotta love it. Sure is easy to line up when you follow directions and gain a bit of knowledge of how Star Choice (now Shaw Direct) works....

Next is to sign up for our satelite internet to see if I can get it thing at a time...

How life changes, when we hit the road we will have the following:

Satelite Internet

Satelite TV

Satelite XM Radio

Satelite GPS systems...(2)

Get the picture here, just like 10 years ago or so, we had none of these creature comforts....

That is it for tonight....sorry no cute pictures.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A pack and ride type of weekend

Spent most of today packing the house...(again...) it is starting to show progress, but I will be glad when it is all done. Lots of boxes, I don't know where all the stuff came from.... Keep smiling Kristina, your turn is coming....

When we were not packing, we were riding our motorcycles. Took an all day ride with Angella and Dave on Saturday and went to Kilarnay for Fish and was good. Weather started out real bad but got better as the day went on. Here are some pics....

David is getting ready to take some pics...

Here is a couple of bike chicks....look pretty happy for lousy weather...

Of course we had to stop for ice cream....(actually, we stopped twice!)

We finally made it to Kilarney, see the nice sky!

Of course we found the fish and chips!

Lots of boats up in Kilarnay
This was a real neat boat that was tied up...

This pic is from today when we went up to the falls at Bracebridge:

Beautiful day!
This guy was having fun at the falls in his sail kyack or whatever it is...

That is it for today, sure was fun reading Emmie's blog today and seeing how she was the life of the parties for Canada Day and the 4th of July.....must be nice to get to celebrate both!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where did we go????

Holy cow.... time passes very quickly and before you know it you have not even filed a blog for like 2 weeks.... yes, our computer still works...

We have been busy packing of course, so have not taken very many pictures of that as it is not much fun. Hope Kristina has lots of room cause we keep packing stuff....yikes...

We are getting close, and hope to load it all in a great big truck and roll on down to Woodstock and just hit the "dump" button on the truck and leave a big heap on their front lawn.... :-))

Today, we are taking some time away from packing and going on a motorcycle ride with Dave and Angella. Hopfully the weather gets better.

Last Saturday we went to Angella's surprise (well, almost...) 50th birthday party, and yes, it was a bit of a blast. 90 people or so showed up and there was a bit of food and drink...

Forgot the camera for that one, so no pics of everyone sitting around eating and drinking and just having fun. It was a great day, and we enjoyed! It seemed the more I drank, the more I enjoyed....hmmmm.....go figure.....

Cannot fail to mention July 1st. Canada Day of course... We spent most of the day packing again....oh well, it is comming to an end. Went to bike night with Dave and Angella and then drove the bikes around the Port Carling loop.

Anyways, gonna get Judy up out of bed, have breakfast and head out.