Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blogger Day Off!

Simply took life easy today, you would almost think I was retired or something... hardest thing I did today was answer a couple of emails from my good Friend Gerard, and set up a golf game for Tuesday afternoon! Can't wait!

Judy decided to go for a walk this afternoon, but I was simply whipped, so just stayed home, and watched as the Europeans beat the Americans on the last day of the Ryder Cup. The Americans kind of folded up like a cheap tent! Was great to watch though...

Tiger Woods was playing in the last match, but he would not have a chance to pull off the big win for the Americans, as it was already lost, and what he did meant really nothing...

It was fun to watch though, and it was great to have the big crowd in Chicago chearing they way they were...the players really responded to it. You would almost of thought a Hockey Game was going on!

That was about it for today...

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yes, the floor is finished!

Back into Woodstock this morning, to put the last coat of Verathane on the hardwood floor in the 3rd bedroom! Whew... 4 days it took from start to finish, but it sure turned out nice, and should last for a while. Last spring when I did Gwenny's room, the floor still looks like I just finished it, so this is good!

So, this job is put to bed! I no sooner took the brush out of my hand, and Kristina started talking about how a new colour for the walls she picked out would look absolutely fantastic! Seems like the work may not be quite done yet! Oh well....

When they bought this home a couple years ago, they had a nice new airtight woodstove installed into the living room. It works real good in the winter... problem is....


... problem is... YIKES, Gwenny is ready to walk now, and could walk right into the fireplace! This will never do, will it! Kristina put on her thinking cap, which includes picking up her Mac Computer, and came up with the following solution to this problem...

No more danger of her falling against the fireplace, or the brick! Kristina ordered this safety gate/fence from down in the U.S. of A. If you look at the very front, there is an actual gate you can open, and walk through to get to the fireplace........ Nice solution, as you still get to enjoy your fire!


After the work was done today, we still had time to play, as we got out for an hour on a local walking trail, and even found time to take the motorcycles out and get over to Thamesford and back. Yes, it is fall, and there was lots of colour, but it was a nice warm afternoon to enjoy a bike ride.

Till tomorrow...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mix up Friday... lots of stuff happening...

What a beautiful day it was today! Sunny and well over 20 degrees C. Hope this hangs in to the end of October! (Ya, right...)

Went into Woodstock first thing this morning and put the first coat of Polyurethane on the hardwood floor... it is coming along very nice, and just needs one more coat tomorrow...


I was laughing as I pulled this first picture off my smart phone this evening, getting ready to put this post together... what a lousy picture! No, not Judy, just the lousy picture... which I took...

Not all pictures turn out great on phones, and this one lacked a lot of needed light... and too much back light! What a mess! However it made the blog because of the activity! Judy is wrapping up CHRISTMAS Presents this afternoon! Santa does live in Woodstock!

Just because our Jeep is now 6 years old, it does not mean it has to look 6 years old! After the floor job was finished this morning, it was so nice out, I washed, and waxed the Jeep! This vehicle receives a lot of abuse, especially while in California... but still comes out looking like it belongs on the showroom floor! Mothers paste wax did a fantastic job today! Now it is ready for the very harsh winters in Florida!

Kristina sent me this picture of Gwenny below, taken at the Library with her iPhone. Gwenny just loves the train set that they have for kids to play with...

Today is Chris' birthday! Judy and I came in and helped them celebrate with dinner tonight, and we will be baby sitting as they head out to Chris' Parents place for a pizza party later this evening... last night in their old house, move to the new one tomorrow! Judy and I got Chris a set of car ramps that you see in the picture, just behind little Gwenny. Chris likes to do oil changes on the cars, so these will come in handy!

Before we had dinner tonight, Kristina was folding up a bunch of laundry she had finished, and Gwenny now has to help her Mom fold up the diapers! Way to go Gwenny!

For a while tonight we could not find Balzac, the cat, but soon found him in one of the present bags! Check out his eyeballs!

As promised, a real mish mash tonight...

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer is back????

Today turned out to be a real nice day... almost good enough to be call Indian Summer! Sunny and 18 Deg. C. today, so very nice. However, I was inside working all day on the floors... oh well, they are getting close. Today, I finished up all the sanding, which is the worst of all the jobs, and cleaned it all up, just in time to put the coat of stain on! Tomorrow, the finishing will start! More pictures to come.

Judy took care of Gwenny today, giving Kristina some time to work around sorting stuff at home. They had a blast of course!

They spent the afternoon out at the RV, so Gwenny was away from all the mess and fuss the floor work produces.

Kristina was hanging around with them a bit, and enjoyed the slide with Gwenny.

Oooopppssssss, major blurr above with the cellphone picture, but we did enjoy a real nice steak dinner tonight.

Till tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More work on the schedule!

Chris and Kristina have a 3rd bedroom in the upstairs section of the home, and did not get the hardwood floor treatment that I gave Gwenny's room last spring, so this was on the agenda for today. Spent the morning clearing all the office furniture out, as Kristina used this room as an Office for her part time work.

A quick trip over to Total Rental and I secured a drum sander, and an edger. All that was needed was some elbow grease!


This picture above was taken after I made the first pass with the sander... it chewed off a nice layer of the old finish, and left the nice hardwood finish that you see. We will stain this to a little darker colour, and then add a couple clear coats of verathane, and there you go!

Forgot to take the "before" picture, but this floor was in need of a good refinish. Kept me going today!

Will carry on tomorrow with some more finishing sanding, and all the necessary prep work to get it ready for the coat of stain!

That was it for today!

Till tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How happy are you???


Did you know, that Canada is the second happiest place in the World??? I didn't... although I consider myself very happy! (Especially being retired!)

It seems a poll taken shows that Denmark is the happiest Country in the World to live in, and Canada came in second, with over 90% of our population declaring that they were happy, or very happy with their lives! What is there not to be happy about living in Canada!

I was real happy this morning, as we drove over to London to have our annual physical exam completed at our Dr.'s Office. He says "all is well" as far as both Judy and I are concerned, so this is good new for sure!

Spent some time doing investigative work into our Travel Health Insurance for this winter. My rates will be up higher this year, as I have now hit 60 years of age... rats!

One thing for sure... read all the fine print and the Insurance Policies, to ensure what you are buying is what you want! There are major differences between suppliers!

More work on this is needed, and will let you know what we decide.

Till tomorrow...


Monday, September 24, 2012

Google in little old Woodstock???

Turned out to be not too bad a day today, lots of sun this morning, but on the cooler side at only a high of 16 degrees C. today. Judy went into Woodstock to help out Kristina this morning, as I stayed behind to do the laundry! Yes, I can tell the difference between dark cloths and whites... no problem... a bit of soap, a couple Bounce Sheets, and we are good to go!

Ride on....Gwenny!


I took the motorcycle out for a spin later in the morning, and to my surprise I saw the car pictured below... seems Google Maps was out do some work in Woodstock! Guess they have to do it sometime!

From what I am reading, people in general are not impressed with the new "Maps" program, that came with iOS 6 Software release for the iPad and the iPhone5. Seems a lot of places are kind of "mis-placed" on the maps. One thing I know for sure, it is not a good replacement for a street GPS. Motion X is a much better GPS program as far as I am concerned anyways... more information available to you, and better choice of POI's on Motion X.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Sam Sniderman today at the young age of 92! Sam, better known as "Sam, the Record Man" in Toronto was an iconic figure in Ontario, and perhaps all of Canada. He opened the store you see below on Yonge Street in Toronto, back in the 1940's and began selling records! It was "the place to be" if you were looking for music in Toronto! All the Musicians used to hang out here... like Burton Cummings of The Guess Who! Also Ann Murray was often seen in the store. At one time, Sam the Record man sold 20% of all records sold in Canada! The store closed a couple years ago, and left a big hole on Yonge St.

Many years ago, I can recall going into the Store on a visit to Toronto, but I cannot remember if I bought any music or not! With the way music is downloaded today, we will never see, or visit Stores like this one again!

Till tomorrow...


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taken over by the cult???

This weekend our RV Park was invaded! That is what happens when people start buying RV's...

No, you are not seeing double in the picture above... we had 10 of these units come in for the weekend. Obviously they were out on a nice fall tour in our area. Although it turned out maybe a little cooler in the temperature department than what they wanted. At least they were able to use the great rec hall we have here at the park for their meals and meetings. Each one of these units were identicle!

This afternoon we got a nice surprise, when we received a phone call from John and Pat up in Alliston, telling us they were on the way down for a visit! Perfect!

Kristina and Chris invited us all into the house for dinner, as Chris made up this big pot of homemade soup, out of the garden!

Pat made sure she got a bunch of "Gwenny" time in. Gwenny was in fine form performing for us all!

They were having a real good old time...
Judy took the dinner picture of us all enjoying Chris' soup! Excellent
We enjoyed the visit, great to see them again. We made several attempts to convince John and Pat they need to come down to Florida this winter! We will see, here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall has arrived...

Yes, the first day of Fall arrived, and it kind of felt like it here...

It rained here all last night, but the sun did come out for a bit today, with a lot of wind though to blow things around a bit! Leaves have started to change, nothing like the photo above, but we will soon get there.

We had 23 days this past summer with the temperature over 30 deg. C. That is one long hot summer for sure! Probably one of the better summers around here for a long time.

We ended up in Woodstock this morning, with me babysitting Gwenny, as Judy and Kristina were out shopping and Chris was helping out a friend. Gwenny is getting kind of wild in her old age and is show signs of getting serious about learning how to walk... I took this real short video to show you some progress she has made. My prediction is that she will be walking by the time we leave on Nov. 1st for Florida!

Not much else on the go today, other than a nice walk in the woods...

Till tomorrow...


Friday, September 21, 2012

The Big Apple Strikes AGAIN...

Yes, it seems Apple has another hot new product on it's hands again, judging by the usual big line ups at all the Apple Stores. CTV news had it right tonight, why line up at the Apple Store, when you could have gone to The Bell Store, or The Source to buy the phone with no line up!

I guess it is OK if you are buying a new phone on a new plan, however if you are just upgrading your phone, it will cost you over $1,000.00 to do so! Is it worth it? Bigger and faster seem to be the only real reasons for this phone... Not much else it seems... They are already saying to wait for the next one!

With the new phone though, comes a new release of software from Apple. iOS 6 is now available, and I downloaded it today onto my iPad.

One of the big improvements I wanted to see, was the Maps Program. It now comes with Voice directions when you set your destination, and is now a true Road GPS for anyone that has their iPad hooked up to a network, like we do. Had to wait for it though, as it was a 40 minute download and set up for the new operating software!


This is a sample picture from Maps above, of Paris, France. Once you set your destination, you get a nice bold blue line that you follow on the map, with complete voice commands as you drive along.

Apple says that iOS 6 will take our iPad in a "new direction"... we will see!

Judy and Kristina took Gwenny into London, on a shopping trip, and Dr. visit today, while I stayed at home playing iPad update, and riding my bicycle. Before they left Judy got a nice pic of me and Gwenny!

Judy caught this next pic of Gwenny while shopping, and you would think that someone just told Gwenny that she won the Lottery!


Turned out nice this afternoon, for the last full day of summer! Look out, here comes fall!

Till tomorrow...


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clean up day...

So much for our nice summer weather that we enjoyed all summer... fall has hit us hard!

I knew it must be getting close to the end of this season, when I saw the pool Company come into our Park today to close up the pool for another year! Yuck!

It wasn't raining this morning, and Judy had gone in to babysit Gwenny for a bit, as Kristina was out shopping, so I decided to do some clean up on the motorhome... Seems we hit a bunch of bugs driving over to Ottawa and back a week ago.

Took me all morning to get it cleaned up, but we got there! No, that is not our motorhome below... but sure looks just like it!


This afternoon I spent cleaning out my electronics cabinet of needless wires and junk, and must of removed 50 lbs. from the RV! That was about it for today!

Till tomorrow...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just getting ready for the rain...

Turned out to be not a bad day, sun was out, but it did not get real warm... feels a lot like fall!

The forecast though for us is not good... looks like rain here for the new 6 or 7 days... time to build a new Ark maybe!


This morning Judy and I went for a nice long walk along the Lake Pittock trail system... it is a great place to walk, and not too busy with all the kid's back in school now...

We had not been out doing much walking over the past while, as we were just a travelling around the world!
Easy afternoon today, as I did a few errands around Town, and finished up the caulking job on the shower project. Took the old Honda out for the errands... a bit cool, but lot of fun none the less...
Till tomorrow...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey "Barkeeper"...

Some products have some real funny names! This is one of them...


"Bar Keeper's Friend" is a strange name, I thought anyways, for a cleaning product. It was recomended to Judy by Sheila, who stayed in our Park this summer with hubby John. We will probably run into them down in Florida this winter.

This product is a type of stainless steel cleaner. Judy didn't use it for that though... she used it on the ceramic plate inside our microwave oven of all things!


The inside of our micro/convection oven is nice and clean now... I do not have a before picture for you, but the white ceramic dish that revolves was stained brown, and was impossible to clean. We tried everything on it, including dynamite! In no time, Judy had it nice and clean again using the above product! Things you learn while living in an RV!!!!!

Lots of rain here last night, and most of the day today. Headed into Town to do some shopping today, and of course a visit in to see Kristina and Gwenny... had not seen them for a while.

Judy was playing with Gwenny for a while, and had just about every toy Gwenny owns out on the floor!


We had problems the last couple days with a leaky shower door assembly. Today I bought new sealing material and took the job on. I removed all the doors and rails, and ended up re-installing them. Took a couple hours, but I got it all finished up. Will wait for 24 hours before I put the doors back on, as it should be all dried up by then, and ready to go again!


Have you ever come across Wild Turkeys... I took this pic when we drove out to visit Judy's Brother Bob, and Kate. These birds are huge, and were part of the reason for the leash on the cat! Yes, these birds can fly, but appear very clumsy!

Till tomorrow...