Friday, August 30, 2013

What a concept! Spend the day at home!!!

The furthest I went today was into Town to do a bit of shopping! No big travels today!


What a great day it turned out to be... nice and warm all day, a bit overcast, but just perfect. Kristina and the kids came out early this morning to join us for the day...

Gwenny ASKED me to get out her small pool today, so I had to do it! She had a ball all day in it... she is trying to use the pail I used to bring out the hot water to warm it up a bit...

Later in the morning, she wanted to go to the "Big Pool"... so we had to do that as well! She really liked that big yellow ball and bouncing on it!


The big pool was a nice 85 deg. F. today, so she just loved it.

In the Video above, I was trying to get Charlie to talk to me, he wouldn't, but Gwenny found a way to pour water on my foot!

While Gwenny played in the pool, Charlie was having some tummy time with Judy. Now Rick out west in B.C from Rick and Paulette's RV Travels, was trying to get his Grandson Mason to roll over yesterday without much luck. I thought I would try to get Charlie to dance today, but all I could do was catch him trying to roll over again! He does not like staying on his back now, and loves it on his tummy... Charlie is a full month ahead of Mason time wise, so very quickly Mason will catch up I am sure! Sure is a blast to watch them try to do stuff!



Gwenny and I went for a walk around the park this morning, and found the fall decorations all done up for the Labour Day Weekend. One of our full time residents, Cindy does all this fancy work. Gwenny was naming off all the fruit to me in the basket!

Ended the day with a great chicken BBQ that we all enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

We have the Power!

The Province of Ontario has the largest population of all the Canadian Provinces, and that means of course we probably suck up more power than any of the other Provinces... Judy and I were back on the road early this morning, heading back down to Woodstock. David had breakfast all set for us, and is the best Inn Keeper in the Town of Bracebridge!

As we don't like riding the 400 series Highways on our Motorcycles, we took all the back roads we could find between Bracebridge and Woodstock. It is a 310 klm. ride and took us a little over 4 hours, however it was simply a gorgeous day for riding... could not get any better.


Starting to look an awefull lot like Desert Hot Springs around here.... This is in Shelburne, Ontario.



They have a whole bunch of these windmills in the Shelburne area now, and continue to add more of them. They are some of the biggest windmills I have come across... they keep making them bigger. So how big are they you ask???? Check out the picture below...


We stopped for lunch in Shelburn, and this truck came up Highway 10 and turned left onto Highway 89. For the life of me I did not think he was going to make it! The Police had the intersection all shut down. The only way he made it, was the fancy back wheels he has. If you look hard, they actually turn to allow the back of the trailer to make the big sweeping left turn. David told me the driver can turn them from the cab of the truck. Also, note that is is on ONE propeller blade off one of those windmills. Guess what else...

We are in the heart of Ontario's Nuclear Power Generation! Only a few klms. from all these windmills, is the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant, which houses 5 Nuclear Reactors, just a pumping out the juice to keep your laptop going! Back in the late 1970's, Judy and I lived in Port Elgin, which is right on Lake Huron, and we could see the Power Plant from Town real easy! I think we still glow at night! Ontario also has other big Nuclear Plants in Darlington, and up north... seems funny to me to put these windmills right beside the big Power Plant... trying to balance things out I guess. There is a lot of wind where they put the windmills!

Farmers were cutting hay all day today...

Well, all our travelling might be over for a bit... we are kind of road weary right now... but having a blast!

Till tomorrow...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Muskoka Thunder!

Judy and I simply have not been travelling enough lately, so we jumped on our motorcycles today, and drove up to attend the weekly bike night of The Muskoka Thunder Riding Club.

When we lived up here before we retired, I attended this event every week...nice to meet up with old Friends again.

Lots of different bikes show up every week.

People spend a bunch of money on their machines...

You cannot get a better spot for this event than Muskoka Wharf, right on Lake Muskoka in Gravenhurst.

They also have a big water ski show each week.

Many thanks to David and Angela AGAIN...for providing dinner and a great place to spend the night!

Till tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another rainy day...

Being back into Woodstock today, for the 1st time in quite a while, Judy was chomping at the bit to go and visit Gwenny and Charlie... and Kristina too of course!

Judy brought the kids back some gifts that she picked up during our Ottawa trip, and Gwenny loved this 24 piece puzzle and was very soon working on it! Did not take her too long!

We all decided to go over to McDonalds for a "Happy Meal" which is one of Gwenny's favs... here she is above with her 1st ice cream cone... she had to study it for a while, but she soon laid a number on it! She had a ball with it, but said the cone part tasted like "paper" so she was not too quick to eat it!

There is an awefull lot of light going on in the picture above, but Kristina snapped this one of Gwenny and I reading a Child's Book of an App that I down loaded. Gwenny loved the stories and new right away how to change pages... I see an iPad in her future one day!

Not to be out done, Charlie was just a bouncing up and down on my knee today and had lots of laughs, and smiles for his Pop Pop. No Happy Meal for Charlie, he slept the whole time in the Restaurant.

Charles is developing very well... I was slow on the camera switch, but Charlie can now roll over by himself... did it for the first time last week. He is getting real big and is strong. Think he is going to be taller than Pop Pop one day, that is for sure!

This afternoon we spent working on domestic duties around the RV and cleaned up the Jeep! Sure was warm this afternoon.

Till tomorrow...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to Woodstock...

Thunderstorms all night long in Bracebridge last night, but it stayed quite warm out. Lots of rain as well... We enjoyed breakfast with David and Angela this morning, and then we had to get to work.

Back in April they installed a new Phantom Invisible Screen Door on the front of their home to keep all those Muskoka bugs outside where they belong. Well, it seems as we were all standing out on the front deck saying goodbye to some of the Friends leaving, I turned to walk back into the house, and welllllll.... it seems I did not see the invisible door and kind of run into it! Ouch!

David and Angela did some internet research and we came up with a plan to fix the screen, as it has come off the main roller assembly of the door, but did look fixable.

Now it may not look like we are doing a lot in the picture above... and I am doing a bit of research of the instructions on my iPad, and looks like David stopped for a break. The biggest challenge of this job was getting the tension back on the main roller assembly, and after a quick call to the Company's hotline, we soon had it all worked out, and had the door back on the frame work. All is good again! David and Angela said I would be allowed to come back again!

We enjoyed lunch and then Judy and I set out down Highway 11 on our way to Orillia.

We wanted to stop in and see my Mom in Orillia. She is doing very well, and we had a great visit. She had a bunch of stuff she wanted to donate to her Church for an upcoming sale, so I loaded the Jeep and took it down to the Church for her. Judy set to work and fixed up a few bugs on her computer for her. All is well again. Yup, Mom is over 90 now, and still enjoys living on her own in her Apartment!

Later this afternoon we blasted off down the Highway and about 3 1/2 hours later landed in Woodstock once again!

Till tomorrow...


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life in Muskoka...

Judy and I jumped in our Jeep Saturday morning, and with the help of Ontario's Highway 407, we were able to make it up to Bracebridge in about 3 1/2 hours.... and that was with very heavy traffic all the way, so not too bad.

David and Angela wanted to head over to Midland to take in the Tall Ships that were spending the weekend down in the Harbour. They are celebrating the War of 1812. It was quite the day...

The 3 Tall Ships in Midland came with a bunch of period aged actors who put on a bit of a play for the crowd...

Above you can see the Peacemaker...which is 150 feet long. It was built in Brazil in 1989 as a replica.

Here is Judy playing the tourist above... we got to tour the whole ship.

It had a pretty up to date command centre for the Captain to run the ship.

It was nice getting to tour through the ship... it tours all over the world.

Here is Angela and Judy on one of the smaller ships checking out that big steering wheel... we had an incredible day of fine weather to do this tour...

The Captain had a nice fancy lounge and bedroom.

We ended up going out to dinner at Henry's Fish and Chip Restaurant which was fantastic.

Today David and Angela hosted a bunch of friends for a backyard BBQ, that turned out to be rainy... too bad, but a good time was had by all anyways.

We all got together for a group photo today in the Family Room as we had to sit inside.

Thanks to our hosts David and Angela.

Till tomorrow...


Friday, August 23, 2013

On the road again, back to Woodstock...

Up and on the road this morning at 9:15 this morning... simply another beautiful day in Ontario, August has been fantastic so far.

Everything was going great until we hit Toronto on the 401... can you imagine that!

It took us close to 3 hours just to get across Toronto this afternoon...we hit Toronto traffic around 2:30 and did not hit into Woodstock until after 5:30! This would normally take about 1 1/2 hours to drive this route. There must be no people in Downtown Toronto this weekend, cause they all left!


However, when you are retired, what does it really matter, other than you get home a little later than you expected!


There are all kinds of different lanes along this route, and they have these big signs that tell you the very obvious, like "Express Lanes and Collectors are moving slow beyond the next transfer". You have lots of time to read these signs, as you are almost stopped going under them!

Anyways, enough about traffic... we are back home, and you think we would stay around for a while... well you are wrong! Heading off in the morning up to Bracebride to visit Friends David and Angela for the weekend!

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time for the "Fun Experts"...



Great to be able to spend the day with Emmie and Paige today...even if it did rain outside for most of the day... We moved our activities inside to "Fun Haven

This place is only a 15 minute drive from the house... It was busy today for sure!

Paige got things started on a computer game for young ones...

Emmie soon found a set of drums to!

The action was fast and furious at the bowling ally...this place was wild!

Paige got a bit of help from Granny...



Check out the noise at Fun Haven!


Last night we all went out mini golfing! It was a beautiful night out!

The course was a challenge, but both girls did very well.

Dr. Shawn is showing off all his golf skills above...ya, he beat me!

Watch out for that water trap!


Even had time for a Skype with Kristina, Charlie and Gwenny...Chris is posing outside the frame.

Another great day!

Till tomorrow...