Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween....

Happy Halloween to all! We are in Ottawa are all day today with Emmie and Paige, and simply had a ball!


We had a Unicorn and an Owl running around tonight...


Above Shawn and Jenn try to pose with Dexter and Ryder, along with the kids in the back... turned out to be a very nice evening here for all the kids out and about! No rain, no wind, just a bit cool... just perfect.

Have to cut short tonight, as I am having to restore our iPad, after deleting a whole bunch of pictures of it caused some memory problems. Good thing Dr. Shawn is here to help me do the surgery tonight!

Heading south tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the road again...

Yes, folks, RVlifeonwheels is back on the road again after a beautiful summer in Woodstock, Ontario. We hit the road at 9:00 on Monday morning, heading for Mallory Town, which is just west of Brockville, Ont. just off Hwy. 401.

Could not blog last night, as we stayed out on my Cousin Marion's Farm, and old Ma Bell just does not shoot out those internet rays far enough to work... Also we had a problem with Hurricane Sandy! It hit Ontario!. We had very strong winds last night, lots of rain, and at 9:00 p.m. the power went out, and did not come back on to 9:00 this morning! So, I just gave up on trying to blog last night, and just enjoyed time with my Uncle Art, who is a very young 92, and my Cousin Sue. Cousin Marion, and her Hubby, Peter are actually over in Tiawan visiting their Daughter!

Uncle Art tells me that the key to his long life is making sure he takes time each day to enjoy a couple beers, so being the kind of guy I am, I joined him! We talked about everything from A to Z, and then enjoyed a nice Chili Dinner that Cousin Sue prepared for us!


They keep 3 of the neighbour's horses on the farm, Sue is petting the Colt, but the other horses get a little jealous and give Sue a push away!

This morning we enjoyed coffee on the farm with everyone, and then headed up the road in the Jeep for Ottawa. They were heavy into pumpkins at the Hollinger Homestead.

Emmie was off at school, but Paige was here to say hi to Pop Pop!

Emmie soon made it home from School, and was excited by the sticker books Judy brought with her.

Right after dinner, we had to take Paige over to swimming lessons... nice complex, no pics allowed inside!

Tomorrow is a big day for the kids of course, and we will be staying until Thursday. Then it is back on the road as we head south.

Till tomorrow...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

How big is your GPS...???...

These days, everything always seems to want to be bigger and better, faster, and higher! Where does it all stop???

We recently downloaded an App from the Apple Store called "Motion X"... This is a great Automotive GPS and it cost $1.00 to download. We thought we would just try it and see how it works... well, turns out it works OK, just don't rely on the POI's to always be where the GPS says they will, however to be fair, all GPS' seem to suffer from this problem.

So the problem was, "hey, we have a great new GPS in the iPad", but how do we hold it in the car... you cannot have your passenger hold the iPad while you drive! Just dosn't work!

Problem solved. You simply have a birthday!

Our Kid's got together and got Dad this great vehicle iPad holder... Shawn arranged for it online...sorry, don't know what web site he found it on.

Check out how it works... there are two big suction cups that attach to the windshield. These are the good suction cups, that have the clamp on them that you push to hold in place. It would take a tank to pull these off the window! Your iPad is safe!

There is also an adjustable clamp system that holds the iPad onto the holder, that locks into place, again, your iPad is safe! While you drive, it does not move at all, and if not at the right angle, simply grab the iPad and bend it to the right angle and it will hold! Easy peessy....


This overall picture shows you how well it also looks... so what is next, a 52 inch plasma iPad???

You have to overcome the urge to check your email, or surf the web while you drive, or as Shawn says, "hey, no watching movies as you drive..."

Not to worry folks, we only use the gps. I also bought a small FM transmitter, and by plugging it into the iPad you can play music on the iPad while driving, and the voice commands simply come over the vehicle's sound system in a nice clear voice!

Real easy to mount this in the Motor Home as well, as we will be leaving for Brockville area tomorrow morning! Florida, here we come!

Till tomorrow...


Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you are over 45, your a ZOOMER!

After Cheryl made us a terrific breakfast up in Richmond Hill this morning, we decided to head right downtown Toronto to the Excel Centre, and attend the Zoomers Convention that was going on! You had to be over 45 years old to get in... it was all about lifestyles!


Of course a drive downtown would have to include a picture of Toronto's famous CN Tower...

That is Tom and Cheryl's Big Moe in front of us, and we are entering the Princess Gates at the CNE Grounds in Toronto... where the conference was held.

They had a bunch of live entertainment, including the Jazz Singer above, but I can not remember her name... she was excellent!


The had a great dog show, put on by a Company in Toronto that trains your dog! They were excellent!

They train the dogs to do everything, from coming when called, to high jumping, to ball fetching!

They had a Zumba Gold Class going on...

Elvis was even in the building... there was all kinds of trade booths set up, selling everything you might need in your retirement, including Cemetery Plots! The States of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana were all represented, pushing their tourism. I talked to a Lady working the Florida Booth, and she told me 3. 3 MILLION Canadians make it to Florida every year! Who would have thunk!

After the show we headed back to Woodstock, as Kristina and Chris wanted to have a "going away dinner" for us, as we leave on Monday.

Kristina knows how to keep her Dad very happy, by making a great Mac and Cheese Dinner!

Ya, you guessed it, Gwenny was there too! She was doodling on my iPad before dinner... (Oh, that reminds me... don't worry Dee, I will put up pictures of the iPad holder for the car... maybe tomorrow!)


A great dinner was enjoyed, including home made bread!

After supper a game of Tri-Bond was played... it is a little different if you have ever played it! Kristina won! (I still object to some of the questions...)

Till tomorrow...


Friday, October 26, 2012

Back on the road again... well, almost!

We had made arrangements today to meet up with Cheryl and Tom in Guelph. They were taking their new GMC 3500 back to the dealer for servicing. We enjoyed a great lunch with them at Kelsey's Restaurant.


I enjoyed a nice fish and chips lunch, and lots of new stories from Tom of course...

The only picture we took today was of the rear end of Tom and Cheryl's truck, "Big Mo", as we are leaving the dealership. Yes it was raining again here today... oh ya, that is also our iPad you see in the lower right of the photo... will do a story on how we got it mounted for the GPS.

We made our way back to Richmond Hill, as Tom and Cheryl wanted to entertain us over dinner. It was a bit cool out, but Tom was on the BBQ and did a great job on the steaks.

Neighbors Dave and Helen joined us for dinner... had a great time. They have a 5th wheel and do some travelling as well.
Kristina sent us a nice pic of Gwenny from her iPhone 4, just so you all get your Gwenny Fix today.

That is about it for today... back to Woodstock tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are we in Florida????

Don't know what happened with our weather, but today was like 25 + degrees C. and sunny... I thought we had woke up in Florida, not Woodstock!

Not wanting to waste the day, we gathered up Kristina and Gwenny and took off for an adventure...

We were off for the Town of Alymer, and a visit to Clovermead! Over 12 million Bees live on this Hobby Farm... what a spot, oh, there is the odd pumpkin around also!

The whole place kind of reminded me of many a western Town we have visited in Arizona!


This place has everything for kids, including a petting zoo... even though it was mid week, there seemed to be quite a few kids around.... hmmmmmmmmm....

We were welcomed by the local cat...

There was a BIG demonstration going on with all the pumpkin people.... yup, they have a pumpkin cannon here!

Gwenny was right into seeing all the chickens, hens, turkeys, etc...


She also got to be the bee keeper for today! Lots of honey made here...


You can really hurt yourself doing what I am doing above... thankfully the tree didn't break!


Looked to me like Gwenny is 2 feet?????



Now this cow was a "Gwenny" size cow... she loved it!

I was very careful not to throw this switch!

We even got to see the 3 Little Pigs...

They had one big jumping pad...

Billy Goats had their own Billy Goat Bridge. I hoisted food up to him on a pulley system... he was hungry!

These two guys kind of got stuck in the same hole... lot of things to see and do here!


Some how, at the end of the day, I got arrested by The Duke, John Wayne!

Time is running out here... got our flu shots today!

Till tomorrow...