Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!


Judy and I wish everyone a great 2014!

Till next year...


Monday, December 30, 2013

Guess who's coming for dinner???

Well, I made it through the first day of the Biggest Loser.... only about a month and a half to go...yikes! I am almost tempted to go with Rick's comments from last night, saying he does not worry about weight until he gets back home in April...starting to sound like a good plan!

Not much of a day here weather wise... cloudy and cool, and felt like it was going to rain all day. Never did rain, wish it would to keep my grass green.

Kristina and Chris confirmed today that they have bought 4 seats on an Airplane, and will bring the gang with them down to Florida for a week at the end of January!

Yup, Gwenny and Charlie are coming for dinner! As I blog tonight, Judy is hot on her laptop and iPad, researching a place for us to stay when they come! Won't be long!

Till tomorrow...


Sunday, December 29, 2013

What a bunch of losers we are...

Christmas is certainly a great time of year, but it is certainly one time in which we all seem to just start eating whatever we want! Me included!

I have enjoyed my share of Christmas treats and turkey dinners! In the last couple of weeks, I put 3 1/2 pounds on! Yikes, easy to do.

So, bring it on!

Judy, myself, Tom and Cheryl, all decided to play, "The Biggest Loser!" We started today. Now, results may not be as dramatic as what you see above, but who knows???

This afternoon, we all "weighed in" on our Wii Fit Device. It is our official measuring device, to determine who the winner is going to be. We started today, and the last day will be Feb. 14th. If you do not have a Wii Fit, be advised they are a pretty good device. You can exercise on them, improve you reflexes, and do all kinds of things to improve your health. It also acts as a scale, and like most computers, it does not forget! We all signed into the Wii today, and recorded our starting weight. Every Sunday, we will do a weigh in to see how progress is being made.

There is incentive! The winner overall all, by percentage of body weight lost, will win $100.00! (To go out to dinner with.... no, just kidding...)

So, just to put my life out there... I weighted in at 183 1/4 lbs. of pure muscle today, so we will see how I do. I will not give the starting lines for the others, don't want to get myself in trouble! Now... where did Judy put all those Christmas cookies.... (NOT!!!)

Wish me luck, I want to be the Biggest Looser!

Till tomorrow...


Saturday, December 28, 2013

What a turkey!

Well, just not a whole lot to blog about today.... just one of those days!

Judy and Cheryl spent most of the afternoon, in the Rec Hall at the Monster Bingo Game this afternoon.

However, even with a $250.00 grand prize in the last game, they both came back with the big "L" on the forehead!

Tom and I went down to Avon Park to visit the Ace Hardware Store, and bought a few things we did not really need, easily passing the Bingo Game!


This evening though, Judy and Cheryl whipped up a fantastic Turkey Dinner for us! It was great! Bill joined us for dinner, however Karen was under a bit of weather today, so she had to pass.

It was overcast today, but still very warm... tomorrow indicates rain on the way, to keep everything here green... we will see.

Till tomorrow...


Friday, December 27, 2013

Circle B Tour...

We wanted to take Bill and Karen, as well as Tom and Cheryl over to the Circle B Bar Reserve sometime, and that turned out to be today! It was overcast today, but still very warm outside!

Judy and I have been here many times, and blogged quite a bit about it, but it is always worth the trip back, with today being no exception. This is a wet land area over near Lake Hancock.

Check out all the tourists above... Bill and Cheryl are competing over camera shots of the birds...there were lots of opportunities!


I know this one... it is a Blue Heron.

I call this the Batman Bird...

I am thinking this one above is some kind of Falcon.... he was eating some dinner.

This guy was just hanging around the parking area, eating his dinner...pretty well bullet proof!

Of course there is always a bunch of aligators around Circle B...
Half way through we had to stop for a rest... well, Tom and I anyways!

All in all, we had a great day taking in the Wild Life!!!

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let me take you on a ride...

Here is hoping everyone enjoyed and had a fantastic Christmas! Thanks to Facetime, we were able to enjoy time with all our Family members, who all seem to be up in Canada with real winter!

So you can see Santa above with a nice iPad...right! Well, when he came to Frostproof, he left Judy a nice iPad Mini! She was really excited and loves her new iPad. I want to take you on a ride now, on how to obtain a new iPad!

First, you send Santa a nice email, and I did this through the Apple Store, asking Santa for a nice new iPad Mini for Judy. Of course, after receiving this order, Santa checks your Visa Card to make sure all is in order, and then forwards the instructions to the Elves to deliver a new iPad.


Now in this case, Santa sent a memo to the Elves in Shanghai, China! The Elves shipped the iPad via UPS Delivery, and I was able to track the progress of it all. Last Friday, it left Shanghai in the morning...(their time...whatever that is...)

Before you knew it, the iPad landed in Ancorage, Alaska...right beside Santa's home! After a short stay there, it was off again, this time to...

Louisville, Kentucky of all places...why not! Did not stay there too long before heading south to:

Jacksonville, Florida...now we are starting to get warm! The Elves then put the iPad on a truck to the big City of .........

Lake Wales, only about a 20 minute ride north of our Park. The iPad was put on the truck, and was delivered by mid morning on MONDAY. (3 days after leaving China!) I thought this was pretty good service, and the Elves did not even charge us for delivery of Judy's present! Thanks Santa!

Yesterday on Christmas Day, we did something a little different...

We took a bus trip, out of our Park over to Fort Myers, to attend the Dinner Theatre, known as The Broadway Palm Theatre! They had a Christmas Special Performance put on, with about 600 people to take it all in. First, you enjoy a great buffet dinner...turkey, ham, beef, fish, potatoes, full salad bar, triple desert table, you get the picture, you simply eat too much, and we all did!

We had fantastic seats, right in front of the stage, so did not miss a thing! It was nice, as we did not have to drive, just enjoy the day!

After all the eating yesterday, Tom and I were out walking first thing this morning, wearing off all that turkey! Judy spent some time getting her new iPad set up with her music and a bunch of Apps. This afternoon, we had Tom and Cheryl, Bill and Karen over for an all Ontario Happy Hour... we might have brought up the subject of all the ice cold temperatures, and mounds of snow they have up there, just a few times, as we all sat around in our shorts and T's enjoying 80 degrees!

Till tomorrow...


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas is for Family and Kids!!!



Jenn is ready for winter in Ottawa!

Chris does story time...

Yup, that's my Mom back there... What a Tux!

Internet lines took a beating!!!


Yup, looks like another great Christmas!


Till tomorrow...




Monday, December 23, 2013

Phew...that was a close one!!!!

I don't want to leave everyone in suspense tonight, wondering if I am sitting here in Florida with my legs crossed, not being able to use our new toilet... I had to drive around a bit this morning, but Stewarts Mobile RV Service out of Avon Park, had a new fitting that I needed to attach our water line to our new toilet water inlet, and it worked perfect! No leaks even, so all is good again at RVlifeonwheels!

At least I did not have to call in a very expensive RV Service Call, which would not have happened until FRIDAY by the way! Yikes, could you imagine! Don't want to go there!

On a more upbeat item, we got to meet some Blog Readers today! Bill and Karen drove down here from the Midland area of Ontario, (managing to escape the big ice storm...) and are enjoying the Florida sunshine!

We got together with them, over at Tom and Cheryl's 5th wheel this afternoon and enjoyed some refreshments. They are a great couple, who have come down here for a winter's vacation for a couple weeks, as they have to go back to and work in January. They have a dream though, to head out on the road and full time it! They do have a motorhome back in Ontario! They joined us this evening, and we all enjoyed a great Christmas Show put on in the big Rec Hall compliments of Rainbow Resort. We will get together with them for some more activities before they head back home!

Check out Tom and Cheryl's new "man cave..." The sun here in Florida can be relentless, and you need shade to sit out for extended periods of time. Last year Judy and I bought ours from J & J Sunshades out of Lake Wales, and so we were back there again this year to introduce Tom and Cheryl.

This is Chopper above... he is one of the two Guard Dogs at J & J Sunshades... As soon as I rubbed his head, I knew I had him!

I took this picture above, just for the heck of it! There is a Motorcycle Shop, "Iron Eagle", and yes, they might sell the odd gun as well! This replica gun is like a landmark around here...

Till tomorrow...