Sunday, August 23, 2009

A visit with Miss Emmie!

On Saturday Judy and I drove down to Oakville to visit with Shawn and Jenn and of course... little Miss Emmie! Kristina and Chris drove in from Woodstock to join us. We had a very special day. It was great to see them all. Shawn and Jenn had to idea of going down to Busker Fest down in Port Credit on the water front. We had a blast. This picture is Shawn showing Emmie all the good things you can buy from one of the many venders.... Emmie could not make up her mind what she wanted....
Her is Judy checking out all the different venders at Busker Fest...

Before we headed out for dinner and to see the Buskers, we visited Emmie up in Andrea's and Bill's condo, way up in the sky.... Emmie has her own little house out on the deck, here she is coming out of the door. She loves her little house.

Emmie is entertaining her Aunt Ta Ta and Chris up at the condo. The sun was out and it was beautiful afternoon.

Great view from the top of the Condo, you can see for miles....

Of course before and after dinner, we had to take Emmie to the park close by, and she just loved the swing, she would have stayed on it all night.

Emmie loved the slide....

Emmie found a clown that made her a "lady bug" balloon that you wear on your wrist.

We went down to the water front and had dinner at the Port Credit Yacht Club. Real good food, and we had a great table in a circle so we all could keep Emmie in line....

Had a great day overall, it was great to see EVERYONE!

Kristina had her new Wedding Album with her and was showing it around. It is real cool. I had not seen one of these new wedding albums before, (with electronic pictures...) (at first I though it was like a proof album....duh...) and man, they sure turn out real good. The pictures are incredible.

Give me a camera and I will take a picture of anything... here is Shawn's badge to get in and out of the Hospital I guess...???.... it looks just like him anyways....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mother Nature is Speaking!

Last night around supper time, there was a major storm through our area. WOW... what a mess. We were very fortunate in that our Home was spared any damage, and the best part is that no one was hurt during the storm. There is still no power at the house, and a lot of wood still lying on homes. I figured in our 2 block area there was at least 25 homes with trees through their roofs... yikes... Here are some pics....

This house is right across the road from us, and was also flooded this spring when the sump pump failed... no luck at all... :-(

This home is also across the road from us, and she was home when the tree hit. It is cleared off the roof in this pic, however she told me it came through the roof and right into her living room last night, she freaked out big time.... major hole in this roof.
This home is 1 block away, and had a bunch of tree around it, they all come down but none hit the house, they must live right...This home took a major double blow. One tree cleaned the carport right off, and then the second tree came down right through the roof... 1 block away from our home....
This is a beautiful home down on the corner of Bethune and our street. this tree when right trough the roof and destroyed the upper story of the home. They had about 5 major trees come down on thier property alone. This home is also for sale, and has been for a while, and probably wil be for quite a while now....
This poor guy had a tree his this shed, and it simply exploded into pieces.... unbelievable...

This home was hit real bad, and is located down on the main street of town.All in all, not a good day for Gravenhurst. Still lots of power out. Hundred of thousands of $$$$$ damage. You know it is bad, as Tim Hortons is not even open yet....

Did receive some good news tonight, as Shawn called, and told us he is actively trying to line up a fellowship with Toronto Sick Kids Hospital, for after he completes his residency in Johnson City, Tn. This fellowship would prepare him to be a "Neonatologist" (spelling???? medical terms kill me....) Good luck Shawn....

Well this is enough for tonight.... gotta go....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Judy's Turn Again

Hi All!
Just thought I would add my two cents to the goings on in the last few weeks.
We celebrated John's Mom's birthday. 86! Doesn't she look great? Kristina picked her up on her way home and we took her to Boston Pizza for dinner. Had a nice time!

Had a great ride with my friend, Mary! She is recovering from a knee injury and resulting blood clot. She is doing physio and exercises in the local pool everyday and the doctor told her to let pain be her guide as to what she can and cannot do. Luckily, we found a day that she felt up to riding with me after her exercises. We had an excellent day!

Another great all girls motorcycle ride was on this past Sunday with the Southern Cruisers group. We rode all day on the hottest day of the year but as long as you were moving it was ok. Went through Haliburton, Bancroft, and from one end of Algonguin Park to the other. Stopped for lunch and later for ice cream in Huntsville. Eleven bikes started out. Great ride!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keeping in Touch with old Friends!

A couple of weeks ago Judy sent out an Email blast letting everyone know of our new email addresses as we had to give up our sympatico account we have had for years... We have heard back from many people who have commented on our new life style and send their best wishes as we start a new journey. One recent email I received was from Ed up in Val Caron. Ed lived accross the road from us, and I still miss sitting around on Friday nights with him solving the world problems over a couple of drinks.... well maybe 3 or 4 on certain special occasions... certainly good to hear from you again Ed!

Today I received another email from Mike in Val Caron, who was also a neighbour and a fellow Lion Club Member. Mike tells me his Mom and Dad are doing the very same thing that Judy and I are planning on doing. They live in Niagara during the Summer and Texas in the Winter....why not! We plan to hit Texas as well at some point in time!

I have been a bit delinquent updating the blog lately..... :-(

Time is always a problem, and the past few days I have not been feeling well, a bit of flu I believe... does anyone know a good Dr.?

I had to go outside today to dump the holding tanks, and ran into a snake.... if I had my camera I would have taken his picture, but I just backed away slowly and let him go on his way.... yikes...

Judy tells me she only has 39 working days left till her leave of absence. I am down to less than 2 weeks. Yipee! Lots of work to do though after I retire to get ready to go. We have a window in the back of the RV that needs to be resealed, and we also have a tire on the front that needs replacement. Have to get the generator serviced before we leave as well. Always something...just like when we lived in the house it seams.... :-))

Gotta go for now, need some sleep before heading to the office tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WOW...what an action packed weekend!

What a great long weekend in August. Great Weather and great friends!

We made it over to Sauble Beach to spend an annual weekend with Deb And Gerard. Al and Dale and Kieth and Darlene also attended and we all had a blast.

We had a great fire on Friday night compliments of the Great Fire Master Gerard... it was kind of wet on Saturday night however we did have a good fire until the rain forced us in.

Thanks Deb and Gerard... we enjoyed!

Going to throw up some pics in a minute.

On the holiday Monday, Dr. Shawn and Jenn and our little Princess "Emmie" stopped for a nice visit on thier way to Toronto from Sudbury. It was great to see them, and we all had a picnic lunch on the front yard at home, and then moved out to the KOA for dinner with the RV.

Good weather again, and great to see them, along with Kristina who made it up for a couple of night to try out staying in our RV for the 1st time. Cleo and Patra were glad to see her, and sleep with her to keep her company in the RV.

A great day, and good to see you all.

Her is the motly crew!

Above are a couple of "Chicks" we saw at the Beach!

Here is Emmie and TA TA and myself at the RV...

Emmie is learning how to drive Dora!

That is it for late, time for bed!