Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW SET UP! (OK, and a new TOY!)

On our way home from Lake George we stopped at IKEA in Toronto and purchased a new "Poang" Chair. You will see it in the pics below. They are real comfortable to sit in, so we ripped out the stock dinnette set that came with the RV and put in the new chair, plus our foldup table and chairs that we use in the kitchen at home. Looks great and works for us. It gives us another easy chair, as we are going to have lots of time to be "easy"!!!

Here are two different views of the new set up that Judy took.

And now for the new Toy! After we had such a successfull garage sales and made tons of money from it, I convinced Judy we really really needed a new SLR Camera to duly record our upcoming travels. We plan on a lot of travel and I thought this type of camera would serve us well. They make them over 1/2 of the weight they used to be when you put 35mm film in them. I could not believe how light it and the lenses are. There are many buttons I have not figured out yet, as we just picked it up on Sunday from the Future Shop in Orillia.

Here is a picture I took with our existing camera. Guess which lens is the tele-photo one!

Lots to learn, but we soon will have lots of time to invest in learning. Actually, these camera's do come with a real handy "automatic" setting that makes it so any dummy can just pick up the camera, point, shoot, and end up with a real nice picture every time. We decided on the Olympus E520 with IS. (Image Stabilizer). It is a real nice one, and they had a nice package price with a big zoom lens and a wide angle lens included.

We also picked up an new safe at Wallmart and installed it in the RV to protect our travel documents etc. Installed it tonight, sorry, no pictures of it yet.

Anyways, time to go relax, had a root canal done on a tooth today, and I am now starting to feel it.

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