Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Long Weekend time!

Some how, some where summer is gone! Wow... that seemed quick! In my books anyways, I always used to consider this weekend the official end of summer!
Not a lot on the go today, did some RV cleaning and maintenance this morning, and Judy and I went for a nice hike on the Standard Tube Trails. We made sure we walked early, as it was getting warm quick! As we were making our way along the trail, we came across two of these guys below... good old garder snakes. They were out sunning themselves on the warm trail early in the morning. Sure made us jump though when we came across them!
Judy spent the afternoon with Kristina and Gwenny, as Gwenny is going through some stages, that little girls go through!
As I was snooping the other day on the SD card for Kristina's camera, I came across this picture below of Chris, showing off the produce from his garden! Not a bad bunch of onions! Good work Chris! Let's have some hamburgers!
Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend... looks like a hot one here!

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Times are a changing!

Wow... what a day we had here today... up into the low 30's in temperatures, just perfect! This morning, I was doing a bunch of RV clean up, as Judy did some shopping with Kristina.

Larry and Cathy got all packed up, and headed back home this morning. It was great to see them, and we all had a blast while they were here! They invited Judy and I, to head north and spend some time with them at their home, and bring our motorcycles to make a nice fall run. I think we will!

Kristina came out and spent the afternoon at the RV, so we all headed down to the pool.
Pool temperature was 80 deg. F. so quite a bit of time was spent in the pool this afternoon!

Our park is getting all decorated up for the long weekend! There is a big Turkey Dinner to be had this Sunday night, which is an annual event at our park.

The couple above pulled in today, and are apparently camping out for the weekend! Brought some food with them!

I caught this guy feeding at Judy's hummingbird feeder this afternoon. They are still coming and are hungry! Times are changing though, and they are getting ready to take off for the winter! Did you know, most of the humming birds do migrate? They do not gather in a big flock, they head down south individually. It is safe to leave you humming bird feeder out until late fall, it helps the late leaving birds build up their strength for the big trip! A lot of them fly down to Mexico!

This morning we had a bunch of Canada Geese making practice runs over our park! They are getting ready for the big trip, just like us! Times are a changing!

Mornings here are now damp with heavy dew, and the nights are cooling off! Nice time of the year!

Till tomorrow.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Social Butterfly!

This week Judy and I have been on the run constantly! It has been fun. With Cathy and Larry visiting us, we have been busy, and of course we just got home from the Ottawa Gang!

Today, we were off golfing at Woodstock Meadows with Dale and Al. Every year we meet up with them at Deb and Gerard's cottage up at Sauble Beach if you remember! We arranged this golf date quite a while ago, and did the weather ever co-operate for us today! It was beautiful. We teed off around 11:00 and decided to take life easy and used power carts today!

Al was explaining and demonstrating proper form on the tee for us...
I told Al, I was going to "grip it and rip it" so he had his eye on the ball!

Judy was our camera person this afternoon, as we wrap our game up below...

After golf, we headed over to Al and Dale's place in Ayr, where they provided a great BBQ dinner for us! Gonna have to go on a diet soon I think! They have a real nice pool in the back, and while Al was cooking, I did a bit of pool cleaning! Had some floating crickets in it!
Great day overall, good golf, good food, good friends.

Till tomorrow...


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Willow Lake Park Hogs hit the Road!

It was time for us Willow Lake Park Hogs to hit the leather and the road today. We decided last night with Larry and Cathy to go for a bike ride. They brought their motorcycles along with them, so we were all set to ride. Just needed a route to follow. That is where the iPad comes in! It is great for showing you the "big picture" with the Maps App.

Decided to head out to Paris first, as it is always a great place to stop.

Larry and I are discussing the fine points of motorcycles, while Cathy watches on... seems like she may just glow in the dark to me! Headed off to Port Dover, making our own Friday 13th! Turned out to be a great day for a bike run!


Lucky for us, it was not Friday the 13th, so traffic was normal. If you remember, 200,000 people showed up in this little Town for the last Friday the 13th rally. We were able to park on the main street! We walked down to the waterfront area, and enjoyed lunch in an open air restaurant... great pictures though.

After lunch we made the terrific drive over to Long Point, which is a great day use beach area on Lake Erie.

Now the only problem with visiting a beach while out on the motorcycles, is your in the wrong cloths for the beach! Oh well...
Cathy wanted a pic of Judy and I for the blog, as she says there are very few of them... so here you go!

It was beautiful down on the beach, with quite a few people there to enjoy it. We spent 20 minutes sitting and talking...
After we were done at Long Point, we B lined it for Woodstock, making it home at 4:30 just in time for a great BBQ dinner, and refreshments! Great way to spend the day!

Till tomorrow...


Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurry up and relax!

After the last few days in Ottawa on the go, go, go, we simply took life easy today, sleeping in this morning to catch up on a few zzzzzz's.

This morning we headed into see Kristina and Gwenny, to deliver a truck load of kid's cloths that Shawn and Jenn had packed for Gwenny. Kristina said it was like Christmas all over again, as she started to sort through the piles of clothing... should keep Gwenny going for a while.

Gwenny is checking out a pair of running shoes, while modeling a new hat from the Ottawa gang! A wooden rocking horse that the kid's had was passed along to Gwenny, and she instantly fell in love with it!

It was raining most of today, so this afternoon we caught up on lots of RV work and laundry that has been building up.

Yesterday, I forgot to tell you why I really liked blogs, and blogging. Here is why. Cathy and Larry, who have joined us at the camp this week, have been following our blog for the past 3 years as silent readers, you know the ones. They love to read, but you don't really hear from them. We had only met them the one time at the KOA up in Gravenhurst. It was great to hear from them again, a couple of weeks ago, and even better to have them come to visit. Blogging has lead to the meeting of many great people.

They invited us over this afternoon to enjoy dinner with them tonight. Turns out today was Larry's Birthday!

We sat outside before dinner, enjoying a nice afternoon, that cleared up a bit as it went along.

Cathy and Larry recently bought a new Fleetwood Bounder RV, and are planning a trip down to the south west this winter. It is a real beauty!

This Bounder has it all, great floor layout, outside entertainment system, fireplace, and many other extras.

Behind the RV, you see their new trailer for hauling around the two motorcycles they have with them for this trip. Tomorrow we are all heading off into the wild blue yonder on the bikes! I think we are going to cause havoc in Oxford County tomorrow!


When it is your birthday, you have to have cake, so Cathy baked up these great cupcakes today for us to enjoy with dinner! Yum!

Till tomorrow...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Woodstock, and why we blog!

Enjoyed a great breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs and pancakes whipped up by the Doctor! He can fix sick babies, and is also a great cook! Go figure!

Hit the road by 9:30 heading east on Hwy. 7. It was great to spend a bunch of time with Shawn and Jenn, and Emmie and Paige, along with Jenn's Mom, Andrea who came in from Oakville to lend a hand! We all had a great time.

Made it back to Woodstock around 4:00 this afternoon after a great drive, with minimal traffic along the way. When we pulled in, in short order we met up with Cathy and Larry. Now, who are they you might ask? Three years ago, when we were getting ready to leave for our first winter on the road, staying at the KOA in Gravenhurst, we ran into Cathy and Larry, who by chance happened to camp right beside us. Larry was having trouble setting up his Star Choice Satellite dish due to trees, so I said, hey, attach your cable onto our dish. He did! We got talking and before you know it, it is dinner time... etc. etc. Great people. They sent us an email, last month, and asked if we remembered them? Of course we did. They are getting ready to head south this winter, and wanted to pick our brains on travel info, so came to our park for the next four days! More on all this to come!

Sorry, not one lousy pic tonight!

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Job Completed!

Today we got all remaining items out of the old house and moved to the new house... phew, it has been a long haul. Shawn and Jenn are real good at collecting furniture, that is for sure!

Now, the final set up of the new house is all that is left, and all the un-packing. This will take some time.

After reviewing last night's blog, I came to realize that I did not have very many pictures of little Paige! I have to be fair! Judy got a real good picture of her today for me!


Paige and Emmie get along real good together, and play all the time!

Judy and I have really enjoyed being here the past few days, and getting to spend a bunch of time with the kid's, even if we are moving furniture and stuff!

After all, there is always time for the swimming pool!


Jennifer and Judy took the kid's into the pool tonight for an after dinner swim... it was a very warm day here, probably around 30 deg. c. or so.

Till tomorrow...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to Stittsville, Ontario!

Shawn and Jenn and Family have moved to the Suburb of Ottawa, known as Stittsville! It is a bedroom community and is about a 1/2 hour drive downtown Ottawa from here. It is also, right beside Scotiabank Place, which is home to the NHL Ottawa Senators.

At 8:00 this morning, I made the trip with the Jeep and Trailer, met up with Shawn and Brodie at the new house, and unloaded the trailer. The movers started over at the old house.


Below is a picture of the new home in Stittsville, which is 3,100 square feet. It is actually a bit smaller than the old home, which was 3,700 sq. feet. (monster...)

All that is needed to be said, is, we got most of the stuff moved, except for a bit of stuff left in the garage that Shawn and I will get tomorrow with my trailer. After we got all unloaded, with the house still in a big mess, Shawn and Jenn treated us all to a nice pizza and wings dinner. Then the kids were all pumped up to go out back and try the nice swimming pool that comes with this house! Why not! Emmie is all set to go in below...

Dr. Shawn was the adult that volunteered to jump in the pool with the kids, although his good friend Brodie joined soon after... the water, it was 75 Deg. but felt warm.
Check out the video I took below of Emmie, it is only 10 seconds long, and Emmie just learned how to jump into the pool! They had a blast!

Nice way to end a very busy moving day! Still more to do tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let the fun begin...

After enjoying breakfast with the kids, it was soon time to start up work! Lots to do.

Started off by starting up the Toro, and giving the back yard a trim, and moved all the patio furniture and what not, out front of the house for loading tomorrow...

Around noon, I started into loading up the trailer with a load of house contents... above is a nice empty trailer! Soon to be full! Of course, this trailer is the summer and winter home fro both our motorcycles, but converted into house moving mode for this weekend.

Here we are about 1/2 way loaded up on the trailer... took me long to do than I had figured, but I took my time loading, taking advantage of every square inch of trailer space.


And just took this last picture of the full trailer, I had to give the ramp door a big squeeze to get it to close, and then snapped on the two padlocks to keep it secure. This trailer is 5 feet wide, by 12 feet long, and is about 7 feet tall, and the best part is, it don't leak! We are expecting some rain here tonight, but tomorrow is supposed to be real nice again!


Judy spent some time playing with the girls today, having a ball. Kristina and Judy bought them some sticker books, and crayon books, so they are always a big hit!

Emmie is quickly becoming an artist, really improving her colouring skills!


Well, that was about all the excitement for today... tomorrow is the big moving day! Will start off by taking the Jeep and trailer over to the new house, about 30 minutes away, and start unloading!

Till tomorrow...(ohhhh.... my aching muscles...)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Ottawa...

Yes, we made it back to Ottawa today...
Left Woodstock at around 9:30 this morning, all loaded up with our trailer, heading for Ottawa. We took our time, observing all speed limits, and stopped to enjoy lunch along the way. Pulled into the Kid's driveway at about 5:00 this afternoon, about 525 kilometers later! Phew... Below is a picture of Prime Minister Harper's House! No, not really, it is Canada's Federal Parliament Buildings, as Ottawa is the Capital City of Canada!

We were welcomed in the driveway, by Emmie and Paige, along with Dad, who just got home from work at CHEO, which is the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Shawn works in in the Neo/Natal Section of this Hospital, and is currently in the second year of a Fellowship, working towards being a Neonatologist.

After we arrived, and watched as Jenn drove in the driveway fresh from work, we decided it was time to go out and enjoy dinner! Shawn choose Mr. B's Restaurant, which is a fine Dining Italian Restaurant! One of my favourites!


We did not have a reservation, but were able to score a nice table for six. The Restaurant was pretty much full for a Wednesday night! We had a fantastic Italian Dinner, the kid's just kept on eating... I enjoyed the lasagne dinner, which was simply "excellent"!

Paige was going over the menu above, while Shawn looks like he was staring off into Space, looking for the new U.S. Mars lander!


At the end of dinner, Emmie had no problem locating Pop Pop's Visa card out of my wallet! What a monster she is!

Judy loves to shop of the all the Grand Kid's, and today was no exception, as she brought them new PJ's. Of course they had to put them on, and model them tonight for us!


The kid's were super excited to have Granny with them tonight, they would not leave her alone!

Tonight was the fun part, now we are down to the serious business of moving the Family! It all starts tomorrow, so let the fun begin!

Welcome to Mark and Lauree, our latest boog followers tonight!

Till tomorrow...