Saturday, November 30, 2013

The road to recovery seems to never end...

Yes, I am still on the road to recovery it seems. My cold is just about done, however...

My back is still causing me some grief... just when Judy thought I was getting better and able to get back to a more regular routine! Yes, I was lifting a pair of socks when I hurt my back! Crazy!

We decided the best thing to do was simply take things easy today with my back, so I made sure, (Judy made sure...) that I did not go around lifting any 500 lb. weights!

What I did do today, was spent a half hour in aqua thearpy down in the Resort Hot Tubs! Now, that felt good! My pain was further reduced when we got the word from our neighbours on Channel 6 of the Walki Talkies, that they were hosting a happy hour tonight! Perfect!

The picture above is of Judy's Black Friday find of a new ottoman. Well, I call it more of a storage chest. She wanted it for our bedroom in front of the vanity, and it seems to fit just perfect! Great deal at $20.00. She is a happy camper!

We did go for a quick run into Frostproof this morning, as Judy knew I would be watching the Leaf/Montreal game tonight, so she wanted to pick up a Redbox Movie. We can rent them here for $1.20 a night.

There is one of these machines in the parking lot of the Dollar Store in Frostproof, 3 miles from our Park.

Judy was laughing at the sign above in the Dollar Store window... she was wondering what they were giving away free! Sheriff Grady Judd runs a tight ship here in Polk County! We are not far from the County Prison!

Till tomorrow...


Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to Black Friday!

Well, there was only one reported Black Friday shooting reported in Florida, believe it or not, and it was someone who shot at someone else for kind of taking a parking spot at a Mall that the shooter thought he should have... go figure! No one apparently hurt. There was another incident at a Walmart Store where a crowd of people started fighting over some flat screen TV's and the Police had to come and break it up...

Judy and I took a bit of a tour today in the Jeep. We were going to take the motorcycles out, but if you can believe it, I was lifting a pair socks out of my sock drawer and threw my back out! Ouch! So, we travelled in the Jeep instead. We headed down to another local Town, called Sebring.

It is only a 32 klms. down to Sebring so did not take long. It is a nice little Town built around Lake Jackson. It is right off Highway 27, which cuts Florida in two down the middle!

We enjoyed riding the lakeview road around Lake Jackson, taking in all the nice waterfront properties. We headed downtown to find Sebring is built a lot like Goderich, Ontario... they both are built around the Town Circle. Sebring had their's all set up for Christmas.

I am sure that it would look 100% better all done up with the lights on a night. Santa come here in the evening to meet the litttle ones. Judy and I enjoyed lunch at Dee's Restaurant downtown, which was real good.

We did stop around 1:30 up at the Walmart Store in Sebring. Judy had spotted a new ottoman that she saw on a Black Friday Special Flyer, and low and behold they had one. The flyer said it was on for $29.00, but it was marked as a Manager's Special for $20.00! Fit perfect where Judy wanted to put it!

We also stopped at the local Chevrolet Dealer in Avon Park on the way home, and for $19.95 had a complete oil change done to our Jeep.

Gwenny told me she had her snow tires installed, so she was safe to fly the back roads with her fancy car!

Now, you can't tell it here in this picture of Charlie, but Kristina reports that he cut his first tooth! She can feel it with her finger! Steak will be on the menu soon!

Well, off to watch my Leafs take on the Sabres tonight!

Till tomorrow...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Last Thanksgiving Dinner this year!!!!

I have simply lost track of how many Thanksgiving Dinners we have celebrated this year, but you can just go and ask our scales to find out!

About 12 of us from Rainbow Resort headed down the road to Lake Wales, to the Family Restaurant. They put on a terrific Dinner for everyone... you can see Judy enjoying above with our group... This morning Judy and I walked 2 1/2 miles just to make room for this Dinner!

Just so you all don't go on thinking we live in absolute paradise here, last night was our coldest night this winter. It hit down to 38 deg. F.! What's with that! Today was nothing but sunshine, but only about 68 deg. F. high. So there... we are not perfect here. However our weather goes back to normal again tomorrow! It didn't go below 32 deg. F. as we are in Frostproof of course!

There is sure a lot of hype around here about Black Friday! Many of the stores were opening this afternoon actually to get a head start on Black Friday. No, I don't think Judy and I will get caught up in all the hype...

Want to give a shoutout to our friends Tom and Cheryl up in Richmond Hill. Tom's cataract surgery went well, and they have high hopes of high tailing it down here to Frostproof soon. We will keep it warm for you guys!

Till tomorrow...


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nothing like Thanksgiving all over again...

Seems to be bad weather out there no matter where you look... back home in Ontario there is all kinds of that white stuff finding it's way to the ground, as well as across the mid central U.S. We won't even mention the weather on the Praires...snow and cold! With this being the eve of American Thanksgiving, many people will be travelling, and I think a few might not make destinations...

It was an easy day for us again today... we attended the weekly coffee meeting down at the Club House to pick up on all the happenings in our Park...there are many.

This afternoon we made the 14 mile run down to Avon Park to visit Winn Dixie and pick up some needed supplies.

This evening Judy and I drove up to Holy Cross Church in Winterhaven and enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner! I did not get any pictures, but it looked a aweful lot like the picture above. Over 60 people were out tonight for the dinner. Judy and I were here last year but with only 30 people out.

Of course, this is just getting ready for the big day, tomorrow... we are heading out for an afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner with a bunch from our Park. Going up to Lake Wales to a Family Restaurant. Gotta start exercising soon!

Gobble, gobble.....


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Blog will show you how to make "Mow...Money!!!"

We had a big change in our weather today! It got hotter! Yes, how did that happen???? It was easy, all the wind shifted to coming up from the south! All that nice weather from the tropics just blew in here today, with temps well up into the 80's, however we did have a bit of wind. (Maybe a good thing....)

I am not totally over my cold yet, as it continues to hang in there... hard to believe. This morning Judy got me out on my bicycle to try and burn the cold out of my system. We did a couple laps around our Park, which equates to 2 1/2 miles. While we were biking, we did find out how to make "mow money"...

Rainbow Resort with 499 lots, is like a small city, with many Contractors on site working all the time. These guys were cutting down the grass making mow money! Everything in this Park is done by professionals, and the place looks like it! It is very well kept and highly maintained. We have been informed they are going to close our pool for two days, to change out all the pool equipment, just to update it, and keep it efficient. They are always doing something around here.

This afternoon we had no real agenda, so we both decided on doing something we hardly ever do. We went to the afternoon matinee at the local theatre.

We made the 20 minute drive up towards Lake Wales to the Eagle Ridge Mall.

A year or so ago, while visiting with David and Angella out in Lake Havasu City in Az., we all went to watch the first in a series of films, called "The Hunger Games"

We enjoyed the movie so much in Lake Havasu, we obtained copies of the 3 books published. They are a terrific read if you have not read them yet. On November 21st., they released the second movie, "Catching Fire".


Jennifer Lawrence stars in these movies, playing the part of "Katnise Everdeen"...

Who ever scripted her for this part, knew what they were doing. She simply does an excellent job portraying the Character Katnise from the Books. The last book will be split into two movies... why not! The budget for "Catching Fire" was $130 Million, and the first weekend gross for the movie was $158 Million, so why not split the last book into to movies! Both Judy and I agreed we liked this second movie, better than the first one!

Till tomorrow...

Monday, November 25, 2013

On the road...(to recovery...)

Starting to feel quite a bit better today with the cold... actually got out on the bicycle this morning and made the 1 1/4 mile trip around the perimiter of our Park without too many problems. Hoping tomorrow continues to improve.

Judy was busy at the Park today with Walking Exercise Class, and Zumba this afternoon.

A quick trip into Froostproof yielded a few little supplies we needed, and that was about it for the day, other than our neighbours invited us over to enjoy Happy Hour with them this afternoon.

We have a great bunch of neighbours in this Park, many of them being here for quite a few years now, so they have built up a bit of a community..

Till tomorrow...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How do you get a cold in Florida???

i am not sure how I did this but I got a doozy of a cold going down here in nice warm Florida!


Just taking it easy all day today... not feeling like doing nothing... just watching the Grey Cup!

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Phew... a warm one today!

It was a hot one today, with temps hitting over 30 deg. C. Lots of sun, little winds... hot!

I bought a new seat for my bicycle yesterday and installed it today on my bike. While giving it the old demo, Judy and I rode over by the pond at the front of our Park, and ran into Fred for the first time this year.

Yes, Fred is a Gator... and he has lived in the Park here for a while. He was just floating around and keeping his eye on us today... we also saw a number of turtles in the pond as well.

Not much on the go today, talking with Tom and Cheryl in Richmond Hill, who were upset as it was snowing up there... yikes! They hope to be down here in the first week or so of December! Don't worry Guys, I will hold some of the good weather for you!

Sounds like our son Shawn, Jenn, and the kids were putting up a Christmas Tree in the house this afternoon! Shawn posted this letter that Emmie made up for good old Santa, that I thought was pretty good. Getting to be that time of the year!

Till tomorrow...


Friday, November 22, 2013

You know your in Florida when...

No complaints here about the wonderful Florida weather... about 28 - 29 deg. C. here today, mix of sun and clouds. It thought about raining for a bit, but it gave up on that.

You know your in Florida, when you keep running into these trucks... this one mind you only has a half load of Florida Oranges on it. Most of the time they are full to the point where some oranges fall off the top of the load when the truck corners! This truck was on his way to the big procesing plant at Lake Wales, owned by Florida Natural.

We were out and about this afternoon on a bit of a tour. We Jeeped it up to Auburndale, which is kind of north west of Winterhaven, about a 40 minute drive for us. We wanted to hit the Auburndale World Market. We were there a few time last winter, and it is a good one.

You had to be under cover today from the sun! It was hot! Nice coming on Friday, as not too many people come out. Tomorrow and Sunday, this isle you see above will be full of people!

I stopped at a vender, and bought a nice new leather (made in the U.S.A.) belt to hold my pants up...not really, but it does hold my iPhone for me! This gal above, is punching in new belt loops, as the belt is made to measure when you buy it! Great deal for $16.00.

You know your in Florida... when you see fresh produce displayed in the pictures above. This is only a very small sample of what you can expect to find at this market! We bought some strawberries tonight, and they were terrific as desert!

We drove back to Frostproof through Winter Haven, as Judy wanted to hit one of her favourite spots to shop, the Bealls Outlet Stores. There are 3 of them in Winter Haven, but we only hit two today. Now, I must admit, I bought a real nice pair of iZod Men's Shorts for $19.00! Love em!

Gwenny is going to need her own iPhone! I took this picture this morning off of Facetime. Gwenny was playing with the Thomas the Train App. She has been able to learn how to use the App without any help from other Humans, so will soon be looking for her own iPad I am sure!

I am not sure what Gwenny found so funny in the picture above, but Charlie was pretty intent looking at something! I was checking his mouth for teeth today, but no signs yet...

Hard to believe, but it was 50 years ago today that I was sitting in my Grade 5 Class in Two Mountains, Quebec, when an announcement on the PA informed us that President Kennedy had been shot! Shots that have probably changed the world.

The Park had all the Flags flying 1/2 way on the pole today in memory of the President.

Till tomorrow...


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little not so little anymore!

The time sure goes by fast it seems, even faster when you are down enjoying some nice warm southern weather like we are. Today was a nice warm 78 deg. F. or around 26 deg. C. or so, however we did get some nice rain here this evening.

Judy and I have been tied up the past couple of days taking care of some personal business, so blog topics have been hard to come by... HOWEVER...

How about this...

Google + Hangouts! What a great new feature! Fellow Bloggers George and Rick, have recently blogged about the fact you can now make telephone calls to any telephone number in North America, for FREE! Ya, I like that word! Ever since reading their blogs Judy and I have used this feature quite a bit, and is certainly a bit of a game changer for us. We use our iPhone 5 on the Bell Network, and are limited to 250 minutes a month. This new feature thank to Google will save us money$$$$. The quality of the phone calls is also simply excellent! You would never know the call is being made over the internet! Thanks to my fellow Bloggers for the heads up on this one!

Next tonight, is our precious little Grandaughter Paige... who is not quite so little anymore! Shawn and Jenn posted her Pre-Kindergarten Picture the other day, and it floored me! She is getting so big!

Well, my favourite Toronto Maple Leafs have just started their game tonight against Nashville... must go and make sure they stick to playing hockey!

Till tomorrow...



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom...

This is a stock Disney Photo above of the Animal Kingdom. If you have not made it there... it is another great spot to visit. Let's face it... Disney does nothing bad! All four Parks in Florida are amazing!

Just a nice sized crowd showed up to get in at the 9:00 a.m. opening. This is a great time of the year to visit Disney, as it is not super busy... don't come in the next week or so though, as American Thanksgiving is coming, and it will be packed!

The Tree of Life is an amazing sight at the Animal Kingdom... man made and you can stare at it for hours!

There is lots of this going on, in the fancy rocks Disney make all over the Park...

Disney is all about attention to detail... incredible!

In the opening picture you see one of the off road vehicles used for the African Safari... we took the Safari, and it is one of the big attractions in this Park. What a neat ride... you see everything!

Check out the Rhino... took these from the Safari Ride...

Those are all 500 lbs. of Hippo!

This Giraffe above was running... something to see!

What a ride the Safari was, animal after animal...

Next we took in an amazing presentation in the Lion King Theatre... what a show!

We also took in an amazing Bird of Prey Show... these are always fun to watch...

All this trainer could do was carry in this American Bald Headed Eagle... what a bird!

You may think.... "WHAT... a mountain in Florida, snow capped no less..." You would be wrong... man made again, and just a nice disguise as a roller coaster! It was a fast exciting ride we all enjoyed!

Now we look kind of calm above... but it was just the moment, they don't want to show you pictures of yourself in shear terror!

Here is Garry and Shelly, Judy and I on another great ride through Dinosaur Country!

The Tiger Exhibit was something else... what a majestic animal!

Mickey Mouse ice cream!


Of course, it would not be Disney without a Parade!

Of course it ended off with Mickey Mouse, the Star of the Show!

Judy and I are back in Frostproof tonight after enjoying two days at Disney with Garry and Shelly. We had simply a fantastic time! Many thanks to them for inviting us to join them on their vacation! We enjoyed. Great accomodations, good food, two fantastic Parks to visit, and fantastic weather, what else could we ask for!

Back to normal life now...

Till tomorrow...