Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Enough already…

Yikes, what a day, don’t know about the rest of the Country, but Ontario is HOT!  High humidity made out 33 deg. C. temp feel well over 40 deg. C.

Had another venture in health care this morning as I was instructed to drive into a lab in London for some more blood work, only to find no paper work that we were promised was going to be there… oh well, will try again later I guess.

Picked up some new trim at Home Depot for the Baby’s room this afternoon, and got it all painted.  Installation will be tomorrow…

This was the rest of the afternoon…

We have a great pool here in our Park, and the Owner Ron does an excellent job taking care of it and the hot tub.  Kristina loves the pool as it makes the baby weightless…


It is funny the way it works at RV resorts I find… the people who stay very seldom use the pool facilities… the same at our resort in Desert Hot Springs… some people use them but certainly not all of them!  We sure enjoyed the 80 deg. F. pool today, that was for sure!


Yesterday I had a snake for you, today… check out this Snapping Turtle, that walked onto our site this morning as Judy and I enjoyed our coffee… check out his tail!


The Owner of the Park, Ron, tell me not to be getting in this guy’s face… or you pay the price… they will grab hold and not let go.


This turtle was big, and I wanted no piece of him… he soon made his way back to the frog pond…

Till tomorrow…

Monday, May 30, 2011

Back to Woodstock…

Made it back to Woodstock by 3:30 this afternoon, and stopped by Kristina and Chris’ house to pick up our pass key.  It was super hot, and we invited them out to the RV Park for a swim and dinner with us… what a perfect night for a swim and our pool was just perfect at 77 degrees F.  Not quite Desert Hot Springs temperatures, but getting close…

It was a great night for sitting out tonight!


It was an un-eventful trip home, just warm… I have a few pics I want to post from our trip to Ottawa.  It was a busy couple of days, and we got a lot of work done…

This is what we wanted to see, the last couple pieces coming off the truck…


Shawn and Jenn, have good friends who live in Ottawa, Brodie and Carey, along with their Daughter, Sophie… and she is about as calm in life as she looks in the picture…


We stayed at Brodie’s and Carey’s house on Friday night and got introduced to their pet, which is a Ball Python… Angelina…  she is a very nice and friendly python…(I think…) pic is a little blurry as I took it with the phone with poor light.


She will wrap around you and give you a hug!


Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, and I think I will be heading into London to give someone some more of my blood… I hope they appreciate it!  Should be making the trip on the Honda!  Supposed to be real nice!

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, May 29, 2011

We are getting there!

Work,work, work... back on the smart phone tonight. The house is just about complete. I worked cleaning the garage today while everyone else was in the house. Amazing what you can accomplish in a couple days.

Judy and I will return to Woodstock tomorrow.

ENjoyed a great Italian Dinner out tonight.

Till tomorrow...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Moving Day...

We started unloading around 9:30 and were finished by noon! Not bad... We all worked very hard at it and it is starting to show. Jenn was able to cook up a great dinner from the assembled kitchen.

Sorry I cannot upload any pictures tonight, guess the smart phone is not that smart after all... No internet hooked up here, so laptop is one big paper weight!

Tomorrow is another work day putting the new house together.

Till tomorrow...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Made it to Ottawa!

We made the six hour plus drive and drove in rain all day. Going to be a very short post as I am using my smart phone.

We started a bit of unloading tonight. Mäin work will be done tomorrow...
Whew,hard work typing on one of these.

Going to run for now.

Till tomorrow...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final coats…

This morning we were back at the Baby’s room, as I applied 2 coats of Verathane to the freshly stained hardwood floors in the room… it was way to yucky to try and take pictures, they will come later…

Actually found some time to head out to an industrial area and do a little bit of flying with the Super Cub today!   Had a ball!

Tomorrow, Judy and I head for Ottawa, our Nations Capital City.  Our Son, Shawn, and Wife Jenn, along with Emmie and Paige are moving there this weekend.  Their truck will be ready for off loading on Saturday.  We will drive over tomorrow, as we have probably a 6 hour plus drive to get there from Woodstock. 

Not to sure about internet coverage, so there might be a bit of a gap in the blog for a day or two… we will see!

Till tomorrow…

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost there…

Well, certainly the big new of the day came from the West Coast, as the Vancouver Canucks beat out the Sharks last night in double OT to carry on to the Stanley Cup Finals… something us here in Ontario can only dream of lately.

Original logo of the Canucks…


I stayed up to the end of the second period, when the game was tied… but simply ran out of gas, and as it was past 10:00 est. I headed for the bed. 

The Team used this logo from 1970 to around 1980…


It was nice to see all the fans enjoying  the victory as they danced in the streets all night! 

I like the current logo the best by far!  Good luck to them in the finals… nice to see a Canadian Team still playing!


Nothing but work again here today, as I put 2 coats of stain on the Baby’s Room and the hallway floors.  They look good… hands too dirty to even think of taking a picture! 

Final coats tomorrow for the floor!

Till tomorrow…

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work, work, work…

I am sure everyone is getting tired about hearing nothing but work from this blogger recently, however that is life… This is going to be one special little girl that is being born this coming July, that is for sure.  She already has a bunch of people working their buns off to ensure she will be able to live the good life!

We had to fill all the little gaps between the hardwood boards in the bedroom and the hall.  This is the hall before the sanding began!


We went back and rented the drum sander again to put the finishing touches on the floor today.


Lots of comments on the blog from last night, that showed the “Sun” light that Kristina picked out for the Baby’s room.  It comes from IKEA… and cost $29.95. 

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a couple coats of stain and then after that, verathane.

Hopefully Vancouver can pull it off tonight and head to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Till tomorrow…


Monday, May 23, 2011

No rest for the wicked!

Well, I horsed around with the internet satellite dish this morning so hopefully I can get this post up on the World Wide Web!

Mixed bag today, sun, rain, wind, no wind, warm, cool, you got it!

This afternoon we ended up in at the kids house working on the Baby’s Room…

We had to dismantle the ceiling tiles in order for them to be painted, and this afternoon, Judy put the tiles back in place… here is the last one going in with Chris helping.

Kristina chose the “Sun” light up on the ceiling… very cool… Baby should like it!


I feel like Harold Camping totally screwed up my blog on last Saturday… the famous D Day.

I had this big blog all set and for some reason, no way would it load… hmmmmmm, maybe there is something to all that hoopla…

Boston and TB tonight… go TB.

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Posting problems…

I got outside this morning to fix the satellite dish, and of course it started to pour rain… grrrrrr…. so it did not get done…

We left for a drive over to Richmond Hill at lunch time, and enjoyed a great steak dinner with Tom and Cheryl.  They were down to visit us in Desert Hot Springs last year… very enjoyable evening, and we just made it home at 10:30 tonight.

Can’t post any pictures… but that is alright… did not take any!

We will try again…

till tomorrow…

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It’s the end of the world… (for my satellite dish…)

Cannot get my post to load up on the internet tonight, as it appears someone may have bumped into my Hughes Net Satellite Dish, and it needs to be re-aligned, and I am not going outside to do it tonight… it won’t load up my pictures…

Till tomorrow…

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Room Progress…

Turned out for a change to be a great day here in Woodstock.  Quite warm, and the sun was out for a bit.   We did get a flash rain storm this afternoon, but that did not last long.

Today was sanding day.  At 8:00 this morning, Judy and I were picking up sanding equipment from the Rental Store and then off to the kid’s  house. 

We rented a drum sander, and edge sander to complete the 12 X 12 room.  It took most of the day to complete and turned out not bad!  In the picture I was doing the first grind… to get the entire surface off the floor. 


Baby Broad-Hollinger’s room is coming right along.  Walls are all done, the ceiling is finished and the tiles just have to be re-installed, and the floor just has to be stained and finished! 

Judy accompanied Kristina to the Dr.’s Office today for a check up, and all is doing well.

Judy then went on to complete a whole bunch of weed picking out of the gardens… yuck!

Till tomorrow…

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So that’s how smart you are!

I had a bit of spare time this afternoon, (imagine that…) and got to playing around with our new LG Smart Phone… and I am wondering “how smart are you anyways???”   After a few flicks of the finger, I find out that this device comes with 15 Gig of Memory!  I am now thinking that this is more memory than the majority of our computers ever dreamed of having!  So, it turns out it is a pretty smart phone…

Had to take our Jeep Liberty into the garage today… as it was it’s turn for the repair man.  New struts and new shocks needed all the way around, with a front end alignment  thrown in for good luck!   Rides like a Cadillac now, but is still a Jeep! After I paid the bill, I think for sure the shop will be closed all day tomorrow for a full staff party!

While I was waiting  for the Jeep repairs, I went around Town with Kristina to do some various chores… found all these tulips downtown Woodstock, just across from the Royal Bank…


Certainly no lack of water for them…


For a change, the sun actually came out today for a little bit…

Till tomorrow…

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to Forest City RV today…

We had an appointment set up with Forest City RV in London, to repair our wonky bedroom slide.  It had developed a bit of a slant, however was still working… not good enough!  We decided to take it in and have Rick do the necessary repair.  The original construction was a bit weak he said, so he bolstered the slide box up with some additional angle iron, and made adjustments to the rollers.  He also installed a new lower seal, and all is good again!

This afternoon, we did a bit more work painting in the new Baby’s Room… getting there…

Lots of bloggers are posting pictures of birds and squirrels these days, as that is what is going on! Our Daughter was laughing at our squirrels eating all the bird seed, etc.  For years people have tried to foil the hungry squirrel!  She sent us this cartoon…


Welcome to Gypsy Boho, our latest follower of RVlifeonwheels…

That’s about it for today…

Till tomorrow…

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes, it is raining again…

No fear of forest fires around Woodstock area… it is doing nothing but rain!

When we stopped by Kristina’s house yesterday afternoon, Judy had left the catnip mouse she bought Patra in her coat pocket.  Kristina’s cat, Balzac, was licking away at Judy’s coat trying to get at the little mouse… well, we went back to the house today, and Balzac attacked Judy’s coat… check it out…

That catnip must be strong stuff…


So here is what I did today at the house…


Working on “Baby’s” room…


Hmmm… kind of spooky looking here…

We are painting the room a nice light green in colour…and this Friday the plan is to re-finish the hardwood floor… more to come on this.


It will soon be 2 years that Judy and I have lived in the RV… (June, 2009).  When we go south I find that most of the people we meet seem to be older that we do… such is life… RVing seems to fit in very good with a retired life style.

A young Lady, by the name of Sara Bell, left a comment on the blog last night, and I took the opportunity today to check out Her blog, The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher   Sara and Her Husband, Ryan, recently decided to change their lifestyle, and bought an older Motorhome, and plan on touring the USA, with the great intention of “giving back” to people they meet along the way.  RVing can fit into anyone’s lifestyle… check it out!

Boston and Tampa playing tonight to fill the screen!

Till tomorrow…


Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel day, back to Woodstock…

We left Bracebridge this morning by 9:00 and headed 20 minutes south to Gravenhurst and one of our regular visits to Dr. John Robinson, our Dentist.  We have been going to Dr. R for many years now and are very happy with their service!

Made it back down to Woodstock by 4:00 this afternoon and stopped in to see Kristina for a minute to check on progress of the new Baby’s Room.  There is still some work to do so I will be there first thing tomorrow morning to get a start on it!

Judy brought back Patra a little catnip mouse from the pet store in Bracebridge and she FREAKED out this afternoon when Judy gave it to her… she was so excited to see us and just started going nuts…


She is lying on the bottom step of our stairwell, leading outside…


Crazy cat… she was having fun.

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How smart is a “Smart Phone”

Spent a great day today up here in Bracebridge with David and Angela.  After breakfast we attended Service at David and Angela’ Church in downtown Bracebridge. 

We enjoyed lunch out at a favourite hangout, “Marj’s Restaurant”… lots of fun!

So how smart is a Window’s 7 phone, well I will show you…

big panarama

This is a panorama picture of the high falls area in Bracebridge.  This picture takes in about 180 degrees… fun to play with!

David and Judy were having breakfast, and I took this one, just horsing around with the camera… LG has made it real easy, and you can actually take a 360 degree picture on the phone… go figure.

Judy David PanARAMA

I reported in the blog about a week or so ago, that Bracebridge was replacing the docks down at High Falls.  I was so wrong!   They are actually re-building the hydro project at the bottom of the falls.  A new power generator will be installed.  They are now doing the prep work! 

Hydro panarama

They will re-use the existing buildings, and just replace all the guts with new equipment… tis a big job!

Hydro Project

Still lots of water coming over the falls.

Falls 12

Off to the Dentist tomorrow, and then back down to Woodstock!

Till tomorrow…

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bracebridge or bust…

This morning we spent a nice relaxing time, nothing like sleeping in and quality computer time!

By lunch time, we were all packed up and pointed the Jeep north for Bracebridge.  We have dental appointments Monday in Gravenhurst, so David and Angela invited us up to spend the weekend with them, so we gladly obliged!

They have a   beautiful new home in Bracebridge and we enjoyed the afternoon, a real nice home cooked meal by Angela, and we all relaxed and watched a movie tonight…


Lu Lu the kitty cat kept us all in line for the night!


Last night, back in Woodstock, our Daughter Kristina and hubby Chris had us over for dinner, along with Chris’ Mom and Dad, for a “Mother’s Day” Dinner!   Had a great time. 

Last year on their first Anniversary, they planted a Yellow Magnolia  Tree, and it is now in  bloom this year! 


We all enjoyed sitting outside in the nice 25 deg. C. temps before dinner!


Just watching Tampa lay a licking on Boston in Game 1 of the Semi Finals… yes, I picked TB to take this series!  Here is hoping!  Every year now for the past 10 or so, I have an ongoing playoff pool with our son, Dr. Shawn.  I am leading after the first two series… and now I have to finish him off.  Bragging rights you know… He may have his old Dad beat in the brains department, however I still know a little bit about hockey! 

Till tomorrow…

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where oh where has Blogger gone…

After disappearing for a couple days, it seems blogger is back, and tonight I will not give you a big song and dance about the problems cause my buddy Rick already has!  Check it out!

Rick & Paulette's RV Travels

Check below for my Thursday night blog!

Till tomorrow…


How long have we been married???

Yes, we are back down in Woodstock tonight after a busy few days.

Yesterday, the 11th of May, turns out to be out 37th Wedding Anniversary!  Judy and I married on my Mother and Father’s Anniversary.   We had a great day, ending off with a nice Steak Dinner with the Morrison’s in Alliston.

While on the farm, Judy always finds a few barn cats to pet… these are all 1 year olds…


I was walking down to the barn yard, to do an inspection, and the crew kept me company…


Augh… yes, all present and accounted for!  Just don’t say the word “McDonalds” in front of them… they get a little jittery…


I did make it up to see Dr. Williams in Bracebridge yesterday, and he found some more test up his sleeve that he wants me to do for him, so he will keep me busy for the next couple months…

Judy took a picture of Mom while in Orillia… she helped Mom out a great deal, by helping cull some items from her apartment for her.   Things can build up fast!


We left Alliston this morning, and drove back down to Woodstock… Judy in the Jeep, me on the Honda… me getting wet while it rained for 1/2 an hour… it still is fun riding in the rain… just not as much fun!

We had a small plumbing leak again in our kitchen area, so I had to go to Home Depot this afternoon and pick up a new little piece of pipe, and while we were there we picked up a new lawn mower to cut our grass with this summer.  NO GAS,  NO LOUD CLUNKY MOTOR, NO FUMES, just a bunch of grass getting cut with some women power!  This unit is made by Scott’s, and sell at Home Depot for $79.00 – works like a charm!


Back to working on the new Baby’s room tomorrow!

Great game 7 going on right now with Detroit and San Jose.   Sharks just scored!

Till tomorrow…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You want to know what???

Back a couple of blogs ago, Rick from  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  wrote  a piece about the current Census being taken by our Canadian Gov’t.  I just about flipped today when out of the blue, 2 Women from the Government Census Program visited our RV Park.  They were going around making sure people got their census forms!

Rick wrote about completing His census information online, and sort of indicated he probably would not bother filling out the long form census if he had to.  Too much information maybe…   Well, Rick almost fell into the Bloggers Bear Pit, as many comments he received indicated readers were in favour of the census and sharing of information. 

While I was caught totally by surprise that the Gov’t would actually send people out looking for Judy and I in an RV Park, my feelings about census information is mixed… maybe like  Rick’s feelings were.  Some limited information is OK, but does the Gov’t need to know every thing about us? 

I had to place a call to Judy today and tell her to get back home here and fill up the humming bird feeder… She filled it up on Sunday afternoon before she left for Orillia, and check it out know…


Over half of the feeder is gone!   In two days!


Today I was off early to Woodstock to help out Kristina and Chris as they prepare the “New Baby’s Room”.  It has to be painted and have the floors refinished, so lots to be done by mid July!

I took off some old wallpaper today… this stuff should be banned from the building centres… it is great, until it has to come off!  ( Ooopppsss, maybe I will be doomed to the bloggers bear pit…)

Actually, I only had to take this one strip off of the wall, which surrounded the room… took about an hour and a bit.  More on this project to come!


While Kristina and I were out walking today, we came across these tulips… they are all over Woodstock, and have just came to life… spring must of sprung when I was not looking! (Taken with our new LG Smart Phone, from across the road! Not bad ehhh?)


I am off tomorrow on my way up to Bracebridge, to get the word from my Cardiologist, Dr. Williams. 

Tomorrow night we plan on visiting John and Pat in the big Town of Alliston, so probably will not be a blog.

Till tomorrow…(maybe…)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Repair Day!

What a beautiful day in Ontario, and looks like it is good all week!  About time!

How nice was it today????   All the birds had to line up to get at Judy’s bird feeding centre… I have a feeling this is going to be a costly summer for bird food!



Check out the nice red tipped black bird that showed up for the buffet… going to be lots of fun watching these guys all summer!


Out the door first thing this morning to take our RV up to Forest City RV in London, Ontario.  We had a leak in our kitchen area, and it turned out to be the water filters we had installed underneath the sink.  Rick for Forest City made quick work of taking it all apart and fixing it up for us.  These guys offer excellent service and know how to take care of their customers.  We did not buy our RV from them, but they treat me like I am their best customer!


You can check them out at www.forestcitymotorhomes.com 

They also had to replace my pressure relief valve on the hot water tank along with a new anode rod. Gave the tank a good flush out as well!

Judy took off for Orillia this morning in our Jeep, as she is going to spend a couple days helping my Mother out with some cleaning of her apartment.  I will go up Wednesday to meet them and visit my Cardiologist in Bracebridge. 

This afternoon I visited Kristina, and took a look at the future “Baby’s” room.  It has to be painted and cleaned up… so that will be the project this weekend!  We visited Home Depot this afternoon and liberated about 4 gallons of paint from their inventory!


They have a nice parking spot for new Mom’s and New Mom’s To Be!  I told Kristina she should be parking there!  That is Her Zoom Zoom right beside the empty spot.  She said she would rather “walk” from where she parked!

baby park

So with Judy gone tonight, Vancouver better come through!  They are playing in Nashville tonight… here is hoping!

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

It turned out to be a great day here weather wise, probably the best day we have had since arriving back into Canada!  Sunny and 19 deg. C. today!

We went into Woodstock to attend Church this morning with Chris and Kristina… Kristina was performing the music today so we wanted to hear.  Just prior to the Service starting, she played a song “Morning has Broken” which is  a great song, and was played many years ago in our Service when Judy and I were married!  It meant a lot to us!

After the Service, we walked down to a local restaurant, “The Chuck Wagon” and enjoyed a Mother’s Day Lunch. 

One Mother, and one Mother to be!


Kristina and Chris had some lovely Petunia’s for Judy to hang from our tree!


Last week Judy set out a humming bird feeder, and check out this Baltimore Oriole giving it the once over.


It seems he really like hummingbird food!


This evening we had a nice skype video call from Shawn, Jenn, Emmie and our course Paige… they are all doing well, and are starting to pack boxes to ship back to Canada… they are enjoying great weather now in Tennessee.

Judy and I enjoyed the afternoon by taking out the motorcycles and going for a little ride.

We headed north on the 59, and found ourselves in Tavistock.  A little further north we were in Shakespeare, just before heading a little west and ending up in Stratford.  It is a bustling little Community of 32,000 and has a lot of Industry. We started to head south on #7 and eventually turned onto the 119 which takes you into Thamesford.  This whole area is nothing but farm after farm, and finally the Farmers were able to get out today and do some work in the fields.  We ended up down in Ingersoll before returning full circle to Woodstock… a nice 1 1/2 hour ride on a beautiful day! 

Want to say “Welcome” to Rick and Elaine NB, our latest RVlifeonwheels blog followers!

Till tomorrow…