Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motorcycle trip to Severn Bridge...

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend, so we jumped on board the motorcycles, met up with Dave and Angela and let David be our guide. For quite a while, he had been wanting to go and visit the marine railway at Severn Bridge, so off we went. It was beautiful, and nice and warm. It is interesting to see the boats drive right on board the ferry, and then get lifted up by the rail car and moved about a quarter of a mile or so and a few hundred feet up.

In this picture, the boats are actually on their way back down the railroad...

Dave and Angella check things out...

Dave then led us to this great spot over near Midland where the Indians have carved faces out of the pine trees, really neat. There were over 10 of these...

Had a great day on the bikes, and ended up at Swiss Chalet for dinner in Bracebridge.
Below is a pic of the bug shelter that Judy bought, and we set it up for the first time to check it out, and decided that Cleo and Patra should enjoy a bit of freedom from the RV. They loved it, and will be back in it soon, maybe in the desert.

That is it for now. Still getting ready to head south. Got the RV undercoated at Krown Rust Control this week, and have to get a new tire installed next week.
Starting to catch on to this retirement thing, it is going well....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Local Improvements!

Last Sunday we took a nice drive to Barrie with John's Mom to get John his new camera case with the gift certificate he got from work.

On the way home we stopped at the Hitch House to look around and Grandma wanted to buy us something for the motorhome that would make us think of her everytime we used it. Our new mat fits the bill perfectly. Thanks, Mom!

Yesterday we bought mats to cover the ugly inside steps and bought cozy flannel sheets. I love the local improvements!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Photos from Manitoulin Island

Here are Kristina's photos from Elora Gorge, compare them with our pictures from Manitoulin Island below. Who should win? You be the judge to the right --->

The Photo Challenge is on!

So my Daughter, decided to put up a photo challenge from last weekend when they went to the Elora Gorge and Judy and I went to Manitoulin Island....

We had a great time, and Judy put up a post about what happened, now HOWEVER.... here are the pictures for the Photo Challenge....

1st up is a photo of a sunset on Lake Midomoya....

And this I called "The Lonesome Fisherman"

I love this one, "sitting around the campfire under the full moon!

We made a visit to the "Bridal Veil Falls"...

Here is a framed version of "The Falls"

And this is what "Manitoulin Island" is all about...

So there is it, this is my best photos from the long Weekend!

Let the judging begin!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a great long weekend!

Hey, September long weekend, I took Friday off to make it a four day weekend. We started off Thursday night visiting with new friends at the KOA, Cathy & Larry. They had camped next to us and we hit it off right away. Similar interests, travel, motorcycling, etc. Even both guys were retired and both women still working (something wrong with that picture, though!). Anyway, we enjoyed cocktails, then supper, then a fire with them. Great people. Hopefully we will meet again someday in our travels! Also, my friend Mary stopped by. A great evening!
Then, next morning we hit the road for Manitoulin Island. John drove the motorhome pulling the trailer with his motorcycle and Angela, David & I rode our motorbikes. We spent the weekend motorcycling all over the island. The weather was absolutely perfect! I even convinced Angela & David to come with us to visit old friends, Maureen & Brian. It was a challenging road in but we made it. Great to see them again. Thanks David & Angela for braving the trip! Always fun travelling with you.

I will post a couple of pics but these are not the ones for Kristina's blog challenge (best photos for the long weekend) as mine is the old camera not the new fancy dancy one that John has. He is away right now at Kristina & Chris' visiting & helping out with their house.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I made it!

Today was the first day of RETIREMENT! I worked hard at it, but it went very well. I have lots of time to get better at it.

Yesterday I actually had to work past 5:00 at the office just to get all wrapped up and out of there. I totally enjoyed my 3.5 years at the Royal Bank and worked with great people and had a lot of fun. They all took Judy and I out to dinner at BP last Thursday night, and we enjoyed a great evening. They presented me a gift certificate from Henry's where I will find a great camera bag for our new SLR. Over the past week, I received many calls and emails from friends, family, and co-workers wishing me a great retirement, and I appreciated hearing from everyone. It felt good. The management group presented me with a gift certificate from Taboo, where I will certainly take Judy out for a great night of entertainment!

Just want to say thanks to all the Staff Members of the Gravenhurst Branch, you were all great, and we achieved great results! It was fun.

Today was such a great day to retire on. The sun shone all day, and I had lots of errands to do, and drove all around on my trusty Honda to complete them. It was great. Went for an hour long walk out back of the KOA. Took some calls from people wishing us well. All was good. When I left the bank I forgot to return my Corp. Visa Card from expenses.... too bad, had to give it back today :-((

Tomorrow looks good for weather again, so Gary (Judy's brother) and I are going out to Horseshoe Valley and going golfing...can't wait.

Can't you tell, I am starting to get into this retirement thing already!

To busy doing stuff today to take any pics...