Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day in a flash!

Got up, took pills, had shower, made coffee, ate breakfast, flew airplane, flew helicopter, visited Kristina, cut grass, went home, made lunch, rode motorcycle, walked Cali, ate popsicle, went home, received company,  bbq’d dinner, ate dinner, enjoyed refreshments, loved sunshine, wrote blog, watched TV, good night!

Till tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wax finally OFF!!!

Not a nice morning if you were looking at the sky… dull and gloomy, however it was warm out.

Finally got off my butt and headed outside and finished waxing the RV… it is done!  Complete! Call me in six months when it is time to do it all over again!

This afternoon, our good friend Gerard from Waterloo headed down to Woodstock, and him and I  hit the golf course.  Weather turned out quite nice this afternoon and the golfing was excellent!  We ended up at the RV for some post game refreshments.'

Never got around to taking a picture today, but I received some pictures from our Daughter, Kristina, that I think are great.  Our friends David and Angela, had a nice stereo stand that they recently replaced, and were looking for a good home for the old one.  It is a real nice piece and is a bit heavy!

Chris’ Brother, Kevin, recently married Romona, a nice gal from Germany.  They have decided to live for the next while in Canada, and needed to set up an apartment in London, Ont.

They were great candidates to receive this piece, however they had to lift it up to the second floor of the apartment.

Chris and Kevin did the heavy lifting up a very narrow set of stairs… they made it!


I can sit back and watch this kind of work all day!


Sure glad I wasn’t there… (my sore back…)


.Finally, they made it up to the loft!


That was about it for today, looking for better weather tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sometimes, you just never know…

Yesterday we were driving home from Bracebridge, back to Woodstock, and we usually stop at the highway stop at King City, just above the Wonderland cut off for a rest break.  You just never know what you will find anywhere these days, and check out what I found at the rest stop!

What a shirt!  Any trademark registered product of the Leaf’s sells for big dollars in Ontario, but this stop had these shirts on sale for $9.00… love it!


Today was real warm however a bit overcast this morning, but I did manage to get 1/2 of the driver’s side of the RV waxed!  Only the rear 1/2 to go and the job is done for 6 months!


Bless her heart, Judy was getting her cardio workout this morning… check it out!


In yesterday’s blog I reported on some water problems at our friend’s house up in Bracebridge… Rick from Rick & Paulette's RV Travels wanted to know the outcome.  So, I had to do some investigating today and thanks to technology, I am able to show the picture proof of how it went.

David report all went well and the job is finished and apparently working OK.  The first picture below shows how much they had to dig to get to the back of his yard from the side of the house, just missing the shed.  They had to go deep.  Once they passed the shed, they had to turn left down the swale for quite a piece to bury all the pipe.


This shot below is from the bottom of the swale, showing the big dig…


Starting to get filled in below…


All finished below, but just need to find some new sod to finish it off!


Thanks for sending the pictures up David! 

Finished the afternoon with a bit of shopping at Wal-Mart and that was it for the day!

Today, Ontario and all of Canada is remembering Constable G. Styles, 33 years old, who lost his life today in York Region (just north of Toronto) in the line of duty.  Very unfortunate.  Thank you for your service.

Till tomorrow…

Monday, June 27, 2011

There is nothing as good as “a bit of good news”

Up early having coffee with David and Angela in Bracebridge this morning…  beautiful day, sun and 25 degrees C.  Perfect!

David and Angela have been having some problems with the sump pump hole in their new home, seemed to always be too much water and too much pumping going on, so today they workers came to install a new gravity feed line to try and fix the problem…

There was no horsing around when the digger showed up… I told David to get his new John Deere tractor and trailer out, and he would match the digger…


David was not too stressed out about the whole thing… they had to dig about 7 or 8 feet down to get low enough coming out of the sump pump hole, below the basement… big job.


We had to leave during the digging… ( I could have watched that machine all day!) and head to Orillia for a medical follow up for Judy after her Nasal Surgery.  1st good new of the  day… all is well, healing good, the Dr. and Judy are happy!  If Judy is happy,  I am happy!  

                                  SmileOpen-mouthed smileHot smile

Right after the Medical, we were on the road to Barrie.  A short 20 minute drive south of Orillia.  Back in the early 1970’s, Orillia and Barrie were the same size – 25,000 people.  Now Orillia is about 35,000 and Barrie is 125,000!   Barrie is still growing, and happens to be closer to Toronto and is very progressive.  We had a appointment at 1:00 with our Scotia McLeod Financial Planner, Graydon Oldfield, and arrive at 11:45 so we had time to walk down the main street to find some lunch. 

We had lunch in a nice little Cafe, and Judy did a bit of shopping.  We still had a bit of time to walk down the the waterfront area.  Barrie sits right on Kempenfelt Bay, part of Lake Simcoe.  They have done a great job on the water front.

The center of the waterfront has a nice little gazebo and pond… lots of Canada geese.


Lots of wide open space…


Quite a few condo developments built right on the waterfront.


Below is looking back at the downtown, from the waterfront.



They built a waterfall for the geese… not!


Here is a great shot of the bay… I can remember back in the mid 1970’s, Barrie held a Winter Carnival every year, and it was right on this frozen bay!  People would park their vehicles out on the bay… I can remember them have automobile drag races ON THE FROZEN BAY… not anymore!


I got the picture of the sculpture below, but don’t have a clue what it is or for!  No time.


As we walked to the Scotia McLeod Office, we found this unique restaurant with the open balcony of the roof… cool!  It was full today!


We made it to our appointment on time, and Graydon was right on time himself, all prepared for us.  He always wants to hear our travel stories and hear how we are doing… he thinks it is great that we are  “living our dreams”…

More good new, the performance of our investments for the past year was simply excellent.  We were very impressed.  It was all good news as we spent an hour and a bit going over everything with him.

Graydon says we can “keep on trucking!”  in our RV Lifestyle which is great news for us for sure!

I am in such a good mood tonight about the whole day, that I decided to give Graydon and his Company a plug… here is a link to their website.

Nothing like a good news type of day!

Made it back to the RV in time for supper!

Till tomorrow…

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Filling in for Canada Post…

This morning Judy and I were up and at it, enjoying breakfast with David and Angela.  We headed down to Gravenhurst and attended the morning Church Service at St. James, out old Church while we live in Gravenhurst.  It was great to see all our old friends from Gravenhurst!

We headed down to Orillia after to make a bunch of visits, in order to deliver some thank you cards for Kristina, thanking all the folks for coming out to her recent “baby shower”.

First was a stop at my Brother Richards and his Wife Sue.  Richard was off at his hunt camp with his friends and ATV having a ball, so never got to see him.  Ron and Pat, real good friends and blog readers, were next and we had a great visit.  A quick trip over to my Brother Gords and Wendy’s place to leave a card with them, and then to Timmy’s for a quick bite to eat of health food. 

Gary and Shelly were next, (Judy’s Brother) and had a good chin wag with them.  Next, and final was off to my Mothers Apartment for a nice visit! They were in full Canada Day colours…

See, I am not the only one with my flag flying…


Mom live on the fourth floor, and has a great little apartment where she is very happy!


Next it was back up to Bracebridge where I helped David install some cabinets in his garage, and do some maintenance on the John Deere tractor.  Seemed we might have wore it out yesterday.

Enjoyed an afternoon of sitting around talking and BBQing… perfect!

Off to a couple appointments tomorrow and back to Woodstock.

Till tomorrow…

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remembering Lake Havasu…

We hit the road at 10:00 this morning, heading for Bracebridge.  Arrived after 3 1/2 hours, not too bad, in fairly heavy traffic… especially around Toronto of course.

Last March, Judy and I spent 2 weeks at Lake Havasu as David and Angela were flying in for a 2 week holiday from Bracebridge.  While there, we met up with other friends of David and Angela’s, Doug and Ann, along with Nelson and Ann.

So, you have myself on the left in the back row, then David, Doug, Ann, (Doug’s Wife) and Nelson.

Front row is Angela, Judy, and Ann.  We all had a blast in Az. and were able to re-hack a lot of it today…


David and Angela have a great home in Bracebridge, and we got to sit on the deck, even though the weather was not the greatest… again!


Below David is giving some finer points on the use of a camera…


David was ranting about his brand new John Deere Lawn Tractor, so I egged him into breaking it out and giving us a test demo… below is his regal Queen wave…


We kept asking him where the other 10 acres of land was that he was cutting, but he never did answer…


We went for a little walk around the sub-division and checked out his neighbour’s souped up old cars, here is a 1948 Plymouth that has a Corvette LT 1 V8 motor in it… Vroooommmm… we have to get Tom to come over with his Vette and see who is the fastest!


It was a little hard getting the pictures, as they were tucked away in the garage, but below is a 1948 Mercury 1/2 Ton Truck.  Both are like new!  Very fancy…


This is a street view of David and Angela’s house… it is 3 years old now, and they keep it in great shape!  They put on a great steak dinner for us all tonight which was simply excellent!  Judy and I like it so much at this hotel, we are staying until Monday!


Great day overall, and fun to re-live the winter in Arizona.  David and Angela, if you remember, liked it so much, they bought a Condo while there.  They are planning a trip for this Sept. to stay at the Condo.

Till tomorrow…

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain, Rain…

Not much of a day weather wise today, as it rained a lot of day.  Had to give up any idea of finishing up the wax job on the rig, as waxing and rain simply do not mix!

With all the rain, the grass is nice and green around the park… these are the two camping cabins available in our park… and that is the field bed they are on for the sewage system!  Bet most campers don’t know that!


At least it was warm here today…


I thought today was a good day to break out our Canada Day Flag, and get an early start on Canada Day Celebrations! 


When we lived up in Sudbury, our Daughter had a best friend, “Amanda” who came from Kingston today to visit Chris and Kristina for the weekend.  She is an avid reader of RVlifeonwheels, and welcomed her debut on the World Wide Web tonight! 


Tomorrow Judy and I are off for Bracebridge again.  David and Angela are having a little party of the gang that got together this past winter in Lake Havasu, so that was a good enough excuse for us!  We will hang around the area until Monday as we have more medical appointments, and one set up with our Financial Planner.  Whew… lots going on!  Weather is supposed to be good though!

Till tomorrow…

Wax on… Wax off…

Phew… what a day… sun, rain, hot, a bit of it all!

So you all should know the drill…


100_0391 - Copy

WAX OFF… need I say anymore???

100_0392 - Copy

I did the whole passenger side of the rig today, and the back end!  The cab is all done, along with the cab-over, so all that is left is the drivers side!  Will see how the weather treats me tomorrow…

This guy below was singing at Judy through the back window of the rig this morning, so she took his picture… seems like we are living in the jungle!

100_0390 - Copy

Last night Kristina and I enjoying desert at East Side Mario’s… yum…


Enjoyed at nice dinner tonight with Kristina and Chris, as we were in painting up a piece of furniture for Baby’s room… pics tomorrow…(notice when Judy cut my hair, she actually lowered my ears by 1 1/2 inches…)

Raining here again tonight… could not get the blog posted last night as we lost power and every thing else in a big storm!   Hope it goes tonight!

Till tomorrow…

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shop till you drop…

Overcast and raining this morning, so that put a stop to waxing on the rig… darn!

Instead, we jumped into the Jeep and picked up Kristina in Woodstock and head to London to see if we could actually shop till we drop.

London is a big City, as we mentioned before in the blog… and there is a ton of shopping!

We started off going to Sears, and Winners…

This is a two level mall is is pretty popular.


This is another popular store for baby stuff, as today was all about “baby”…


Check out the picture below, as we stopped at a Pets R Us Store, and they had some major dog grooming going on… sorry it is a bit blurry…


Kristina was in the mode, as she needed a few items to finish off being “ready” for little one to arrive.  Below they are at a “Baby's R Us” which just opened in London…


By the time the day was done, the three of us were hungry, so we stopped at one of my favourites… East Side Mario’s


When we made it back home, Kristina had to show Chris all of her bargains…


Kristina reports that she is pretty well ready now for Baby to appear… but that is not scheduled until July 16, and we all know how due dates go!

Well, I am whipped, and all I did was follow them around and do a bunch of mall walking!

Till tomorrow…