Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Keeping in Touch with old Friends!

A couple of weeks ago Judy sent out an Email blast letting everyone know of our new email addresses as we had to give up our sympatico account we have had for years... We have heard back from many people who have commented on our new life style and send their best wishes as we start a new journey. One recent email I received was from Ed up in Val Caron. Ed lived accross the road from us, and I still miss sitting around on Friday nights with him solving the world problems over a couple of drinks.... well maybe 3 or 4 on certain special occasions... certainly good to hear from you again Ed!

Today I received another email from Mike in Val Caron, who was also a neighbour and a fellow Lion Club Member. Mike tells me his Mom and Dad are doing the very same thing that Judy and I are planning on doing. They live in Niagara during the Summer and Texas in the Winter....why not! We plan to hit Texas as well at some point in time!

I have been a bit delinquent updating the blog lately..... :-(

Time is always a problem, and the past few days I have not been feeling well, a bit of flu I believe... does anyone know a good Dr.?

I had to go outside today to dump the holding tanks, and ran into a snake.... if I had my camera I would have taken his picture, but I just backed away slowly and let him go on his way.... yikes...

Judy tells me she only has 39 working days left till her leave of absence. I am down to less than 2 weeks. Yipee! Lots of work to do though after I retire to get ready to go. We have a window in the back of the RV that needs to be resealed, and we also have a tire on the front that needs replacement. Have to get the generator serviced before we leave as well. Always something...just like when we lived in the house it seams.... :-))

Gotta go for now, need some sleep before heading to the office tomorrow!

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  1. Hooray for an update!
    Had my own run-in with nature in the yard the other day. Graham the cat sneaked out after nightfall and I found him face to face with a skunk!! The skunk's tail was stick straight in the air and neither cat nor skunk were moving a muscle. I lamely called to Graham, ├╝ber softly promising him a treat if he'd just please, please, please go back to the house! And he did! Good kitty, it took him awhile to actually be interested in the treat though, just wanted to stare outside at that bizarre kitty with the stripey tail...

    Can't believe we escaped without any perfuming - we really dodged a bullet!