Thursday, May 7, 2009

Congratulations Kristina and Chris on your Wedding Day!

This past weekend our Daughter was married in the Town of Woodstock. She married Chris Broad, and they plan to live in Woodstock in a home they just recently purchased. The Wedding Day was marvellous with good weather, and lots and lots of Family members on both sides. Congratulations to both of you and hope you enjoy your honeymoon up in Montreal.
Here are some pics:

The Church put this sign up on the front lawn.

sorry for the blurr on some of these, I will have to fire the photographer

The happy couple leaving for the "Honeymoon"

Here is the happy couple with a couple of "Grama's"

Of course little Miss Emmie showed up at the wedding, and played the part of the "flower girl" and did a fantastic job of course.

There will be far better pictures of the wedding comming... we were kind of busy that day, and somehow I screwed up the settings on our camera and the pictures got all fuzzy and just not good, so we will wait for better pictures once the newly weds get back home.

Congratulations Kristina and Chris....We both wish you many many happy years ahead of you. There are certainly a lot of family and friends on both sides to support you as evidenced by the attendance at your wedding. Everyone enjoyed it, it was just "perfect"

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