Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look out New York, here we come!

To all our avid readers, we are sorry to have neglected the blog for a bit, but our too busy lifestyle seems to get in the way of blogging sometimes.... :-))

As the header says, look out New York.... this Saturday we are leaving on holidays for a week down in Lake George, New York, about a 12 hour or so drive from Gravenhurst. We will be joining a convoy to head down. A number of members from our Voyageuer Club are going. Looking forward to it, should be fun. Last ime I went about 10 years ago, 10,000 bikes showed up in a town with a population of 10,000 people. Lots of fun. We will be camping of course, in our faithful "Dora" as we have nicknamed her. We will pull the bikes down in the trailer. Five bikes will be going down from our club in the convoy. We plan on leaving Saturday, and returning the following Friday. Can't wait. Dora is all fueled up and ready to go.

Thanks to a special delivery from Shawn to Jenn to the Royal Bank to me.... we have now received our new window shade for Dora. I went out to the KOA and installed it tonight, and will post some pictures here to show you all. Looks Great! Will provide the privacy and security we want for Dora. People will not be able to sneak a peek and see our new 32 inch LCD. This trip will also be another test for Dora, who did an amazing job last weekend of pulling full load of furniture to Kristina and Chris' place in Woodstock. Made the trip there and back no problems. All went well. This will be another test for Dora to pass. It will soon be time for the big one, and she has to be ready!

Her are some recent pics with the new shade and the trailer.

Take care all.

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