Friday, June 25, 2010

Hitchin a ride....

I headed into Gravenhurst this morning on a shopping spree, as we needed a couple of things. I wanted to get a new tool box, as I am now needing 2 tool boxes in the RV and want to downsize to one box.

As I was looking up the tool box in my favorite store, (Canadian Tire) I came across the section with the bike racks for cars. We need one. Last winter we carried our 2 bicycles inside the motorcycle trailer. Next winter, we plan on taking our new Jeep, so we required a rack to carry the bikes behind the Jeep. I found one today. This is a view of the rack just after I installed it on the Jeep. It fits right onto the spare tire! I decided to go with this type, as you can still open the back gate of the Jeep with the bikes still mounted.

It only took about 10 to 15 minutes to install the rack. As you can see below, it has clamps to hold 2 bikes. It will actually hold 3 bikes, but I took one set of the clamps off.

As you can see below, I had the bikes mounted on the rack. It is a very good quality bike rack, and I highly recommend it. It is sturdy, and the bikes do not even move as you drive over rough ground even. Very impressive.

I made adjustments to the rack after I took the picture below, as I finally figured out how to mount the Ladies bike on the rack, accommodating the curve in the cross bar. We are all set now to haul on down to AZ and CA.

Well the G8 was in full swing today. Most of the Leaders came into Huntsville last night, and at about 10:00 the Muskoka Airport right beside our KOA was going crazy.... We had numerous airplanes coming and going, and many helicopters. You can tell they are military vehicles as they are all very loud. The activity went on last night for well over 1 hour.

At about 11:00 a.m. this morning, a large military helicopter landed at the airport, and hovered for a while. It had it's own RCMP spotter aircraft flying above it to make sure the way was clear. Not sure who they were transporting but they must have been important!

I drove up to Bracebridge this afternoon on a test drive with the Jeep and bicycles attached, and worked up the nerve to take a quick picture at the airport of the military command centre that has been constructed. It has it's own radar atop the tower. Judy mentioned when she went to work this morning, the RCMP and Police had the road to the airport shut down.... you could not even get near it! You can see the actual runway behind the command centre in the picture....

I was talking with our Son this afternoon, and he is currently on route from Johnson City, Tn. to visit us in Ontario. We hope to meet him and Jenn and the girls tomorrow for lunch in Oakville. Hopefully the G20 does not screw up all the traffic.

And just think, all this G8 and G20 stuff is over on Sunday afternoon, and the the Queen comes to Canada on Monday!

Till tomorrow....

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