Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wow... he found his keyboard again!

Yes, I admit, I have been lax on the blogging lately, but enjoying this great start to summer none the less. This past weekend, Judy and I made a trip in the motorhome over to north of Whitby, to visit her Brother, Howard, and Wife, Teri, who were very gracious, and put on a fantastic Family Reunion for Judy's side of the Family! They had a terrific turnout, and more food of course than anyone could ask for!

It was great to get caught up with all in the Family....no pun intended! As great as the reunion was, the weather tried to match, and turned out just perfect so we could all spend the time outside.

I took some pictures, but as it turned out, most of them were of the kids at the reunion.

We had the RV real handy and it worked nice as as base to work out of...

That is Howard's and Teri's Bounder parked behind us...

Getting your five Grands to look at the camera and smile all at once is like hearding cats! Sure was nice to have all of them there!

That is Chris above, loading into Howard's old Desoto, as they got ready to take all the kids for a ride!

Charlie was right into riding in the old cars!

That is Emmie front and centre hamming it up in the Model T.

Teri had all the kids loaded into the old convert!

All I had to do was show Paige my iPhone and she was striking the pose!!!

Even the humming birds showed up for the party... These are just a small sampling of pics, and I am waiting for some more to arrive!

Sure turned into a great reunion, and Fathers Day! Spent all my time just taking it all in and enjoying!

Till the next time...



  1. Family reunion and father's day with family, gotta love it !

  2. It is always nice to enjoy the grands whenever you can but when you can't handle them anymore just send them back to their folks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice family reunion and also nice that all of your grand-kids could be together for all of those great photos.