Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Remembering Uncle Art...

This past weekend, Judy and I picked my Mom up in Orillia, and made our way over to Mallory Town, which is a small Town near Brockville, Ontario. (East side of the Province)

A few weeks ago my Uncle Art passed away, just a couple weeks short of his 95th Birthday. What a great life he had!

This picture of him and my Mom, (they are Brother and Sister...) was taken a year ago. Mom will be 92 in August of this year... old age seems to run in their Family!

Uncle Art and my Aunt Eva had 11 children, 20 Grand Children, and 7 Great Grand Children! It was fantastic to meet up with them all at the Celebration of Life that was held on Sunday Afternoon. A very nice Service was conducted by one of the Grand Children, Kim, and her Husband Nathan. My Uncle was a Veteran from World War II and there was a large number of Military People in attendance.

He will be missed!

We drove back to Orillia on Monday, and determined that Mom was having issues with her computer. A decision was made to purchase a new one, to bring her right up to date with technology.

Judy and I had to return to Woodstock Monday night, so we could take our Chevy Cruze to London on Tuesday morning for accident repairs from Nashville. We shopped in London, and found a real nice Acer all in One Computer. No more tower, everything is in the monitor. This is a real slick machine, with a 21 inch touch screen monitor that works great with Windows 8.

We drove back up to Orillia in our Rental Car....

...yup, you guessed it, a Chevy Cruze! Judy took a few hours and had the new machine all set up and running for Mom! What a great job she did. We installed a new edition of Print Master so Mom and do up her regular cards for the Church, and a number of other programs. With the big touch screen, it is working real good for Mom who has a bit of trouble with one of her eyes. Who says you can't run a computer when your 92!

Only took the body shop one day to do all the repairs to our car, and we picked it back up this afternoon looking like it just came from the Dealership Showroom!

Hey, don't forget folks, the Stanley Cup Finals start tonight... Chicago vs. Tampa. Go Tampa!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Our condolences to your family on the loss of your uncle. You are right he had a good life but I'm sure that wasn't the case while he served during the war. He definitely deserved the respect he was given for the sacrifice he was willing to make.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Our condolences to you and the family.
    My Mom will be 88 this month and still does a lot of computing too.
    It is something to keep the brain active for sure. Good for your Mom.

  3. As always, it was a joy to see you both again. The only problem with get togethers that large is finding time to spend with everyone. Let me know next time you are in Tennessee. Maybe this time, I will come up your way, and get to visit with the rest of your gang.

    Sending love ❤