Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank You Readers!

Wow... what a response to my Blog from last night... over 650 page views out of nowhere... Thanks for many nice comments in regards to my past Blogs. It is something I enjoyed doing.

I have had multiple requests already to continue on with some form of Blogging, built around our new life, and of course our great Grand Children. What a bunch they are turning into!

This will be taken into consideration. I will take a bit of time off, and then decide if I can continue under some different format. Never say never I guess...

Once again, thanks readers...we will see you in Blogland!


  1. John and Judy, Bryan and I wish you much happiness as you transition into this next phase. We are very excited for you. Yours was the first travel blog I read and I have enjoyed everyone of your posts. It was wonderful following along and sharing your travels with you. All the best and hope to see you soon. The Hunters.

  2. Do what you are comfortable with and enjoy your new lifestyle.

  3. congrats on the next phase of your life!!
    we have always enjoyed reading along so thank you for sharing all your adventures!!