Monday, July 13, 2015

Well, it has been a great ride!

Yesterday in the blog, I alluded to the fact that a lot has been happening this summer. Well, there sure has, and I am not quite sure where to start, but we will give it a go.

A couple weeks ago, Judy took on the task of arranging our out of Country Travel Insurance for this coming winter. Houston, we have a problem! On April 6, this year, I celebrated my 10th anniversary of living with a triple heart by-pass. The good news is my health is fantastic, and I have never really felt better. The bad news is, of course, the Insurance Companies don't really like me anymore. Judy and I paid about $1,500.00 last year for our Insurance, and the same Insurance companies want $5,000.00 this year for the same coverage. Hard to swallow in one bite!

In years to come, the Insurance will only get worse for us, as we age, and run into medical problems.

So, an executive decision had to be made about our future. We have been fulltiming for 6 years now, and have enjoyed every minute of it! However, it is coming to an end, as we decided to make the transition back to a more normal type of life, if you want to call it that. RVlifeonwheels will no longer be rolling down the highways and bi-ways of North America.

So John, you might ask... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW? Well, as it turns out, we have been busy for a reason these past few weeks. Once Judy and I make a decision, there is no turning back... we only look forward, and get on with it! In the past couple weeks we have made arrangements for a nice unit in Lakeview Estates, in Woodstock.

We will enjoy a nice view of Lake Pittock in Town, as we sit out on the balcony of our unit. These units are very nice, 1,286 square feet, 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a nice storage room, with a full laundry service inside the unit, a big eat in kitchen, along with a big living room with a formal dining room attached. You get to control your central heating and air conditioning. We will be able to keep the Cruze snow free, as it will be in the underground parking, and we will be able to entertain our Grand Kids at the attached salt water swimming pool / sauna / whirlpool / gym facilities. Life will be good.

The only problem is at this point in time, we do not know if we will gain possession on August 1st or September 1st. Should know in the next couple days.

Now, hang on to your seat! We have sold our Gulf Stream Endura! This happened in just the last few days. It was very unexpected, but it happened. Judy and I are thrilled at the deal in place, and it is going to close this coming Thursday. Now, you may see our next problem! As we sell the Coach this Thursday, we do not have anywhere to live. Good thing they have some nice motels in Town. We will take up residence at the local Days Inn, until we are able to gain possession of the unit.

Judy is away this week, visiting with her Brother, so I have been in charge of packing up the Coach. Do you know how much stuff we had in here??? Hard to believe. However, I am almost there. I go to pick Judy up this coming Wednesday, and then sell the Coach on Thursday. Phew...

Now here is a happy type problem I guess. Judy and I do not even own a chair to put in the new digs. So, we have some serious shopping to do very soon, as we will totally equip our new home with all new furniture. I have been personally put in charge of arranging the Audio/visual components, which has been a burden, as I try to figure out what I (want/need/can get away with...) The new 55 inch Ultra High Definition Sets are very tempting and seem to be calling me... (Can you spell H-O-C-K-E-Y) Just researching new Audio Sound Bars with Sub-Woofers to provide the required sound. (Arrggg Arrggg...) Oh ya, I think we are going to get some real furniture too...

So there you go... what a change it will be for us. As I look back, it has been a blast. 6 years of RV travel around North America. What is not to like about that! I have to thank the love of my life, (Judy) for allowing me to fulfill a dream that we both made into a reality! We have no regrets whatsoever! I would recomend this lifestyle to anyone who has any sort of interest! Just do it! We did not have an end plan in place for transition back to normal life as we started this, it just worked out, as we knew it would. You deal with what is presented to you.

We both look forward to a new phase in our lives. One with a permanent home base. We will still travel, as we have benefit plans that provide out of country travel insurance whenever we need it! Just for a shorter period of time. We will learn to love like winter all over again, I guess... We will have to find some new snow tires! Hey, we are Canadians! We adjust!

Now for the sad news.... this will mark the end of my Blog, RVlifeonwheels... It has been a blast! As many of you know, I lost a bit of interest in the past couple of months, but spent the better part of the past 6 years doing a daily blog. I never dreamed it would be viewed as much as it was, but that is what social media does these days. We also have a nice written history of our 6 years on the road, complete with pictures.

I want to thank all the readers who kept me going over the years. You made it easy to continue. I will still follow blogs during my daily readings... just won't be writing anymore.

Over the 6 years, we have met many people, visited many places, and learned lots of different things. I have memories that I will never forget! For a matter of interest, the place I really enjoyed visiting the most of all the places we went to.... "Death Valley" What a place, and I hope to go back one day.

So, as I sign off, thanks again readers! It has been a blast!



  1. Congratulations John & Judy on this next phase of your life. It'sd been fun following your adventures on the road.

    I'm sure the best part is you'll be near some of your grandchildren for many more months of the year :-)

    Are you keeping the bikes ?

    Good luck with the move, and remember to say hey when you're up G'hurst way !

  2. Congrats John and Judy... looks like you've got a great place to live and I'm sure it'll be well equipped with toys to entertain you during those cold winter Ontario nights.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the years John and look forward to staying in touch.

    Medical travel insurance is beginning to be a bit of a concern along with our ailing dollar.

    Good luck.

  3. Kathy has always pushed that we have a home base in case the day ever happens that one of us can no longer travel.
    Fortunately I have excellent Travel insurance from work but Kathy always bought extra, That was until they wanted $5,000 just for her. When she finally listened to our benefits rep we started saving money.
    Everyone needs an end game from full-timing.
    Even though we only met the one time it was fun, Maybe we still might meet again if we're in the neighborhood.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Congratulations on arriving at the next phase of your life, John and Judy. We have enjoyed your blog, John and will miss it. The good news for us is we will now see you guys more often either in Waterloo, at the cottage or joining us in the winters at various warm southern campgrounds.

  5. Startling news indeed. But not surprising when you explain your positions. Change is the one constant in life. And I sure respect your acceptance of reality.

    All the best as you transition back to Ontario bricks and sticks (or perhaps mortar, in you case).

    Your blog will certainly provide you with the wonderful memories, these past many years on the road.

    Good luck and should you find yourselves near us in your future travels, we hope you can drop by and say hello.

    Jeanette and Rene'

  6. Welcome to your next adventure. Congratulations - everything is falling into place so nicely you just know it is the right decision. We'll miss hearing from you but I understand totally about not blogging any longer. Death Valley - one of my most favorite places of everywhere also. The beauty, the peace, the quiet. Have so much fun.

  7. We will miss your wonderful posts, John and Judy !!

    Teresa and I were always amazed at how much energy you two have.

    We could see how much you loved life, adventure, and each other!!

    You are truly an inspiration for many of us.

    We wish you a fulfilling life in your next chapter.

    God Bless You ... TnT

  8. Congrats on the next phase of your life. Have enjoyed your blog and will miss it.

  9. Congratulations on you new journey.
    It has been great following you, but there is a time when all good things come to an end. Glad we met and hope to maybe meet up again.
    We will at least hang out for a while in Plattsville on occasion and we do know at some point our fulltiming will come to and end too.

  10. Congratulations on your new home. We will miss your travels and keeping up with the growth of your grandchildren. We only met once at the Tampa RV show but never forgot you.
    Enjoy your new adventure.

  11. It was nice to have met you folks in Borrego Springs a couple times a few years back. A friend of ours had a nice place in either that building your moving into or a similar high rise very close by. Wishing you all the best in your new direction........

  12. Oh my, let me add my voice to some of those who have enjoyed your blog over the past few years. I think we started blogging somewhere around the same time and I always appreciated what you had to say. Congratulations on your new home. It sounds like you are ready for some new adventures. I did read your most recent post and would also like to say it is nice to continue blogging about...whatever...your life. As you said, the record is good to have and blogging helps to keep track of what has been going on for you as you go through the years. Take care and enjoy.

  13. Only read your blog for a year or so, but interested because I grew up in Woodstock. I think the place you stayed out north of town was a park I knew as Willow Lake. I lived on Devonshire, so know Pittock lake pretty well - though I left home nearly 5 decades ago! Perhaps you will find another theme to blog about - 'Views of the Lake ....' Perhaps? Good luck in any case.