Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a wild Friday!

Just another wild Friday at the Bank and at the Prison, however, as we say these days, "just another day closer to retirement"....

Fairly warm here today, with snow melting, however still not fast enough! Tomorrow is supposed to be 12+ degrees so maybe we will get rid of some yet...

Lots of activity on our house today, as we have been informed of a Real Estate showing for Sunday at 12:30 and another one for Monday afternoon while we are at work....

Also today, I found out that we will be receiving an offer on the house at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. The house was shown last Monday by Sutton Real Estate, and the people are presenting their offer to us tomorrow. The agent actually wants to meet with us, and our agent Dave to do the presentation...poor Dave has to work at the Cottage Show all day tomorrow in Toronto and then drive up to our house for the offer presentation....that's the life of a Real Estate Agent! In talking to Dave on the phone today, it appears 4 houses have sold this week in Gravenhurst....the spring market is on! With any luck it may be 5!

Gotta go to Listowel tomorrow morning and do final inspection of the Endura and if all is well, we will bring it back to Cookstown anyways, for some work to be down, and systems to be tested.

Lots on the go....better head for bed.

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