Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More work to be done...

Lots of work to do when you sell your home.... Judy actually started packing some stuff up and getting a bunch of stuff ready to go in the garage sale. She has a good system going, with a $1 box and a $2 dollar box etc.... lots of stuff has to go.

I spent time this afternoon talking to you new landlord, Paul Cook from the KOA. Judy wanted to make sure he knew we were comming in May, and would have a spot for us to stay. He says we may have to move our spot a few times over the summer but no big deal, all should be good. Room for our car and motorcycles as well, which is good!

Next I talked to Tech Mobile Communication, a Company out of Lindsay and Guelph that sell Internet and Satelite TV solutions for any mobile application. That would be us.....mobile..... my favorite word these days is "portable"..... They have a system the sell for about $2,000 that gives you high speed internet and Star Choice TV . Looks good on the internet, so I am going to head over to Lindsay and take this thing for a test drive. Will bring my laptop I guess, and give it a demo... If it works good, will probably go with this system, and add a new PVR so Judy can record all her shows. This Company comes recomended by a lot of the RV bloggers I follow. Made me feel good in that you set up your dish by obtaining you current GPS co ordinates, and I just happend to buy a nice Magellan hand held GPS which gives you your co ordinates in a flash.... it is all starting to come together.

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