Sunday, March 29, 2009

SUPER SATURDAY! THE STARS WERE IN LINE! all we can say. What a day yesterday was for us!

It all started by Judy being up and ready early to leave for Listowel....we were on the road at 8:00 however we did stop for a great breakfast at the Sunway Restaruant. We made it to the Dealership by 11:30 to see our new ride! They had it READY.... We could not have asked for more. Everything we wanted done was done! They cleaned it up like you would not believe, it is spotless. The fixed all the minor things needing fixin and we spent an hour doing our inspection. Then came the hard part- yes you have to give them your money before you can ride away...:-((

After a quick Mickey D lunch, we hit the road with the Endura leading the way with our trusty pontiac a close 2nd. We brought our new walkie talkies, and you would not believe how good they work from motorhome to car, even with a mile separating us... we were impressed! Reality struck home when I decided to stop for diesel fuel in Alliston. The rig had half a tank when we picked it up, and the gauge was just under the half when we stopped at a spot that was 77 cents on the way by in the morning, but now at 82 cents when we want it. After a long period of time to fill up, we found out the dark side of RVing....229 litres and $191.00 later.....ouch! Oh well, it is only money, and we make more of it every day!

Stopped in the see the Morrisons and camped out in thier driveway for a while and all of us kicked the tires.... Good to see them again. Hopefully one day, they will buy some kind of rig/rv/fifth wheel and we will sail away together into the distant sun.

We headed to the RV Warehouse in Cookstown next and left the rig there so they can look at it next week and price out some work we want blinds for the water puriefier system...system checks.....etc.

After Cookstown it was time to fly home.... we had business to attend to. After a quick hot tub and cocktail, Judy made up supper and I settled in to watch Toronto lose again......At 8:30 our Real Estate Agent, Dave Reid, showed up and told us another agent would soon be here with an offer on the house. She wanted to meet with all of us.....seemed strange. Her name is Sue Ward, and she came in and dropped a bomb on us.... She had clients that viewed the house last week on Monday afternoon, and decided they were in love with our house. They instructed Sue to present us an offer of FULL LISTING PRICE, AND NO CONDITIONS! After Judy and I picked up poor Dave Reid off the floor, and put him back on the couch...we took it all in. It is a great offer, Judy and I are thrilled. They want all of our appliances with the purchase, but hey, offer me full price and I will throw in the shirt off my back, and maybe a cat or two.......(sorry Cleo and Patra...just kiddin...) The purchasers wanted to close on April 17, yikes, RV parks are not even open then.....after consulting Dave (our guru) we signed the offer back with a closing of May 15th. All indications are we should be good to go. Just need final confirmation from the purchasers. One thing for sure, they are getting a nice home, in a great area for their hard earned money. The other thing for sure is our bank account will look a lot better after closing!

So as you can see, Super Saturday was exciting for us! Forgot to read my horiscope in the morning, but man, it must have been a good one.....

I am going to post a bunch of new pics of our new ride that Judy took yesterday. Hopefully, if you click on them....they will get BIG for you....


  1. This morning I sent up a prayer of thanksgiving for your super Saturday!!

    2009 is a pretty exciting time for the Hollingers


  2. Wow, what a day ! Become houseless in Gravenhurst and getting one step closer to taking up residence in a beautiful new Endura all in one day !!!

    Congratulations on both counts !