Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hey, we are still hanging in there...

Amazing how fast the days continue to fly by... we have been kept busy for the past week or so, and this will continue into the future.

Last week 7 of us got together to have dinner at "The Mill" Restaurant in Cambridge. What a great spot, right on the Grand River, to enjoy an evening out. The supper was surperb! Did not stop there though...

We had a nice table overlooking the Grand...

After dinner, we headed over to the new Theatre Building in Cambridge, it is only 2 years old... what a great theatre...

Gerard hooked us all up with tickets to watch Spamalot... what a performance, based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I never did see this movie, but the play was just crazy... we all enjoyed! Nothing better than local Theatre.


I was also busy this past week hanging around with Lois, she continues to be the model that all babys should follow! I am thinking that Chris and Kristina lucked out with Lois as far as Baby Maintenance is concerned... she is really low maintenance! But, of course, I don't live there, and try and sleep there I guess, and miss all the late night feedings... but from my view, she is a keeper! (Oh... I also have severe allergies to changing baby diapers!)

Charlie also continues to do well, here he is enjoying dinner out at the RV last week... I took him over to watch some demolition going on up the road, and he just loved watching all the big digging machines destroy an old factory. Still can't post youtube videos yet on Blogsy, but maybe soon... as soon as they fix the problems.

Hard to believe, but this coming September, Gwenny will be attending Kindergarten! Last week Kristina took her over to the School for a dry run type of day, so the kids know what to expect. Gwenny loved it. They even took them for a ride on a school bus. Kristina reports that Gwenny did great, and that Mom did not even cry...

On Saturday, we attended a Celebration of Life for a Co- Worker of Judy's from Bracebridge, which was held in Penetang. Michelle was taken in a tragic accident way too soon in life at only 36 years of age. Hundreds of people attended the Celebration, we got to meet up with a lot of Friends we had not seen in a long time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michelle's Family and many Friends and Co Workers Beaver Creek/ Fenbrook Institutions during a very difficult time.

As we were travelling this past weekend, we had the opportunity to spend the evening in the Allsiton area with good Friends, John and Pat! It was great to see them and get caught up... Pat, as always made sure we did not go away hungry, and John made sure we did not suffer from thirst! Had a great time!

Even got to stop on the way home today in Mount Forest, and stopped in to see Jim and Ruth, Friends from when we lived back in Mount Forest... eons ago it seems now... Had a great visit with them over coffee!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Its been a long time since I was at the Mill excellent!
    And like you said nothing like local theatre too!

  2. No grass growing under you guys' feet!

  3. Grass cannot die under your feet. You are far too busy for that to happen. Sounds like most pleasurable visits with family and friends.

  4. A new granddaughter?.. She is a another cutie pie!!!
    Can't believe Gwenny is going to kindergarten already !!