Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Judy here. Well we moved in to the RV to start our full time venture this weekend. Lots of work trying to figure out where to put what but we did it!

We are causing some strange looks in the campground. I guess they aren't used to seeing too many full timers. People keep asking why two dishes? Of course, we need one for TV & one for internet.

Anyhow, the cats have adjusted well. Maybe even too well. Cleo hit the power button and then retract all for the hydraulic stabilizing feet in the middle of the night last night. She also decided to play under the bed (this is the fat one who usually just sleeps!) and I woke up thinking someone was outside messing with my bikes.

This morning for work I decided I was close enough to work to bicycle. I started looking for my new bike helmet and of course we didn't know where it had been put. I eventually found it and started messing with the bike cable trying to figure out where it could be attached to not interfere with the bicycle workings. I get my coffee attached and balance my lunch bag on one side and purse on the other. I'm finally ready to motor. But noooo.... the chain has become unattached. Yikes.

Okay no problem, I will take my motorcycle to work. John has long since left in the car. I get all my gear on and realize I don't have socks to wear in my boots so I unlock the motorhome get socks and try again.

I want to warm up the bike while I get my gear on and I can't do that unless the bike is on the centre stand. I look at the ground and wonder. Oh well, I'll give it a try. Lo and behold, it goes up easily.

I get my gear on while the bike is idling away. Okay I'm ready to takeoff. I start my usual bucking motion to get it down from the stand. Now, though, it has sank into the loose gravel/sand and it won't budge. I spend 10-15 mins. bucking my horse and resting in between. It must have been very entertaining for the other campers. I think I'll have to walk but can't call anyone to tell them I'll be late as John has the cell phone.

Finally at my last attempt of many it comes off the center stand and I head for work.

Phew, what a workout. This will get easier I'm sure.

Anyway, we are very happy to be in now and glad to have everything in one place.

Saturday we load up the furniture and move it down to Kristina & Chris' place and we have the rest of the summer to get organized and maybe have some fun.

Well, the sloppy jo's are ready and I'm sure you have had enough from me.

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