Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Star Choice anyone???

Tonight I decided to pack up all my new Star Choice portable equiptment and head out to the RV at our KOA and see if I could find an electronic signal to pick up and maybe catch something on the tube. Took about 12 minutes to get the satelite set up on our new tripod, and then hook up the receiver to the TV. Then I went to grab the remote to turn on the recevier to try and line up for a signal, only to figure out I did not bring a remote, so a quick trip back to the house to get the remote and back to the KOA..... :-((

When I got back and turned on the receiver and went to adjust the dish, it took 30 seconds and I had a signal that registered 95%, one of the highest I have ever obtained in the 2 times I have tried this, and presto the Blue Jays were trying to beat Tampa Bay on TSN! (even though the dish appears to be pointed right into a great big tree....go figure....) Gotta love it. Sure is easy to line up when you follow directions and gain a bit of knowledge of how Star Choice (now Shaw Direct) works....

Next is to sign up for our satelite internet to see if I can get it going....one thing at a time...

How life changes, when we hit the road we will have the following:

Satelite Internet

Satelite TV

Satelite XM Radio

Satelite GPS systems...(2)

Get the picture here, just like 10 years ago or so, we had none of these creature comforts....

That is it for tonight....sorry no cute pictures.....

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