Monday, May 10, 2010

Ketchup Day...

Judy headed back to work this morning.... It was my job to make sure she actually got there.... I drove her over to the prison and had to push her out the door.....

I had to get caught up on a bunch of medical things, so I headed for Dr. Robinson's office to have my regular dental work done, and then to Dr. Taylor to have my neck and back adjusted... something about Dr. Taylor.... he knows my back better than I do, and can make just the perfect adjustments to make me feel better. Off to the pharmacy next to get a bunch more of my pills for life.

Spent this afternoon getting some of the Tennessee bugs off the front of the motor home... dirty job... someone has to do it. Probably 2 more days of cleaning required on the exterior of the RV, and then I want to wax it again!

Till tomorrow.... (gotta go and watch the Habs play tonight...)

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