Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life on the Farm

Took life very easy today around the farm, spending time talking with everyone left over from the party!
Bobby and I found his old 1971 Suzuki 250 out back, and were laughing, as his Brother Peter called him today and asked if he could restore it! A little bit of work here....

Big Peter, Marion's Husband, spends a lot of time in his shop/garage, and I found these pictures that have been up on the walls for years!

These were quite the bike in their day... the Norton Commando!

For many years now Jack and Ed have decorated the walls....

Bit Peter told me to wave the white bucket near the fence at this cow, which I did, and lo and behold, the cow jumped 4 feet in the air and charged right at me! We all had a good laugh over this one....Found these great pictures inside my Uncle Art's wallet! They are a picture of his Mom and Dad, or MY GRANDPARENTS!

Took me a while to catch this picture today, you have to be quiet and quick! I got it with my remote control fire switch!

It was a beautiful evening tonight, and a bunch of us sat out on the new deck and enjoyed some good conversation and of course, a fire in a can!

On his last day of being 89, Uncle Art had a great day, and enjoyed every ones company and even splurged and had a beer or two!

Till tomorrow....

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