Monday, May 3, 2010

Let's getter done!

Turned out to be a great day weather wise in Woodstock. It rained overnight, but the sun was out first thing and it got warm today!

We headed in to see the kids at 10:00 this morning. Judy had a big load of our laundry to take care of and I wanted to get our Grand Am cleaned up today. We are thinking about trading it in on something with 4 wheel drive that we can tow behind the RV. I wanted our car cleaned up as it will probably be a trade in. Need every $$$ out of it!

Shawn was in London this morning for an interview for a Fellowship for 2011. He finished up at 12 noon or so and headed over to join us in Woodstock and have some lunch. He says the interview went well, and will not find out any results till June.

He is the one in the centre all spiffed up....

This afternoon it was back to work to getter done! Kristina wanted a set of shelves installed in her Office upstairs in the house, so we all worked together to getter done! We did.... but I forgot to take of picture of them, so you will have to believe me.

Kristina cooked up a great chicken dinner with mushroom sauce that was simply devoured by all.

Kristina bought her dog, Caly, a dino bone.... it has turned into a life long task for the dog to eat it!
Check it out.

Tomorrow Judy and I are giving Kristina a ride to York University as she has a meeting, and we will look around North York for a vehicle.

Till tomorrow...

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