Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tripping to Seagrave!

Up and at it real early this morning, as I climbed on the trusty Honda 750 and headed south to Seagrave to have a visit with Judy's Brother, Howard, and to pick up my new satellite meter for locating Shaw Direct Birds.
It was a great day for a drive and I made it there just before 10:00, about 1 1/2 hour drive. Howard has a 1948 Desoto which runs real good, and made a trip out to Winnipeg and back last fall!

Howard recently bought a 1915 Model T Ford. What a machine. He had it all tucked into the garage, and as you can see has a crank starter on the front of it. He only turned the motor over a couple of times before using the electric start to get it going.

Here is Howard making adjustments to the engine as it runs.... it is a very basic operating engine, and he can adjust the carb and the engine timing right from the driver's position.

It still has the plate from California on it. Howard had it trucked partway back to Ontario, and then headed to Oklahoma City with a rental truck to bring it home the rest of the way.
After getting it all warmed up, he moved it out to the driveway, and then we took it for a short jaunt around the neighborhood. It has a two speed transmission, and has 3 pedal on the floor, and not one of them is the gas.... you have to know what you are doing to drive this baby....
It has a 4 cylinder motor, and pumps out all of 2o horse power! What a beast.... he thinks it will go about 35 mph with the pedal to the medal!

Had a lot of fun on the visit, and it was good to see him. Made it back in time for the thunder storm this afternoon... it was a big one!

Spent part of the afternoon getting the new meter working and learning all about it... yes, it is a bit complicated, but it keeps the brain working!

Till tomorrow....

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