Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Sunday…

Turned out to be another beautiful day here in Woodstock, although there is a bite of fall in the air these days… kind of nice!

This morning was spent taking life a little on the easy side, as Judy slept in due to the fact she was up all night on Friday taking care of Gwenny.  The reason she did this, is due to the fact we all had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and that is why I was unable to complete a blog… just too busy!

Some necessary cleaning and laundry was completed this morning, and then came a big surprise!

Doug, from Titanium travelers dropped by to say hello out of the Blue.   Doug and his Wife, were travelling back to southern Ontario after a trip up north in their Titanium 5th Wheel Trailer and decided to check out this RV Park. Doug told us he has followed our blog for a year or so now, but is now quite a member of the “cult” just yet.  Doug has been retired for a couple years now, and is hoping his Wife will follow soon so the travels can begin!  We talked about the usual RV type stuff, and discussed future travel plans.  Great to meet you today Doug, and happy travels!

So we did attend a wedding on Saturday, it was for Kevin and Ramona.  Kevin is the brother of Kristina’s Husband, Chris.  Ramona is from Germany, her and Kevin met in Holland a couple of years ago on student exchanges… yes, anything can happen on those!

They had a Wedding Ceremony in Germany, back in March and then held this one for Canadian friends and Family.


Kristina was asked to sing at the Ceremony, and did a fantastic job.  Here she is singing below, accompanied on the guitar by her Father in Law, David Broad. 


A nice dinner and reception was held at the Ingersol Golf and Country Club, on a beautiful afternoon.  Below is Kevin and Ramona on the left, with Chris holding little Gwenny beside Kristina, and Kathleen, who is a sister to Kevin and Chris.


Judy and I kept close eye over Gwenny, who was all decked out for the event. 


Just a great wedding, and we wish the best for Kevin and Ramona. 

Judy still has one humming bird enjoying our feeder at the RV.


This afternoon, we were looking for some exercise, so we decided to check out the trail just up the road from our Park.  It is sponsored by the local Rotary Club, and the City of Woodstock.


Check out this warm up machine they installed… Judy is giving it a demo for us…


She was almost worn out before we started the hike!  Great work out!


A nice wide trail, gravelled all the way.  Good job on building it!


You get to hike right along the Pittock River.


All the bridges get you across the low lying areas along the way.


This is a black maple tree below, just maybe a bit scary at night time… it needs a haunted house to go with it!


After we finished, we went over to the paved portion of the trail system, and I took my roller blades for a spin.  Just a great day!


Phew, just another busy day!

Till tomorrow…


  1. WOW!....what a nice hiking trail and love that machine!

  2. This reminds me of a great hiking trail up in Flagstaff (AZ). There are several stations for an extra boost to your workout. I love that concept!

  3. Lots of awesome trail times for you today, surprised you had all the energy. I'll have to check that warmup machine out, maybe I can turn my six pack into an eight pack. I take my bodies of water very seriously so I have to correct that the river is the Thames :)

  4. congrats to the happy couple!!..and congrats to the two of you for doing the hike!!!

  5. Great pictures ~ Gwenny is sure growing and adoable! The hiking trail looked great... I always wanted to roller blade but even with classes I can't keep my BIG butt up! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. First time I've ever seen warm-up machines on a hiking trail - good idea! Great looking trail too.

    Congrats to the newlyweds!