Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes, it is that time of the year…

A lot of the smaller rural communities in Ontario put on annual Fall Fairs.  Today is Woodstock’s turn.

Judy and I had been so busy travelling here and there and everywhere, over the past couple months, we felt it was time to do something in Woodstock.

These fairs have a little bit of everything in them, we started at one end, and they had a small livestock presentation… here is a prize winning calf.


They had wagon rides around the grounds for the big kids as well as the little ones… later we heard this wagon and it’s horses got loose, without the driver and caused a bit of excitement at the fair…


They had a few mid sized tractors on display.


Now here was something cool… for $5.00 you could climb in the back of this Chev Camino and go for a real monster truck ride!


No, you didn’t get to jump over any cars or anything crazy like that, but all the kids seemed to really like it! 


They had a big photo contest on, with 4 large panels of pictures, most were real good.


It would not be a fair without the mid-way of course… kids were whipping down this slide thing…


They had this motorcycle ride, but I held back from getting on it!


You could get sick real easy riding this thing… it was crazy…


The spaceship ride below spun like a wringer washer does… it was huge in size.


And it would not be a fair without one of these…


I hadn’t come across one of these bell ringing things for quite a while… the guy operating it had to show everyone that you could actually ring the bell and he did!


I enjoyed watching this farrier the most.  He was making horseshoes from a straight piece of metal… he was good.


He had this little 65,000 BTU blast furnace on the back of his truck, powered by propane.


We found another building with more livestock that you could pet…


If you were hungry, there was fresh eggs…


It was not the biggest or the best fall fair we have gone to see, that is for sure, but we enjoyed going none the less on a beautiful afternoon in Woodstock. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. I love the smell at those small town fairs..the cotton dogs..corn on the cob!!!..yummy..never mind the animal smells though!!

  2. Enjoyed the pictures of the fall fair. It's definitely that time of the year as we're off to visit our annual Cobble Hill Fair today - it's even smaller than yours!!

  3. Small town fairs are always GREAT!!! Loved the photos ~
    Have fun & Travel safe