Monday, August 29, 2011

What’s up Doc…

Very busy day today, if you call sitting in your car driving Ontario’s fine highways being busy.

Judy had to go to a follow up Dr.’s appointment for her post Nasal Surgery.  Good news is… “All is well” says the Doc.  Since her surgery, Judy has been able to give up the constant use of nasal products, which caused countless headaches for her!  Follow up appointment, 10 minutes… driving time there and back… 6 hours! (Orillia)  Yikes!

We took a couple hours and went over and spent time visiting my Mother.  She is doing very well, after our big trip to Ottawa and area.  She really enjoyed travelling in the RV.  Of course we ordered dinner in from Swiss Chalet, just because we could! 

Made it back to Woodstock by 9:00 tonight, and pretty tired so you get the very shortened version of “RVlifeonwheels” tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good to hear Judy's surgery follow-up was o.k. and that your Mother is doing well also.

  2. Glad Judy is doing well and it looked like a very busy day!!!
    Have fun