Thursday, August 25, 2011

A trip to Cameron Lake…

Oooppsss… missed the blog last night… too busy to be blogging again… the storey of our life lately!

On Wednesday, we headed out first thing in the morning in the Jeep to Bracebridge, had to visit my Cardiologist again.  Remember I had to have my thyroid tested… got the results back.  All is good, other than one little spot at the top of my thyroid that they could not see properly, so now it is off for an ultra sound on my thyroid… why not.

After leaving Bracebridge, we headed to Cameron Lake, over near Lindsay, Ontario.  Our friends, Guy and Ruth invited us and a few others in a very select group for dinner and the evening. 


The cottage is very nice, with a great location on the west shore of Lake Cameron.


Guy was all over the steak on the BBQ thing…


The lower level of the cottage provided somewhere to eat for us all…


Relaxing after dinner… lake is like glass…


The big occasion for the get together, was to help Guy and Ruth celebrate 50 years of married bliss! 



This is our select little group, at least one person from each couple, worked for Victoria and Grey Trust.  Judy and I both worked for them at one time.  So you have a bunch of bankers, and guess what we all talk about… your right!


Great views from the cottage, and this lone duck came in looking for something to eat.


Ruth got to feeding the ducks over the two weeks that they had the cottage rented for, and before you know it, she had the whole flock…


Ariel view from the second floor taken by Judy… we had a big fire in the fire pit you see last night, as well as sat out for hours watching the lightening from the big storm that hit Ontario yesterday, what a light show it was!  At the peak of the storm, there was 1,000 lightening hits every 2 minutes during the peak of the storm.


This is the only sort of view of the cottage we have, it was a nice one, with 3 bedrooms and a garage with a bunkie.


Made it back home today to Woodstock, and had another great day enjoying the waters of Ontario.  You can take a boat from the cottage and go through what is called the Trent Waterway, (boat locks) and get to Lake Ontario, or north up to Lake Simcoe.  Simply a great location.

Till tomorrow…


  1. sounds to me like you all had a great time at the cottage!..and happy 50th anniversary to your friends!..great reason to celebrate!!

  2. looks like a great time was had by all...happy 50th to your friends...gorgeous property!!

  3. What a beautiful location. Can't beat being right on the water.

  4. Happy 50th Anniversary to your friends Guy and Ruth.

    What a great spot, that lake looks just beautiful!