Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are heading back to Florida!

Well, that is what I feel like doing, based on the lousy weather we have been having this week in Woodstock!

Today was cool, wet, cloudy...get the picture! Judy and I headed over to our new walking track and did 5 miles this morning. Today they allow the real young kids to come onto the indoor soccer field and just run around kicking the balls around. Gwenny's other Gramma, Diane, brought Gwenny and Charlie over to play...they had a ball!

No pics today...never got around to it. Just quite a bit of taking life easy in the cold and rain!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I am glad we haven't gone north yet. It's getting hotter down here but I'd rather put up with this then be cold.

  2. Then I guess we should not let you know that we have been suffering with temperatures in the high 20's Celsius here on the sunny Canadian west coast.

  3. We did have some very nice weather before you got here.
    Did I make you feel bad ???
    At least no snow, no floods and no tornadoes.

  4. We're doing great out here in the Banana Belt of Canada - mid 70's.